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The soldiers laughed. "There are many ways to storm. Who told you we were going to storm directly from the front?"

Everyone was puzzled and asked, "Where do you attack without attacking from the front?"
The soldiers raised their hands at the same time and pointed to the towering cliffs on both sides and said, "Storm from both sides."
As soon as they heard it, they suddenly realized that both sides of this’ box battlefield’ are the weakest places. Attacking from these two sides will be attacked from two sides, but if the semi-conical formation attacks, it will be resisted by one side, which is equivalent to a direct attack.
To put it bluntly, the soldiers stationed in the core of the storm divided most of them into three parts. The second and third troops had three million players attacking from two sides respectively. The remaining first army was centered as the reserve, the second brigade was led by the winner, and the third brigade was led by the Iron Man. The two men were gladly ordered to lead the troops to both sides immediately.
Lin Bing said to Lan Fengyun and Locke, who had been watching from behind, "Don’t you want to join an attack?"
Lan Fengyun sneered, "How long will it take us tens of thousands of people to hold on? Don’t wave our strength, but I just want to see what will happen in the end, right, Locke?"
Locke agreed, "Yes, the two of us just came to watch."
When the soldiers heard it, they smiled, turned around and walked towards the sky dance and others.
"I’ll ask you to dance and sing. I have something important to do."
Tianwu pulled to Qin Yong, who wanted to go with the soldiers, and said to the soldiers, "Don’t worry, I will be responsible for watching her to death. By the way, the reconnaissance team just heard that the Goblins have finally dispatched."
"Oh, I really don’t know what to do for nothing. I’d better pull out the cancer behind me first."
"Dark fire!"
"to! Is there anything I can do for Brother Linbing? "
The soldiers seriously said, "First, you should put Muer here."
Next to Muer, he was unhappy and made a face at the enemy. The enemy ignored him and continued, "Second, you and Xixi will get our new weapons and then go out to destroy the goblin monsters out of the forest."
"To make! Muer, look at Qin Yong and your heavenly dancing sister, and there is Sister Ye. Do you want to stay with them for a while? "
Muer said with a sad expression on her face, "Brother Dark Fire, don’t you want me?"
"What’s the matter with this? I won’t go behind and destroy those who don’t know how to live or die."
"Then why can’t I go?"
"There is a special one for you."
Muer asked happily, "What’s so special?"
Dark fire MuEr ear novel way "have you seen your sister? Do you think there is something wrong with her now? You just need to find out if your sister Ye likes to treat diseases. This is very important. Go quickly. "
Muer thought it was an important thing for Sister Ye to be happy all her life, so she said, "Brother Dark Fire, be careful. I’ll be right back." After that, she left and ran to the dark fire over there to catch her breath and finally sent him away.
When the soldiers watched Muer go, they said, "Dark fire, you change and destroy Goblin. I’ll go to you …" Dark fire ear novels, after listening to dark fire, have rich facial expressions, sometimes happy and sometimes at a loss.
"Enemy soldiers, what bad things won’t happen to you? If it really happens, will it be elegant …"
"Don’t worry, I’ve planned everything."
"Well, I hope Elegant doesn’t blame us."
Lin Bing took 300,000 players to meet the Goblin people coming from behind, and now Tianwu is in charge of the deployment of the first brigade.
Back to the’ Box Battlefield’, the lore on both sides and the Iron Man attacked the monster forest along the edge. As soon as the players entered the forest, a large number of monsters appeared, which was rich in variety. Almost most of the fairyland had mountain roads and plains. However, it seems that most of these monsters are low-level beasts, humans and animals. These monsters seem to be not afraid of death, and they almost fight recklessly with the players. However, the lore and the Iron Man are happy. The forest is afraid that the monsters will sneak attack. Of course, it is best to fight head-on now.
Directing the players to advance step by step, the root of the low-level monster can’t stop the players from advancing. Soon they will go deep into the monster forest more than 100 meters away, and the number of monsters they encounter has multiplied. So far, what high-level monsters have they seen?
On the other hand, facing the soldiers with 300,000 players, I met Gebuling in the plain, and Gebuling was the king in the Eldar forest, but the fighting power of Gebuling in the plain was greatly reduced, but it was a slack strike in terms of cooperation. This is because the newly formed players are at two levels, so the army roots, regardless of the direct army of Gebuling forest, have crossed it, and it is rare to win when the Gebuling clan rushes out of the plain.
In front of Goblin is a giant Goblin with a height of more than four meters. From the appearance, it is certain that this is the King Goblin. Although I have never seen it, the strongest King Goblin is not his own attack power but his command ability.
One order, hundreds of thousands of goblins charged at the player’s side. After screaming, I couldn’t understand that there were big leaves falling from the sky after being thrown. Kobling watched Kobling rush towards the soldiers. One order, hundreds of thousands of arrows were shot at Kobling’s striker from the thunder crossbow, but the arrows didn’t work. When the formation of Kobling changed, the striker poured out rows and rows with giant shields. Kobling blocked more than 10,000 hunters’ arrows and caused a few injuries.
