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"Well, he’s asleep in the room. You take Jingyi to have a look. Don’t wake him up. He hasn’t slept much all day. Let him sleep more." You can’t hide his love and affection. When you look at him, you like that little thing very much

"Thank you, Grandpa." Lan Jingyi’s little face immediately showed two beautiful dimples, and her heart fluttered and jumped up to see her son. She was more nervous than when she saw Jiang Junyue at the beginning of her life. The little thing was seen from Joseph to now.
"Let’s go for a while and come back for dinner." Jiang Junyue took Lan Jingyi’s hand and walked towards the small and strong house. He Ling and Jiang Hanyu never said anything. Compared with opposition, it was an improvement. Lan Jingyi felt that the result was also good. "Do your parents not oppose us?"
"Well, sort of." Jiang Junyue smiled proudly and pushed open the door. It was always his own parents or his own. He always had a way to get them to agree.
The door opened.
Lan Jingyi, a super-large nursery, has an illusion. This room is larger than all the areas of a small apartment. There is a crib in the center of the big room, but where is the little thing sleeping? At this moment, I am holding the crib. My hands are holding the railing of the bed. At this time, I should have heard the door opening. The little thing has turned his head and looked at Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue. His eyes suddenly lit up and he couldn’t help mumbling "Dad … Dad ……" At the same time, he still held the railing in one hand and the other was actually.
Lan Jingyi really didn’t expect the little thing to be awake. "How long have you been awake?" While she was excited, she rushed over to pick up Xiaozhuangzhuang and asked the nanny, "Do you want to feed milk powder?"
"I’ve been awake for more than an hour, and I’m fed and wearing diapers. It’s a good boy."
Lan Jingyi is astounding. Didn’t Grandpa say that he had been asleep all the time?
"Ha ha know grandpa ok" suddenly Ding Jiang LaCrosse whispered in her ear.
Lan Jingyi’s face turned red and soon turned white, sir. This is to give her a chance to come in early to be close to her son. "If he is really good, then give me my son back." Kissing Xiao Zhuangzhuang’s little face, the skin was tender as if it could pinch water. "Giggle …" The little thing laughed again.
Jiang Junyue touched a car and handed it to Lan Jingyi. "Well, you play for him." There is a small apartment and a company. He is not close to his son. However, Lan Jingyi’s mother really hasn’t spent much time with this child. Think about her heart and he is distressed.
Chapter 141 Lying without making a draft
Lan Jingyi took the car and put it in her little hand. The little hand immediately held it firmly and fiddled with it. I liked it very much. "My son will definitely drive when he grows up."
"Er, Lan Jingyi, how promising are you? Modern people can almost drive. What’s so strange about driving? When he grows up, he will fly his own plane. At that time, he should take the plane instead of walking."
"All planes have not collided yet, so I don’t approve of it." While teasing, I discussed with Mandy Sakura J whether there were any of these, and I felt that this was happiness
"Yi Yi will have dinner later and stay at Jiang’s house, ok?" He asked when he was in front of the car, but Lan Jingyi didn’t say anything. Now she seems to be in a good mood with Xiao Zhuang Zhuang. Jiang Junyue said again
"It’s convenient for you to be close to your child." Nai said that it was because he promised his grandfather that he would go home and live for a month, and his grandfather gave him back his son. This is the only way for his master to compromise.
Think about it. He hasn’t lived in my old house for some years. It turned out that Grandpa wanted to see him once in a while, but it was unbearable to think that Grandpa wanted to realize this little wish.
Grandpa’s kindness to him made him embarrassed to secretly take Xiaozhuang away again, which would make him sad.
This time, if the master hadn’t cheated on him, he would have been cheated by juwan Jiang Hanchang and juwan Jiang Junliang.
"Then what?" Lan Jingyi put Xiaozhuangzhuang on the clean carpet. The nanny has brought a lot of toys. She began to play with the little thing. The little thing was unstable, but it was quite steady when she sat. She picked up this one to play and then picked up that one to play. From time to time, she picked her eyebrows and gave a thoughtful look. It was so cute that Lan Jingyi wanted to chew on him one after another. It was really her own flesh. She liked the child so much. How could she look at it?
