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Is she jealous?

He and Lomevi are both unmarried men and women, and they left him. So even if he had an affair with Lomevi, it’s not his fault, is it?
"Well, the sky must tell you to forget about the horse coming home." With a little excitement, he finally hugged this woman and slept with her, and then he did whatever he wanted to do with her.
She belongs to him tonight.
She will pay him back what she owed him for more than a year. Well, tonight he will let her know what regret is.
Parking in the parking lot of a small apartment building Lan Jingyi held a small Qin Qin Jiang LaCrosse and picked up her backpack for her. "Come on, let’s go." The three of her people walked towards the lobby on the first floor.
I’ve been here many times, but only this time let Lan Jingyi’s heart beat very fast. She was warm by the force of hugging her arm tightly. "It’s really okay to tilt us together, isn’t it?"
How long has "Hmm" been afraid? Let her still feel uneasy at the moment.
"I’ll call my mother when I get downstairs to make sure she’s okay."
"Don’t" but don’t want to Jiang Junyue bullying her ear growl so two words.
"What?" The ladder hasn’t reached Lan Jingyi yet. Look up at him. Why is he so much taller than her? Let her look up when she looks at him.
"You are my dream tonight," he whispered in her ear, bowing down.
Lan Jingyi blushed before she pushed him away. Just as the ladder stopped, he strode toward the outside. Lan Jingyi hurried to "slow down" with the past.
"Well, I’ll wait for you." The tall figure stopped outside the ladder and really waited for her to come out before moving forward side by side. "I still want to call my mother. I don’t trust." What makes her think about him and she won’t do it? She is still afraid that Lome Wei will be bad for her mother.
Jiang Junyue, when he didn’t hear his hand, went to press the password lock of the small apartment and heard the door click. He didn’t push it open first, but put his arm around Lan Jingyi and his hand over her eyes. "Don’t look."
"You will know in a moment."
He likes to surprise her when he comes again. It must be a surprise. How many surprises did he give her when he went to Paris? Those surprises have impressed her deeply today.
Darling, she closed her eyes. She loved the moment when he was about to surprise her. Her heart began to look forward to it as before, looking forward to all the gorgeous appearances that I didn’t know were coming.
"Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang …" Jiang Junyue hummed the song and then pushed the door and hugged Lan Jingyi. One step and two steps soon reached the bedroom door and pushed the door again. He just loosened his big hand covering Lan Jingyi’s eyes. "It can be opened."
Lan Jingyi slowly opened her eyes. She had seen all the small beds and quilts before opening the cupboard. There were also sets of small clothes that he bought in the baby shop yesterday. Her eyes were wet. "Buy them for Xiao Qinqin?"
"Of course, who else are you buying it for?"
"Then what do you want to say is to buy clothes for six or seven months old children?"
"Well, don’t you think our house is much smaller than Xiaoxi? Are you sure it won’t be big to buy a month-old child to dress? "
She said that he didn’t know it was his words that made her sad for a long time yesterday. "You are bad, you are bad …" She punched in the past. She would rather he bought a big number yesterday so that she could have a beautiful dream yesterday.
"Shh …" You woke the child.
Lan Jingyi bowed her head and sure enough, Xiao Qinqin really woke up at the moment, narrowing her eyes to see her, then looking at Jiang Junyue and yawning lazily, and then quietly ran to Lan Jingyi’s chest, the little thing was hungry.
"Well, feed her and put her to sleep quickly, or else …" Otherwise, he will throw this little light bulb out.
"Otherwise? I tell you that Jiang Junyue and I will sleep in the living room with Qinqin. "
It’s one thing for Jiang Junyue to agree to "I’ll take a shower" even if he doesn’t want to go to the living room, it’s another thing to act.
Jiang Junyue really left. Lan Jingyi immediately took it and gave it to Xiao Qinqin while calling her mother. If you have something to eat, you will be a good girl. A small mouth can’t stop sucking milk. For her, milk is the most delicious.
Looking down at her daughter Lan Jingyi, it sounds strange that I can’t get through there.
Section 66
She really doesn’t like that mechanical girl, but she can’t help it.
Maybe mom didn’t have it. Maybe mom turned it on when she woke up early. Then call again early. She must believe that Jiang Junyue, since he had already found out everything was done by Lomevi and gave himself one surprise after another, he would definitely arrange everything.
Looking down at her daughter, eating milk and falling asleep, lying in her arms, her mouth didn’t move, but she couldn’t let go with her milk. Lan Jingyi moved again as soon as she tried to move the mouth. It was because she formed this bad habit for her children that she always used to sleep with her milk in her head before she let go.
"Let’s go to sleep." She was looking at her daughter’s trance, and suddenly a masculine smell wafted in, and the smell of cologne mixed with bath lotion spread in the bedroom. Jiang Junyue had already taken a bath and entered the bedroom.
"Wait a while or you will wake up when you put Qin Qin." Experience tells Lan Jingyi that you can’t put Xiao Qin Qin so quickly.
Chapter 119 No, no
"Wait a while or you will wake up when you put Qin Qin." Experience tells Lan Jingyi that you can’t put Xiao Qin Qin so quickly.
"Didn’t you sleep?"
"That will take a while."
"No, hurry up and let this little thing occupy you for a long time." Jiang Junyue’s eyes are deep and his daughter’s face is falling. Now it’s time for her daughter to return his woman to him.
桑拿会所"If I say no, I can’t."