“Forget it,No evidence!”Zhou Mian sees this thoroughly。
If it wasn’t for the ass clean,How come home so calmly?
and,Actually he came to Qin Feng,I just hope the latter can help。
Just now it seems,Qin Feng and them are indeed not the same。
Wait for the two to leave,Wang Mengmeng looked at Qin Feng suspiciously,“Brother Qin Feng,So what’s going on?”
“Nothing,Don’t ask so many kids。correct,Where is your classmate Carina Du?”
Wang Mengmeng tilted his head,Obviously I don’t know why Qin Feng asked that。
The latter froze,“I brought her back yesterday and let her live in my room.”
“Row,Leave it alone,Go to school and have a good class。I’m going to find someone!”Qin Feng shook his head helplessly。However, someone from the Situ Baiyue Intelligence Organization was told to pay more attention to the people around Qin Feng.。
And Carina Du was“Focus on”Object。
Qin Feng went out to call Situ worshiping the moon。
The latter was also at a loss when asked about Du Jialing’s news。
“its not right,Isn’t she in your house?”