“Little Chasing” ends, Huang Zitao: Anyone can do environmental protection
The first domestic pioneer experimental travel reality show “Little Chasing Ball” has officially ended on Tuesday.As the initiator of the project, Huang Zitao wrote the song “Wish” for the show at the end of the show, conveying the environmental protection voice of concern for nature.In an interview with Sauna and Yewang, Huang Zitao revealed that at the time of recording the festival, he never thought of writing a song, but when he wanted to write it, he finished it very quickly. “The song is actually what I think.”Who can give them a home?Who can stop glaciers from melting?In fact, every one of us can do this. This is not a remarkable thing. Even if you use one less plastic bag and one degree of electricity, these can actually change the world slowly.”Huang Zitao.The picture comes from the network “Little Chasing Ball”. The chasing team composed of Huang Zitao and Zhou Dongyu, Wang Yanlin and Yin Zheng, all the way from the Arctic, Iceland Station, to Dan Burling, Bali Station, and finally ended in Xishuangbanna, Kunming.The program presents environmental conditions such as the melting of glaciers, the deterioration of the marine environment, and the extinction of wild animals and plants. It is presented in front of the camera through travel exploration.Huang Zitao said that the most impressive part of the show was the Sumatran Tiger Reserve, because at the graduation ceremony of the show’s finale, only they failed to “appear” because there was no signal from the reserve, “My brothers, they are all very kind,I am also particularly brave, carrying a gun, a real gun, and patrolling every day to prevent poachers and protect tigers.”Guest of the show.The picture comes from the Internet and in “Little Chasing the Ball” there is a moment of touching the face of nature, and there is no lack of intensive laughs among the members.In the variety show “Real Man”, Huang Zitao caught the chicken and was terrified by the terrier that has been teased by netizens so far.At that time he had set up a “Flag”, he was not afraid of catching tigers, but he was afraid of catching chickens.But in “Little Ball Chasing” Huang Zitao was still scared by the tiger.Speaking of the animal world, there are some animals that can control themselves, Huang Zitao said with a smile, “Dog, my own dog haha.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading He Yan