Take grandpa,Then we have a baby of our own,Raise him up and let him do what he likes,Then we look back on this life without regret,Then I will have no regrets in my life。
I think this life is really wonderful,That way I can accept all the hardships I suffered in the first half of my life,Because to meet you,That’s why I arranged so much suffering for me。”
After Shen Lin finished,Tears flickered in Su Ran’s eyes,She was moved by Shen Lin,Any girl will be very moved by this heartfelt remark。
Actually Su Ran didn’t think so much,She just thought that as long as she can be with Shen Lin,As long as you can take good care of grandpa,As long as the life of the friends around me is peaceful,They don’t care。
Even if you live in a bustling city,She will also feel very happy,But if Shen Lin is willing to live with her in a quiet place,She is also very happy,Because she has been longing for a peaceful life when she is older。
Not as vigorous as when I was young,Su Ran chose this path,It’s because she doesn’t want to regret her youth,She wants to look back on her youth in middle age is beautiful,Is vigorous,It’s passionate。
She can tell her baby in the future:“You see, mom used to protect so many people,Mother once did such a great thing。”
Even if it is not great in the eyes of others,But in the eyes of Su Ran and her friends,Everything they do is great and sacred,They guard the beauty of this world。
Because of Xiao Fan’s guidance,Every one of them is walking on the right track,And the road is obstructive and long,They never stopped running。
Xiao Fan has arranged manpower in every corner of the world,This is why no one has come to him for a necklace yet,Because they simply don’t have the ability to reach Xiao Fan’s eyes。
Xiao Fan’s men can solve them。Xiao Fan’s business in various parts of the world is getting bigger and bigger,Most of them are taken care of by Yiming,But those small parts are scattered and managed。
Xiao Fan can trust these people,Even though he once said to delegate power,These people will also transfer the income to their own accounts in a desperate way,Actually Xiao Fan thinks money is something outside of his body,Really don’t need that much。
All he needs is to give Lin Yoona a perfect life,He needs to give Lin Yoona the kind of life she wants。He doesn’t care much about the others。
He even thought that if there is a need one day,He will donate all his assets,Useful places,He never thought he would become like this one day in the future,Become a national righteous,A man with a world in mind。
Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy One Deja vu
The relationship between Yiming and Chu Yao is also developing very well here,Chu Yao’s two-way relationship is meaningful,Chu Yao likes singing and singing, and also likes Chu Yao,Two people who have a crush on each other,The end result must be happy。
After Yiming confessed to Chu Yao that day,The two of them disclosed their relationship,In fact, there is no need to talk about being open or not,Everyone knows what’s going on。