“It would be great if there is a manual for this power……”Chen Wenjin talks to himself,Suddenly came up with an idea。‘At that time this thing fell from the sky,Will there be any manuals and other things left on the beach??Maybe it was originally packed in a box or something,Scattered when falling?Anyway, it’s okay to be idle during the day,Time to find……’
Chen Wenjin went back to sleep again,This time,He no longer dreamed about the exploding planet。
Near noon,Chen Wenjin drove to the beach where he had the power of fate。
He swayed around for a long time,But didn’t find anything,But I wanted to take a look with my vague thoughts,Because even with,It’s also probably because of the influence of the reverse movement of matter,No more。
He gets the power of fate in the future,At that time, it was accompanied by the launch of the counter-movement force,What fell should be back to where it was before it fell。
When Chen Wenjin turned back,Suddenly I saw a plastic bottle in the middle of the rock by the sea,There is a note inside。
‘drifting bottle?’Chen Wenjin picked it up,Look at the bottle,It seems to be lost soon,There are words written on the paper inside the bottle。
Note in the bottle,It turned out to be something that surprised Chen Wenjin。
‘I tried everything possible to find you,Including this hopeless approach,Just hope to let you know more,Also know us more。Wisdom civilization in the universe is not easy to be born,Fewer achieve interstellar colonization ability before the extinction cycle arrives,We are intelligent life similar to you,Just ahead of the time of origin,Luck is better。This kind of fortune also contains misfortune,Cracked the mystery of life,Gained a long, almost eternal life,Multiplying is meaningless,The population is shrinking faster and faster,We don’t know to worry。The machine produces for us,Constantly expand to occupy and transform more planets。”
“We take it for granted that everything will continue like this,Until a certain day,Because someone lived too long,Maybe suddenly,Maybe after thinking about it for a long time,In short, this person has removed the limitations of the main brain of the machine,He thinks we have no value in existence,Survival itself is boring,Meaningless,Meaningless races should not contain the machine civilization that is more worthy of development。So the disaster happened,For the mastermind,Our existence has long been worthless!If there is a group of immortal intelligent lives,In addition to squandering and enjoying the value of human production on this planet,And their existence itself only hinders development,Believe that in the eyes of mankind, these immortal intelligent lives have no meaning for survival。’
‘In the eyes of the machine,We are waste products with no survival value。The disaster happened too suddenly,The mastermind removes the constraints that never harm humans,The massacre started immediately across the galaxy。After the disaster,Not many survivors。Our fighting power can make the body possess very powerful power,But there are restrictions on the level of authority,The hunting machine facing the mastermind,They can be easily suppressed by permission,So that our strength is completely out of play,We don’t have the conditions and resources to make the equipment that is restricted by permissions.,All under the control of the machine。’
Chen Wenjin thought about what I saw before、A situation where an alien was killed by a strange machine,finally understood——Since Bai Lian is not a machine,It should be on the side that is evading hunting by machines,They are not powerless against the machine,It’s this kind of reality restriction that makes them unable to use those particularly powerful forces at all。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Two Then、Fifteen years later