Red Lotus Sovereign,Once driven out of the wilderness by the enemy,There are great opportunities in other territories,I’m finding my own way。
“but,In order to realize a further way,I’ve been born for seven chaos eras,Finally succeeded!”
Sovereign Gulian understands,Take the time to go further,Feel the strongest way,I’m afraid there is no chance at all,Even if it’s over seventy,Seven Hundred Chaos Epochs,Almost hopeless the strongest way。
“Time to break,amount?”
Sovereign Gulian turned around,But I saw the two worlds appear within the scope of mind。
“Red Lotus Sovereign!”The dark day chaos fairy smiles,“I am the black day and chaotic fairy of the Great Wild God Sect,By the order of the Taoist,Invite you to go to my Dahuang God Sect!”
First3chapter breakthrough
Time goes by bit by bit,Soon more than six hundred years passed。
Li Ming’s Three Realms clone long ago brought those prisoners who did not follow their own world prison into the Great Mo domain.,After a little warning,Began to trespass in the Great Mo domain。
And some true gods and gods who follow Li Ming,There are also two ancestor gods and ancestors who are integrated into the forces of Zhongshan Mansion。
In a remote chaotic world in the Great Wasteland。
Unexpected,Outside of this newly born chaotic world,Massive chaotic airflow appeared。
That massive flow of chaos followed a figure frantically。
The figure flies out of the chaotic world,Take a sharp breath!