"Then one day, when the little thing can’t live without you, he will cry as soon as you leave. At that time, the master will let us take it away if he can’t bear it." Jiang Junyue carefully analyzed "How about your husband?"
桑拿会所"What about Qinqin?" But I never thought that Lan Jingyi would throw him a time bomb. "Both of them are my raw palms and the back of my hands are all meat. I can’t let them go."
"Isn’t there a sunny aunt coaxed by Qinqin? Besides, you didn’t come back here until late. Don’t you have to work during the day? How can you accompany Qinqin when you want?" Jiang Junyue naturally continued
"Well, there’s no such thing as a good job. You can leave if you want to leave. Jiang Junyue, don’t coax me. I want to take Zhuang Zhuang home. Anyway, you have to find a way."
Jiang Jun felt more and more sweat on his forehead. It’s not that he couldn’t help sighing too hard on his master. "Well, let’s go home after dinner, and I’ll think about it again." There’s really nothing to think about. At the moment, the villa is still decorated in a small apartment, and he can’t go back to live and sleep on the sofa. Where can there be any sex? It’s better to live in my old house with my grandfather. Lan Jingyi still belongs to him at night, but this benefit will kill him. He dare not say that otherwise Lan Jingyi will know.
God, he thinks that is really not a kind of pig. Think that is just a proof that he is a normal man or a very normal man.
Is it not good for men to be normal?
If it’s not normal, where can she have children?
"Well, hurry up or you know" or she won’t let him touch her. Lan Jingyi seems to be slightly excited when she thinks of this idea. From now on, if Jiang Junyue doesn’t get the child back for her, she will never let him touch her finger. She is wondering from the bottom of her heart whether she really wants to prepare a dagger or not. If he dares to touch her, she will commit suicide for him.
Of course, it’s a show.
One purpose is to go home with her.
Jiang Junyue looked at Lan Jingyi plaintively. He finally knew that in those novels, it was said that the man was uncomfortable with his wife and mother. He was now with his grandfather and daughter-in-law. His head ached a little. He rubbed his forehead. "Come on, let’s go and have dinner. You can’t let people scream because you are such an adult."
"You go, I’ll hold on a little longer." Lan Jingyi didn’t lift her eyes. She really didn’t want to eat dinner, and it was delicious and beautiful.
"Go to dinner" Jiang Junyue reached out and hugged Lan Jingyi, and no matter how she struggled, she went straight to the door to let her open the door. "Cheep!" A door opened in front of He Ling’s door, and the cold eyes of Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue immediately turned to the side of the door and pointed to Lan Jingyi, who was still in Jiang Junyue’s arms. "Look at what a scandal it is in broad daylight. You go to me."
Lan Jingyi blushed instantly and struggled to "let me go quickly". Outside the door, Jiang’s family all looked in this direction. She was ashamed to death, so an adult had to let Jiang Junyue hold her.
But holding her arms horizontally not only didn’t loosen, but increased a little strength. "Mom Jingyi’s body is uncomfortable, her legs hurt, and her waist hurts." She said that Jiang Junyue crossed He Ling with her face not red and her heart not jumping.
Lan Jingyi is stupid. Her legs don’t hurt or her waist doesn’t hurt at the moment. She hasn’t reacted from his words yet. He has held her in his arms and went to the restaurant to put her next to her usual sitting position. Then he sat down and swept a table. "Aren’t you hungry?" I’m really hungry, so I’ll eat first. "I picked up a piece of tenderloin with chopsticks and handed it to Lan Jingyi." Eat and feed Qinqin milk, but I can’t be hungry. "
Lan Jingyi was more and more shocked by his acting talent. He lied and never made a draft. Xiao Qinqin has not eaten her milk for three days, but she still picked him up and put the tenderloin in her bowl. This is Jiang’s family. Everyone thinks she is not pleasing to the eye.
"Mom, don’t you eat? If you don’t eat, go and see. You watch everyone eat who eats. "
He Ling got angry and wanted to show Lan Jingyi’s face. As a result, she was given a face by her son. "Who said I wouldn’t eat?"
