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"You can’t take away this is our shop account. How can you take it away at will?" One of the guys stretched his neck and looked at Shuiyunjin in panic.

"I can’t keep my life. It’s really loyal to think about the account. I want to go back to Hou Fu on the account day, and I will naturally give it back to you." Shuiyun Hibiscus light laughed.
That guy a listen to immediately eyes shrink Hou Fu how did she know that she is not?
Shuiyunjin looked at him and changed his face. He no longer spoke, turned around and walked out of the drugstore.
When people around saw that there was nothing lively to see, they all dispersed.
Gu Yan in situ twisted his brow, and he glanced at those guys with some trepidation. The Lord was not afraid that they would run to tell on them.
For a moment, he strode after Shuiyunjin and saw that she was pale and didn’t seem to worry at all. He thought about the main intelligence and there should be no problem, right?
Shuiyunjin really doesn’t worry about her. Well, those timid guys dare not go to Hou Fu and report that they have lost their accounts. It will be even worse if even the shops are demolished and Hou Fu can’t get a good show.
Now they can put all the blame on the shopkeeper. Anyway, he hasn’t been out of bed for a year and a half. Even if they are stupid enough to inform Su Qian, it’s not her who should be worried. Her hand holds a powerful handle.
I didn’t go far when I heard a loud angry voice behind me. Shuiyun Park frowned slightly, and she didn’t look back as if she hadn’t heard it.
"You give little ye live played little ye, you just want to go so this world which have so cheap things" HuangFuYun angrily ran to the whole people before a mountain of water clouds.
Shui Yunjin looked at his childish performance and smiled gently. "What do you want?"
品茶论坛  title=HuangFuYun look at her so-called appearance, I was so angry that I couldn’t wait to talk about the real sword. Who was he afraid of? But he was really afraid that she wouldn’t hurt me, but he really couldn’t take this stupid woman at the moment.
"Anyway, I can’t let you go like this. I can’t get a few stitches for nothing."
"Then come back to me for revenge when you think about it." Shuiyun Park raised an eyebrow and smiled and went straight away over him.
"Don’t go. What did you just do to help that damn thing?" Huangfu Kun asked if it was so good to send him back or not to die.
Shuiyunjin ignored him and looked at himself without blinking. This impulsive emperor is still a lai. "Why don’t you go back now and make up a few feet to ensure that he will die?"
HuangFuYun one leng a long time he reacted angrily tunnel a sentence "little ye what to listen to you, you let little ye go to little ye won’t go"
Shuiyun gave him a white look. "What do you want? Do you want to go home with me?"
"Bah bah, who wants to go home with you?" Huangfu Kailian bah several times.
"Men and women shoushoubuqin you so hot pursuit isn’t it ulterior motives?" Shuiyunjin looked at his ugly face and felt funny in his heart. His feet suddenly stopped and smiled at Huangfuyun shallowly.
Huangfuyun’s face is already dark and reflective, and the corners of his mouth twitch hard, which is wonderful. He thinks about how there is such a little woman in this world who has no sense of shame.
"Are you a woman or not?"
"Can’t you see if I’m a woman?" Shuiyunjin raised his eyebrows and leisurely tunnel.
"You, you stupid woman" Huangfu Yun has spoken angrily.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and said something. If she didn’t get rid of him, she really couldn’t go back to Wangfu to see him beaten. She lifted her feet and left without any pause.
A long time later, Huangfu Kun chased him to Shuiyun Park again to see him, chasing herself like a shadow. She was very strong and said, "What do you want?"
"If you break the little master’s business, you must help the little master to do one thing." Huangfu Yang’s handsome face doesn’t mean anything to force people.
"Let’s hear it." Shuiyun’s feet kept on.
"You help little ye save people today, even if it turns over," said Huangfu Kun, bullying and inducements.
"The doctors in this capital are mostly saving lives. Should they find me?"
"Needle acupuncture points dare to say that you can’t learn medicine" Huangfu Yun vowed tunnel
Shuiyunjin smiled. "Then you will. I will help you save lives."
"You are not the same as those mercenary profiteers, aren’t you also from ruin?" Although Huangfu Yun thinks this stupid woman is not generally bold and hateful, she always feels that she doesn’t look like the kind of person with a heart of stone who is bad to from ruin.
Shuiyunjin looked at him for a moment and she smiled. "It seems that I have to help you. Who do you want to save?"
Huangfu Kun saw that she agreed with a smug smile on her lips and "go with Xiao Ye"
After a long time out of the busy street, I don’t know how many corners, the three of them finally came to the front of a dilapidated small courtyard. The scenery here is bustling, and the city is almost everywhere. The air is filled with sour and rotten smells, and there are no people around. If there is no Huangfu who leads the way, Shuiyunjin still doesn’t know that there is such a place on the edge of Beijing.
"How did you come here?"
"It’s not the time to chase the little thief, but the last person didn’t catch up with him, which made the little master lose a lot of silver." Huangfu-yun now thinks that he still gnashed his teeth and caught a lad and was finally surrounded by a group of beggars, which made him angry and didn’t scatter it.
"It’s the time when you chased the child in the downtown area." Shuiyun Park looked at Huangfu Yun’s face and guessed seven points.
"Yes" words fall HuangFuYun suddenly raised an eyebrow "that day you also"
Shuiyunjin smiled and didn’t say anything. She didn’t get it wrong. Although Huangfuyun was a little violent and rude, her heart was not bad. For a moment, she looked at the sky and lifted her feet and walked straight into the courtyard.
The decoration in the college is a lot of dry wood. Look at the water clouds and hibiscus. You should just go into the room and feel the thick rotten smell coming. It’s unbearable. Behind you, Huangfu Kun repeatedly cursed the right and wrong, or scolded those from ruin doctors. Gu Yan was much calmer.