Talking late,Then soon!Jiang Chuyu’s big palm fell like a heaven-shaking seal,It was printed on Lu Menglin’s forehead.。
flutter!This palm falls,The entire ground where Lu Menglin is,Because of the impact of energy, it sank a big chunk,And this piece of ground presents a very regular circle,It shows that Jiang Chuyu’s power control is extremely perfect,Nothing leaked,No waste。
Under this blow,Even the ground has crystallized,As if by the heat
Burned again。
But Lu Menglin disappeared from the eyes of the Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu。
Yes,He disappeared out of thin air,The whole person is gone,Very weird。
next moment,Lu Menglin suddenly appeared next to Tu Chunqin, five meters away,Frightened Tu Chunch to death。
“I rely on!When did you come?Will you teleport?”Tu Chu murmured and frightened,Blurted out。
Of course Lu Menglin has no time to answer him,But walked towards Jiang Chuyu without expression。
“so close!Fortunately, I first activated the two extraordinary abilities of hook and space manipulation,Otherwise you just finished!how about it?This trick is awesome?But the energy consumption is a bit big,You can no longer use these two abilities for the time being。and also,You were fascinated by his spiritism just now,I will give you a mental barrier?”Xiao Zhi’s voice sounded in Lu Menglin’s mind in time。
Just disappeared suddenly,In fact, Little Chile used super powerful computing power,Combines the extraordinary abilities of the Giant Hook Bell Dou and the Space Devourer Amoeba,And the application is extremely delicate,This brings out a teleport-like effect。
The giant hook has the ability to move at high speed,Plus the amoeba’s ability to manipulate space,Under the combination of the two,Xiaozhi Came up with fresh tricks。
“Haha!see it?I said you can’t kill him!He is the moment you want to,He is the one destined to replace you。”
Su Yi yelled aside,The eyes are filled with fanatic light。
If Su Xuehen is here,I would never have imagined that my mother would look like this。
“You nonsense!I control my own life!I do not believe!I don’t believe it all!”Jiang Chuyu shouted。
“You do not believe?If you don’t believe it,Why are you killing my daughter?So our mother and daughter hid for more than ten years?I tell you,If you pay attention to Lu Menglin’s deeds,You will find,He is the opportunity!”
Su Yi continued:“You will know if you think about it,A poor child,Just a few years,Wencheng Wude,Dominate the rivers and lakes,Mixed with wind and water,Not only the wealth is huge,Even martial arts caught up with you,He is not the chosen one,Who else?”