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Demichelis jumped up and tried to clear the ball with a header but missed it.

The ball passed Demichelis’s ear and flew to the goal.
Real Madrid fans in the stands are already up and ready to cheer for the goal.
As a result, Caballero made a world-class save this time, almost with a jump of consciousness, reaching for the ball and hitting his fingertips, and then jumping over the beam and falling into the square net of the beam.
Caballero prevented Lu Wenbin from shooting a wonderful backhand shot, and Real Madrid continued to serve corners.
Lu Wenbin felt that the strength, speed and angle of the ball were good after finishing the hook shot, which should be the range of hitting the door frame.
Unexpectedly, Caballero jumped out.
Seeing that Di Maria was going to serve a corner kick again, Lu Wenbin paused, then left the forbidden area and ran over to Di Maria and said, "I’ll serve."
Di Maria knew that Lu Wenbin was ready to shoot directly again.
In normal training, Lu Wenbin has the experience of directly punishing the corner kick into the goal. Although he has not been punished in the game, Di Maria knows that Lu Wenbin has this ability.
Therefore, Di Maria also left the penalty spot without any nonsense and went to the periphery of the forbidden area to prepare for grabbing the ball and making a long-range shot if there is an opportunity later.
Many commentators shook their heads and commented that Lu Wenbin went to the corner area to replace Di Maria to take a corner kick.
"Lu Wenbin doesn’t know what happened recently. He is more keen on taking corners than before."
"And his corner kicks are close to the goal, which means he wants to shoot directly."
"The corner kick is directly sent to the goal. This is a test of footwork, and footwork is not the most important thing. The most important thing is luck."
"Yes, if you want to score a corner kick directly, Lu Wenbin might as well stay in the area and fight for the header. He is excellent in physique, jumping and heading skills."
"I think this corner kick attack opportunity is over. I’m afraid Lu Wenbin’s penalty corner kick will be confiscated directly by goalkeeper Caballero."
Lu Wenbin didn’t give up the idea of shooting from different angles in the stadium.
In training, he tried ten corner kicks without a goalkeeper, and he could score seven.
With goalkeepers and guards guarding two goalposts, he can also get three or four penalties.
This goal rate is actually higher than the goal rate of header in the forbidden area.
In the previous game, the penalty kick was not scored. It can be said that the luck is a bit bad. It is not that Lu Wenbin has a problem with his angle skills.
Anyway, the game is almost over now, and Lu Wenbin still wants to give it a try.
Malaga goalkeeper Caballero naturally knows that Lu Wenbin is keen on taking corners in the last two games and always seems to want to shoot directly.
Therefore, Caballero did not go outside the door line, but stepped on the door line and watched Lu Wenbin nervously.
There are also two Malaga players behind the door to prevent the goalkeeper from saving. From time to time, they can head the ball to clear the gap.
Lu Wenbin watched Caballero and found that he was a little bit ahead.
Then there are more chances to play later.
If we can hit a theoretical corner, Caballero can’t come even if he retreats, and the defender at the back post can’t reach it even if he jumps.
品茶论坛It depends on whether Lu Wenbin can make that angle.
After the referee handled the quarrel between the two sides in the no-go area and signaled Lu Wenbin to make a free throw, Lu Wenbin started to run a few steps from the billboard and kicked the ball and kicked it out.
The ball first flew to the forbidden area, causing players from both sides of the forbidden area to push and grab seats and upset people.
But the ball drew an arc and spun into the goal.
I was prepared. Caballero found out that the ball was flying backwards, so he stepped back and observed it and wanted to throw it out.
As a result, he suddenly found that the ball was too fast, and he could not retreat to the back point. The ball was about to fall into the goal.
Come and never retreat. Caballero can jump halfway and try his best to reach for the ball
But the ball didn’t finish falling, but it passed his fingertips and fell to the back of the goal.
Caballero turned to look at the guard post. eliseu had jumped up and stretched his neck to push the ball out.
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But Lu Wenbin’s angle of the ball is too sharp, almost a theoretical corner.
The ball went over eliseu’s head and fell into the goal from the intersection of the post behind the crossbar.
Suddenly all the commentators were blown up.
"The goal went in, the goal went in, and Lu Wenbin scored a corner and shot directly."
"Oh, my God, when Lu Wenbin took a corner kick, he shot directly and scored."
"Lu Wenbin scored a hat-trick with a corner kick. Real Madrid led Malaga 32 away and the game was almost over."
"Real Madrid is about to create 59 unbeaten matches in La Liga and the longest unbeaten record in the five major European leagues."
Lu Wenbin’s angle shot instantly detonated the ball, and several people admired Lu Wenbin.
It’s not that there has never been a corner kick in football, but it is of great significance for Lu Wenbin to score this goal on such an important occasion that Real Madrid is about to set the longest unbeaten record in the new five major leagues.
Even some Malaga fans have expressed their admiration for Lu Wenbin, and the players in charge of Real Madrid have even excited Lu Wenbin to celebrate.
Lu Wenbin’s goal was also the last goal of the game.
Four minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
A week in a row, two matches, exhausted Real Madrid fell behind to Malaga. Lu Wenbin scored three goals to complete the big reversal. 32 defeated Malaga and won the last game in 212. It was also the 59 th unbeaten game of Real Madrid in three seasons.
From this, Real Madrid surpassed A Milan in five unbeaten games and 59 unbeaten games to become the new longest unbeaten record in the five major leagues in Europe.
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And Lu Wenbin’s progress angle shot in stoppage time became the first angle shot in his career, which was repeatedly played by TV stations all over the world and watched by fans repeatedly, adding to the iron powder.
Chapter 625th Golden Globe Award for three consecutive championships