Original title: Xinfa vegetable wholesale price dropped by 10% this newspaper (Reporter Sun Ying) Yesterday, the reporter visited the new market market that since December, the supply of Nanban has increased, and the northern is delayed in October. Vegetables are also listed, and the northern cuisine "superposition", plus the admission fee policy to merchants, the supply of vegetables is maintained in more than 20,000 tons, and the average price of vegetables is more than one month ago. %.

  On December 9th, the daily weighted average price of vegetables in the new market is 10% per kilogram of dollars per kilogram.

Zhang Yuxi, chairman of the newly distributed agricultural product wholesale market, said that most vegetables have maintained stable, there is no variety of varieties, and the price drop, the vegetables are mainly Chinese cabbage, cabbage, carrots, and group dish. The wholesale price of Chinese cabbage has dropped to each pound, mainly because of the large number of Chinese cabbage in Shandong, Hubei, and Hunan. Cabbage, the leading reason for the decline in groups is also the supply of increased supply, Hubei cabbage, Yunnan group lettuce a large number of listed. According to reports, on October 31, the number of vegetables listed was only 10,000 tons, and the amount of trading has continued to approximately 20,000 tons since December.

At present, the supply of large shed vegetables in the winter, the South facilities is very sufficient. Zhang Yuxi introduced that the reason why vegetables in the previous period is that the cold wave and rain and snow weather are tightened. After entering December, the supply situation of vegetables has been significantly turned to easily, and the vegetables that have been delayed due to weather causes before the end of December. The formation of a phase-wide listing situation will be formed, coupled with the favorable policies of the city’s free vegetables and transferred transaction fees, and the vegetables supply sufficient vegetable prices are also reduced. After entering November, the average price of white pigs has been 20 yuan to 22 yuan per kilogram. Zhang Yuxi introduced that the supply of hair pigs is sufficient, and even the supply is still slightly greater than demand, so the price does not have rising power, and the latter meat price will basically fluctuate on the current price, the rise or fall space is not large, it is expected that this situation will be Will continue until the Spring Festival.

  Another news (Reporter Chen Xueli) Yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics Beijing’s Beijing Survey Corps released the data, and the total consumer price index (CPI) of Beijing resident consumption in November is flat, uploaded year-on-year.

  From the context, the CPI is turned on by the above-last month.

Among them, food prices rose by%, and the increase of a percentage point down from last month, affecting CPI rising about a percentage point. The relevant person in charge analysis, affected by the increase in market demand, pig pressure bar, etc. The gains fall back to a percentage point. Non-food prices have been turned to decrease in the last month, which affects CPI declines about a percentage point. According to reports, due to the promotion intensity during the "Double Eleven" period, women’s shoes, tablets, cosmetics and TV prices fell by 7%,%,%, and%; affected by local epidemics, accommodation, travel agency charges and aircraft Tickets and other travel prices decreased by%,%, and%; the rental housing market entered the off-season, the rent price decreased; gasoline and diesel prices rose% and% respectively.

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