"Why do you eat when you eat?" Jiang Han to cold hum a.
He Lingbai gave him a look, and then he slowly sat down beside Jiang Hanyu and sat together. How do two people look at each other? Jiang Junyue turned a blind eye, but Lan Jingyi suddenly flashed in his mind and heard something in the coffee shop during the day. What happened to He Lingshen was blackmailed?
"Eating" another piece of fish was put in Lan Jingyi’s bowl, and her heart was warm. Although he lied a set of things, it was all so that she could pick up the rice grains in the bowl. Three aunts spoke. "LaCrosse Jingyi, you survived this time, and you will be blessed. Master, you should be careful when driving."
It turns out that everyone in the Jiang family still thought that she and Jiang Junyue had a narrow escape. She didn’t talk, so Jiang Junyue said to explain. Anyway, she didn’t know how he explained it to others before.
"Grandpa, thanks to the cargo ship that saved me and Yiyi this time, I want to set up a freight forwarding company. What do you think?"
"LaCrosse freight forwarders can make money? Even making money is not cost-effective. "Jiang Hanchang objected.
"I also think that if you don’t make money, you should buy big boats and take goods, so that you can get money quickly," said Jiang Junliang, who has a big appetite
"But that investment is bigger, and the loan-to-agent investment is relatively smaller. Tell you what, I’m going to draw some money from my own bonus to open a freight forwarding company. I made a profit and lost it, but after that small company, it was myself. Since everyone is here, I’ll talk to you." Jiang Junyue said slowly, and later Lan Jingyi realized that it was him or her who left assets to worry her and her children.
"Whatever you want, but you can’t move the money from the head office. If you are busy, let Junliang go to the company to help you, so that you won’t be able to run away at both ends." Jiang Hanchang argued again.
"Oh, it’s settled. Come and have dinner."
"Jing Yi, what happened to your legs and waist?" But as soon as the message box was opened, the three aunts also came to ask.
Lan Jingyi was thinking about how to answer her third aunt, Jiang Junyue, again. "She was soaked by the sea water, and when she was sitting in the moon before, she sneaked out in the ice and snow to find Xiaoxi’s office and got sick. It hurts every rainy day. Hehe, she is the weather forecast. It is estimated that it will rain."
Lan Jingyi really wants to ask Jiang Junyue if he checked the weather forecast before he brought her back, otherwise how dare he say such a thing?
The next day, it turned out that there was nothing wrong with Jiang Junyue’s words. It really rained.
"Los home that wench has gone too far. I didn’t expect that we Jiang Gu can’t do business with Los home after being so inhuman."
"Three aunts, she is his Luo family, Luo family and Qijiang don’t know what Meiwei is doing." Jiang Junyue calmly said that Lan Jingyi is getting more and more angry with him from facing a group of parents who are in the declining sea.
Chapter 142 Another elegance
"Three aunts, she is his Luo family, Luo family and Qijiang don’t know what Meiwei is doing." Jiang Junyue calmly said that Lan Jingyi is getting more and more angry with him from facing a group of parents who are in the declining sea.
After a meal, Jiang Junyue’s appeasement finally ended. Lan Jingyi put chopsticks before going to the dining chair. Jiang Junyue said, "Sit and wait for me to finish eating and hug your building."
Lan Jingyi blushed. She didn’t promise him to live here. "Jiang Junyue I …"
"Don’t be coy, it hurts. Why do you have to sit quietly and wait for me to finish eating?" Jiang Junyue put a tiger skin green pepper on the table and watched the table full. He put chopsticks at the master and said, "Grandpa Yi Yi will live in the guest room next to me at night."
"I’ve been in that room for a long time. Do you want someone to clean it?" The master smiled and agreed, which seemed to be in a good mood.
"No, Mom Zhang said she cleaned it in the afternoon."
Lan Jingyi can’t insert a word at the moment, and Jiang Junyue has decided her residence tonight with such an understatement. Can she still say no?
She couldn’t wait to bite him. This man is so bad.
Sure enough, as soon as he had eaten, he got up and hugged her. Lou Gen ignored the eyes of everyone in the living room looking at him and her.