Today, on November 8th, it is a holiday of many journalists – reporter festival, this year is the 20th reporter festival.

Maybe some people remember, maybe someone is ignored. I remember because I cherish it, I ignored it because I was busy. This is a holiday festival, you may be "enjoy" the sun in the south of the south of the scorpion ", you may have a sunshine of the southern hemisphere; or record the struggle of industry workers in a factory; or you can remove the poverty at a certain side of Yuanshan Village People.

This year, you have passed the latest news from the earthquake, typhoon, and also present the most beautiful China from the National Day military parade. The words of the pen, the morality on the shoulder, let you cross the thousands of mountains, passing through time and space, touch the pulse of the times, listen to the people’s voice. Today, media integration accelerates, 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence … spread more, competition is particularly fierce.

Some people still rush to reach the truth, stick to the initiative of the recorder; some people constantly iterate new technologies, keep in mind the mission of the communicator; and some people choose to leave, silently watching the past peers … Today, let us revisit your heart, see yourself, send yourself a holiday blessing. In order to commemorate this festival, we launched the "I am a reporter" topic collection activity to the national reporter, and I am now launched today. Thank you for your support. ↑ October 1, 2019, Beijing Chang’an Street, Xinhua News Agency reporter Shen Hong took the 70th anniversary celebration of the National Day of 30 meters high.

Xu Wei, in the early morning of October 1, 2019, Beijing Tiananmen Square, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, celebrating the beginning of the meeting, busy a night, takes the next night to rest on the square.

Zhao Jie photo, November 4, 2019, China 36th Antarctic scientific examination with the team reporter 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 极 极 极 极 地 地 极 极 极 极 极 极 极 新闻 地 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻Reporter is mapped to November 3, 2019, Qinzhou, Guangxi, China News Photographic Society organized hundreds of media reporters to practice "four power", organized "Wutai Road to see Damei Qinzhou" photography interview activities, Ji Chunhong filmed the kiln industry kiln in the local half-city kiln.

美 华 October 21, 2019, Wuhan, Hubei Province, two Chinese network reporters conducted video live reports in military villages.

Zheng Liang ↑ October 19, 2019, Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yahakou, 4,600 meters above sea level, Star full media reporter Yan Wei (Figure right) and friends Li Jinglin used drones to shoot Gongga Snow Mountain Sunrise . Drone self-portrait ↑ On August 10, 2019, Typhoon "Lixiama" landed in Shanghai.

"New Beijing News" reporter Yu Jinli lives live on the spot for netizens in the Bund.

After the live broadcast, Yu Jinzu is called "tonnage brother" with a large "tonnage". ↑ August 11, 2019, affected by typhoon "Liqi Ma", Shandong Shengli Oilfield has greatly affected the production and life of oil field. The majority of cadres and workers in the oilfield have struggled to avoid self-rescue, "Shengli Daily" reporter Zhao Wei is in the past, and several times are in the middle. Yang Yanshuo’s influence is affected by the typhoon "Leichma", from the morning of August 10, 2019, there was a heavy rain in Weifang City, Shandong Province, and the local rainstorm weather.

"Weifang Daily" photography reporter Sun Shibao interviewed in Qingzhou, Shandong Province. Shanghong Photo, July 31, 2019, "Workers Daily" reporter Li Feng interviewed tunnel workers at the average temperature of 53 ° C. The air in the tunnel is hot, and the workers can only cool down with ice. Receopless, June 20, 2019, Inner Mongolia, Erdos, Inner Mongolia Shandong Energy Zi Mining Group Bayan Gaol Coal Mine, "Science and Technology Daily" photography reporter Zhou Weihai (left three), "China Youth Daily" photography reporter Li Jianquan (Left), "Shandong Workers News" Photography reporter Hongbo (right) Eating lunch at 600 meters well. Tan Qi Meng photo ↑ June 555, 2019, Changning, Changning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, after the earthquake, the media reporter went to the disaster area.

In the morning of June 19, the Yangguang network reporter Han Jing was resting on the cardboard box of the place.

