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Section 129

I felt that people leaned over and moved sideways, but I vaguely heard a sigh.
And I don’t want to pay attention to the annoyance of solving the problem of public ceremonies.
After returning to Qinshuiju, I quickly packed up two usual clothes and immediately went out with my bag.
I just opened the door, but I blocked it.
"Get out of the way" I cold way
He looked down at the bag in my hand and his face sank for a moment. "Don’t you listen to me?"
"I’ve been with you for more than six months and known you for more than a month, but you didn’t tell me." I gritted my teeth and continued, "I don’t want to talk to you now. Get out of the way."
"You" he reached out to grab my hand, and I quickly avoided some anger. "Wei Qingyi, have you fucking stopped playing me for nine months?"
"Do you have to think so?" He asked frowned.
I think he is angry and laughs. After all, I am the one who should be angry. What kind of anger is he?
"Fuck off" I gave him a push.
He got out of the way and I called Ada and said, "Drive."
Adali, it’s hard to look at Wei by the car. Look at me again
I stared at him and turned to walk away without moving.
Just a few steps later, Martin drove up and Ada Xiao said to me, "Madam Shao, you can drive Ada to give you a ride."
"Go to the North District". I don’t want to be embarrassed by the car. My face is still gloomy and I don’t look in the mirror. I know how ugly my expression is at the moment.
Ada tried to talk several times all the way, but she was afraid to speak, and I was too lazy to talk to him.
Until the car stopped at the door, I opened the door and the car turned around only to see a car parked behind me, so I took the bus lightly.
I don’t want to open my eyes. I turned into the lane and the front door is the door.
I am anxious to go home and see my mother.
约茶A shadow fell from the sky in front of me, but it was only five meters in front of me.
There was a man lying on the ground, and a red liquid was slowly flowing out. The man’s body was twisted and he was wearing an orange coat and his face was facing.
My brain felt a sense of fear and told myself that what I saw was not true.
Not really
"Ah … dead"
"Call an ambulance."
A chaotic sound began to sound, and someone approached the fallen man. In the distance, it seemed that Uncle Zheng was frightened and shouted.
My hands and feet were cold, and my handbag fell slowly towards the crowd.
Not really
It must not be true.
I pushed aside the crowd, and the lying person had been turned over. She was held by Uncle Zheng, and her face was covered with blood.
I clenched my teeth and rushed to shake my hand and shouted, "Mom, what’s wrong with you, Mom?"
I grabbed her hand and watched her mouth keep bleeding.
"Mom, I am soft. I am soft. Don’t scare me. I beg you. I beg you." I grabbed her hand and cried.
God, please don’t do this to me, okay?
"Soft" weak voice came out of my mother’s mouth and I nodded at once.
"Soft mother left you should take good care of yourself ….."
I shook my head and cried, "I don’t want to be without you. I can’t take care of my mother. Don’t …"
"Vivian Pei …" Uncle Zheng also began to cry.
I turned my head to call an ambulance, but I felt uncle Zheng’s pain ringing in my ear.
I turned my head in horror and looked at my mother with her eyes closed and motionless, just like that
"No, it’s not. It’s not true." I held my mother in my arms and chuckled.
"Mom, you are joking with soft, right? You are joking with Ruan Ruan. "I laughed, just like playing a game before. Mom always scares me."
"You kidding soft I know you open your eyes, I know you’re not asleep …"
"Before, you always pretended to sleep, but every time you were caught, you are now pretending to sleep softly …"
I’m holding my mother, but I’m touched with blood.
Uncle Zheng sat there and slowly turned to look at me and whispered, "Lili, your mother, she …"
I turned my head and smiled to reveal the biggest and brightest smile. "Uncle Zheng, look at mom. She’s naughty and pretending to sleep and lying to me …"
Section 13
I don’t know who put his hand on my shoulder. I turned my head to look at Wei Qingkui and squatted slowly behind him.
I stared at him.
He spoke softly and became familiar with the low alcohol voice, saying, "Soft mother, she has gone."
I like the sound very much, but it makes me more resistant.
I pushed him away and shouted, "Get out of here. My mother didn’t die. She didn’t die …"
I hold my mother’s body tightly, and no one is allowed to touch her.
Suddenly there was a muffled thunder, and it began to rain.