Rejuvenate your skin before summer outings

Summer trips must make our skin elastic and full of vitality!

Although skin care was originally a long-term, long-term homework, but for the time being, if you pay attention to skills, you will definitely get a lot!

  First, fully rest the fine lines on the face can be improved by exfoliating and strengthening the moisturizing, but for deep wrinkles or expression lines, it is important to maintain the focus.

  The production of these deep grooves is mainly related to the unconscious tension contraction of facial expression muscles for a long time when awake. The local botulinum injection that became popular a while ago is actually based on the mechanism of relaxing expression musclesWrinkled.

Therefore, the degree of improvement of these wrinkles by adequate relaxation and rest must not be underestimated.

  The best and most natural way to rest is of course sleep.

In addition to relaxing the expression muscles, ample sleep can also make people naturally look good, coupled with a bright smile, even before the appearance, the momentum has won half, why not impress?

Therefore, before important occasions, it is absolutely necessary to have a good sleep.

  Of course, if there are too many invitations and overlapping markets, the sleep time is really limited. Then, stealing an empty massage and gently relaxing the muscle tension will also help; if you can add aromatherapy,Of course it works better.

  Second, moisturizing the old horny layer, the skin appears dry, dull and spots, so strengthening the skin’s moisturization is the focus of the maintenance of festive skin.

  Dry skin: After moisturizing, you need to add oily creams to maintain the function of the sebum film and reduce the evaporation of water.

  Normal skin: After moisturizing the skin, use a long-lasting moisturizing lotion to retain water. If necessary, use oily creams to avoid pores.

  Sensitive skin: After moisturizing, strengthen the use of products containing moisturizing factors to repair damaged cells.

  Oily skin: As long as you do a good job of cleaning, use astringent or long-lasting moisturizing lotion as much as possible, unless you are particularly dry, you can not use lotion.

  Third, make good use of the mask. The mask has always been called “the first aid for the eyes and the skin.” Especially in the season before the Spring Festival, it is the driest period of the skin. At this important moment, the mask and eye patch definitely occupy important parts.

However, there are many types of masks and eye patches, including cleansing masks, exfoliating masks, moisturizing masks, etc. Before going out, the most suitable one should be a moisturizing mask, such as wrinkle wrinkles that can be used overnight.Eye patches and masks are known as “enhancing companions” for eye creams and night creams.

Efficient is appropriate, but don’t use the wrong kind.

  Fourth, make-up remover is because you don’t pay attention to rest, your face will become darker. All these are the culprits of skin aging. Therefore, among the many concepts of female skin care, “make-up remover” should become the first magic weapon for women to love beauty, whether you are in the daytime or not.For makeup, Dublin must use “deep makeup remover” at night to remove the burden that accumulates on the skin throughout the day —- dust, soot, and skin metabolic waste, so that the skin can breathe more smoothly, and it can also supplement nutrients for better absorption.

  Fifth, sun protection work Finally, we must remind everyone that sun protection work can not be ignored.

Dermatologists say that no matter what season, the overall environment, ultraviolet rays are threatening us, so we must have the concept of four seasons sun protection.

As long as UV rays can patronize your skin, you should use sunscreen to isolate UV rays, and pay more attention in autumn and winter, because people are most likely to forget how awful UV rays are.