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Another shop assistant next to her immediately knocked her on the head. "Why is the fool in such a hurry to go? The food here is too expensive for one person. Do you think what you just ate is worth 200 yuan? If it is not, I will continue eating quickly. I will ask for an ice cream. Haha, there are many flavors. I intend to eat every flavor. Anyway, eating one is 200 yuan, and eating ten kinds is also 200 yuan." The girl said and left with a plate.

"Manager Li, I have something to do." But before that, the girl still has to go, and money is not a wave. She is the one who treats the waves. What is her business?
"What is more tempting than food?" Li Xuefeng winked and looked very curious.
Section 9
"Handsome guy, haha, only a handsome guy can let me put food."
"Well, eating a handsome guy is eating haha. Go ahead."
"Then I’ll go, Manager Li. Help me eat more."
The girl who went to get the ice cream also came back. While eating the ice cream, she shouted, "Hey, where are the young silkworms? Do you want to take everyone to see them?"
The girl stopped. "Boxing is awesome. Who wants to go? I’ll take you with me. There are friends in my place who can get a 20% discount on tickets."
"I want to go. I haven’t seen boxing yet. Is it the same as watching black boxing in my eyes?"
"You’ll know when you go. It’s super exciting to watch live, and there will be a super handsome guy playing boxing today."
Lan Jingyi was moved by Silkworm, and she never saw boxing on the spot. "I want to go, too."
"Ok, then go wherever you want."
桑拿论坛"Hey, don’t go after eating everything on the plate, and no one is allowed to wave or people will lose more copies." Li Xuefeng laid out her manager’s rack and directly ordered everyone to eat before going.
Lan Jingyi eats fast. Xiao Qinqin is already full. The little thing is very good. Feed it and eat it. It’s super good.
When I left the hotel, I stopped a van and seven people squeezed in. Lan Jingyi held Xiao Qinqin. She felt like a child who was going to do something bad, but I was curious. She wanted to see what the place was like to play black boxing.
The van girl gave directions and soon arrived in the remote southern suburbs of the city. The car walked along the stone path. It was really quiet here. It looked like the roots of the Black Boxing Hall were not at all, but when walking, Lan Jingyi felt the quite exciting atmosphere after entering the underground passage.
Chapter 156 Bet him lose
The further you go, the more handsome men there are on both sides. Almost ten steps away, there is one that makes her look a little scared, but the little Qin Qin in her arms is excited. The jumping in her arms makes her wonder if her daughter is violent. She likes to watch boxing.
Her daughter’s reaction made her feel a little relieved. She really felt that she was not a good mother when she brought her daughter to such a place, but curiosity drove her to come.
Seven people entered the boxing hall, which was very lively, but looking around, she might be the only one who brought the children.
Lan Jingyi blushed slightly. She is really not a good mother.
Lan Jingyi took the last row seat because the ticket price was super cheap, and only 20 yuan could sit in those empty seats, but it could satisfy the curiosity of several girls.
Let’s go to the buffet. Just Li Xuefeng and another girl didn’t come. Li Xuefeng said that she was going to buy clothes. Lan Jingyi didn’t want to buy clothes. She wanted to see black boxing. All her curiosity became stronger when she came into the black boxing hall.
There was one person in the ring, but the audience was very enthusiastic, cheering and whistling, and there was a lot of discussion. The audience in the crowd were all betting.
"Lan Jingyi, do you want to bet?" A few salespeople shook her head because Li Xuefeng had become familiar with her. "I’ll see what happens." If I bet wrong, I’ll lose my blood.
"If Lan Jingyi wants to bet, bet two people and one set at once. If you see someone, bet quickly, or it won’t count if you bet after the start."
"Oh, I see." Let’s see if it’s more reliable to bet again. We must always know whether the person we want to bet is fat or thin and whether he looks like he can play like that.
To make money, you must use your head, and you must never give away money blindly.
Lan Jing Yi Zheng is curious to look around and the little things in her arms are just like her. She looks around and cheers come from the crowd. Look along everyone’s line of sight. Two secret doors through the boxing ring are opened. One left and one right come out respectively. Two male Lan Jingyi’s eyes first fall on a male dressed in a black fist. He looks like a man with a huge figure. His gestures are full of domineering. A pair of cold eyes seem to be breathtaking. Lan Jingyi heard a woman scream "The elder brother … the elder brother …"
That brother Yue made her look away from the black boxing man, but when she saw another man in white boxing, she was shocked.
Jiang Junyue
If it’s true, he’s turned to dust, and she knows it’s him
What is he doing here?
She didn’t react until this thought turned. He is wearing a boxing at this time. God, is he here to fight?