Receipt is awarded April 2, 2019, the forest fire scene of Wuyuan County, Changyuan City, Shanxi Province, Shanxi News Net reporter Wang China (left 2), Jiao Jinwei (left) in interviewing fire officers and soldiers rescue. Soviet photo ↑ On April 20, 2019, "Xinjiang Daily" photography reporter Zhou Peng shoots the wind in the edge of the Village of Yarian County, Hetian area.

The village is in the hinterland of Taklamgan desert, natural conditions, and Zhou Peng interviewed for 15 days. Reporter is mapped to April 3, 2019, in the depths of Zhou Ji Qinling, "Shaanxi Daily" photography reporter Zhang Chen took the animal release. Yuan Jingzhi photo, February 26, 2019, Yuan Jingzhi, a "Shaanxi Daily" photography reporter, helped local villagers to carry the pumpkin.

This scene was recorded by his son, "Hainan Daily" photography reporter Yuan Hao.

Yuan Qi photo, January 9, 2019, Tibet Lhasa Airport, Northeast Civil Aviation News Center camera teacher Wang Lei is 3800 meters above sea level to the West Runway shooting video topic "Plateau Eagle".

Chen Song photo, September 14, 2018, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, "Hunan Daily" photography reporter Guo Liang shot on the glass plate on the side of the cliff.

Respondents are mapped to August 17, 2017, the staff of the Quanjia County CDC in Anhui Province uses "people tempting tents" in the middle of the night. Through the media mosquitoes, it is very important to obtain real and reliable data, which is important for guidance media mosquito control, consolidating elimination of malaria. The picture shows the "Zhangzhou Daily" Journalist Shenzheng interviewed on the spot. Yang Qing lathery, March 3, 2017, the opening of the 200th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

"Beijing Youth Daily" photography reporter Cui Jun (right 2) through the group of journalists in the Dongmen Square of the Great Hall of the People, looking for the angle of shooting Yao Ming members. Hao Wei Photo, September 5, 2016, Shanghai "Yangpu Times" reporter Zhu Liangcheng in front of Zhangjiazhuang Village, Zhangjiazhuang Village, Jia County, Jiaxian, Nibei, and saw photos taken 20 years ago, to the local Visit students talked about the scene of Li Zengotang, Li Zhiyuan.

Respondents are mapped to July 8, 2016, Wuhan, Hubei Province, "New Beijing News" photographer Tao Yulin interviewed the city’s disaster in the water deep. Respondents August 18, 2015, "Youth Times" reporter Wang Qixic knocked over the raging tide while filming Qianjiang, causing the right foot fracture, glasses, shoes, and more injured. Zhong Liming, in May 2015, Xinhua News Agency, Li Xiang, in order to interview the training and living situation of special forces, and live together with special forces. The picture is the photo taken in the training of special forces. Reporter is mapped in January 2015, Li Yongyan, grassroots correspondent Li Yongyan, a grassroots correspondent, Shanxi Jinhua Tianyuan Company. He Yanshao ↑ November 19, 2013, Beijing Xiaofei Village, "New Beijing News" reporter Lin Ye turned over ten meters high color steel plate roof to look at the fire point. On the same day, Beijing Xiaowuji Village A accessory factory warehouse was fired, and 11 people were injured 4 people.

Pume Peak Picture May 12, 2010, Shandong Qingdao, "Peninsula Metropolis Daily" reporter He Yi, when interviewed a fire scene, due to the fire, the smoke is too large, and it is almost smoked at the scene.

Yu Hahot ↑ February 25, 2009, Beijing Chongwen Detention Center held an emergency drill. In order to find a good angle, a photographer is shooting to the fire extinguisher. When the smoke came, the whole person was gone, and after a while, he ran out from the smoke.

Zhou Minhe ↑ December 29, 2007, Guangzhou Changlong International Wildlife Park, Time, Time, Hangzhou "Urban Express" photographer’s Fu Quanjun is "attention" in poultry when interviewed.

Zhang Hongwei photo, October 2019, Beijing, a memorandum of participating in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Editor: Zhao Jinyue].