The soldiers didn’t expect that there had never been a shield. The Goblin hunters shot at the position and planned to fail. With a wave of their hands, 300,000 players were divided into two teams, each with more than 151,000 hunters. They joined the two teams in two parts. The first attack was that the super magic instructors threw the sky [snowstorm] [meteorite attack] [thunderbolt] and spilled it at them. The Goblin shield immediately fell to a large area. At this time, many arms flew out of the Goblin position, and the axe flashed in an instant. No one thought that the white light of the
Funny artists and Leng Yan dancers immediately launched absolute defense skills [falling flowers accompanied by moonlight waterwheel hut] to stop flying axes, but the number of super magic teachers has been reduced by half. On the other hand, they are injured and their defense is pitifully weak. Praise-style gods have also played a little silly, and once again realized that Goblin is no ordinary magic.
More than 5,000 cross assassins waved their hands and rushed into the Goblin group invisibly. Goblin was assassinated at the price that none of the more than 5,000 cross assassins ever came back.
On the other hand, the knight lords and the Crusaders all rode toucans, and the knight pike charged at the position of Goblin with heavy steps. The two forces collided and killed each other. On the battlefield, Gebuling, the hammer, and Gebuling, the hammer, turned their weapons to attack Toubuling’s feet. The ethnic group of Gebuling belongs to dwarves, so they just played their strengths in attacking Toubuling’s feet. Except that the first wave of impact caused heavy casualties to Gobuling, the players behind it were called contact warfare. Although the knight pike had strong attack power, it was often difficult to stab Gobuling, who was short. On the other hand, Gebuling played their own advantages, constantly interspersed with knight lords and the Temple Crusader, and Gebuling, the axe and the chain hammer
Asked a congregation around him, "Why hasn’t the assassination come yet?"
"The assassination of the head of the Ministry has led the troops. We left half an hour earlier, but it will take time to bypass the mountain peak. It is estimated that it will take about half an hour to arrive."
"There’s still half an hour left, brothers." With a wave of his hand, the soldiers rushed into the battle with a team of fighting gods [fierce chop] [visual attack] [speed excitation], which greatly improved the fighting capacity of the front knights, lords and the Templar Crusaders [visual attack], which can make players ignore the shape of magic objects and calculate them according to the attack of medium-sized magic objects. Just now, the phenomenon of missed stab no longer happened, and the situation gradually improved, while [speed excitation] was almost equivalent to a stimulant. Only the front players almost killed the enemy, but their own
It’s another scream. Goblin leaves throw a lot of unknown things from it. When it touches the landlord, it immediately bursts into clouds of green smoke. As soon as the player touches it, it immediately shows a state of poisoning, and the poison is reduced by hundreds of health points per second. As a result, the front gods will not be able to add the health points of knights and knights to the Crusaders because of their own health points.
At this time, the soldiers gritted their teeth and ordered them to go to the Temple. As soon as they received the order, the Crusaders rushed to the place where Goblin had the most casualties, and then a [Holy Cross Trial] disappeared with the white light and a large group of Goblin. This kind of play stunned Goblin for a while and opened a big gap for the striker Goblin. The soldiers immediately ordered the second wave of hunters to start hunting their prey. Tens of thousands of arrows attacked and killed a large number of Goblin positions together with the knight lords. At this time, 10,000 people rode and floated for three meters.
When the soldiers saw the steam coming, Goblin was the strongest fighting weapon.
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 13 Alternative Battlefield (10)
Tens of thousands of laser weapons, like the beam, beat the enemy’s position in a panic. Three hundred thousand players actually reduced the attack by half. The enemy immediately ordered the troops to retreat and prayed that the assassination troops would come quickly, otherwise they would not come.
Fate often changes in an instant. The magic forest has always been downwind and the iron man has met with serious difficulties. The dead magic has gone deep and deep. Players and zombie-like low-level magic have opened up to each other, and now it has become a chaos in the magic forest. The roots can’t be organized and there are still many lore. The iron man behind the command is miserable. Before the charge, he was immediately disconnected from the follow-up troops and turned into a lonely team. The monsters went deep into the surrounding area as excited as they saw the prey. They desperately attacked these thousands of players who had just killed them.
Tianwu keeps receiving battle reports from the front, and her brows are almost spongy, which makes my heart ache.
"Tianwu, what makes you look so ugly?"
"You see the front met with serious obstacles. What should I do? Even if the surge didn’t mix with zombies, you couldn’t tell who was who. "
I thought for a moment, "a lot of zombies, that is to say, someone specializes in making zombies. Which of all BOSS will make so many zombies?"
Tianwu knowingly exclaimed, "Sir Fengyun"
"Right Cain, didn’t you say you didn’t come out for a long time? Now it’s your turn. "
Cain looked at us both with a yawn and said, "Master, you remember me. What is it?"
"I want to greet a magic object. It’s not that you can’t help it if it’s small in shape and strong in vitality."
桑拿"Let me see, according to your requirements, there are two kinds of vitality, blue mouse and beetle, but blue mouse is faster and beetle is more resistant to beating. Which one do you choose?"
I’ve thought about one or two things, and I need to summon 100 thousand. You should send this 100 thousand to the monster forest to find the source of zombie manufacturing
Cain was glad to hear that, but my account was reduced by half of RO coins, which I didn’t expect. Is the magic price expensive? You know, I have astronomical figures in RO coins now.