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"Lan Jingyi, are you going to the small supermarket?" Lan Jingyi said that it took five seconds for Li Xuefeng to react. What did she mean?

"Well, it’s almost two minutes at the most." It is estimated that she can’t let the driver wait for her for a while. This world has always been so realistic. If you don’t have money, you have to pay for the bus.
"Okay, I’ll get out."
Li Xuefeng’s happy standing code agreed.
Lanjingyi hung up, but it was quiet all the time, but it rang. She looked down to see if it was Lanqing.
I don’t want to pick her up. This mother has become Jiang Junyue’s own mother. Everything helps Jiang Junyue hang up the phone directly. She doesn’t even want her son this night. Anyway, Jiang Junyue doesn’t want to bring her. She has taken it all out of Jiang’s house and now she’s robbed him. What is this?
Lanjingyi hate to tooth itch, wish a knife stabbed Jiang Junyue.
The car stopped Li Xuefeng and so on paid the fare at the gate of the small supermarket to meet Lan Jingyi. "What’s the matter? Did the young couple quarrel? "
"Well, I don’t want to see him. You’d better not tip him off or I won’t talk to you for the rest of my life." I said angrily that Lan Jingyi was in a very bad mood. "Where do you live? I want to live with you tonight. "
"Ok, I’ll take you to the right child. What do you need? I go to the supermarket to get whatever I want. "Li Xuefeng is very kind. Anyway, this small supermarket is not her. She just took care of it on behalf of Jiang Junyue. When Lan Jingyi left Jiang Junyue and came back covered in injuries, she bought this small supermarket and even asked her to take care of it. She is really beautiful. Since then, she has become a manager from a young age, and she is as powerful as she can be. From the bottom of her heart, she is grateful to Lan Jingyi. If she has not met Lan Jingyi, she is still a salesgirl who has been managed and squeezed.
People should know how to be grateful and content with Changle, and the object of her gratitude is Lan Jingyi. Without Lan Jingyi, she would not be today.
"Ok, I’ll make a list. You can bring it to your account for me later. I’ll pay you back when I have the money." Lan Jingyi was so calm at this moment that she knew that she would have money for a while, just like she was penniless after divorcing Liu Wentao, but hasn’t she survived for so long?
It’s a day when people can always drip through if they want to work hard, but she can’t bear to let Xiao Qinqin suffer with her.
Stubborn strength came to Lan Jingyi’s mind, and I thought of everything. Anyway, I just don’t want to talk to Jiang Junyue anymore, and I don’t want to associate with him again.
Li Xuefeng’s residence is no longer the former dormitory, just next to the office, but the sparrow is small and has all five zang-organs.
But there is a bed. Either Li Xuefeng shares a bed with her and her children, or Li Xuefeng goes to the office to sleep first. After glancing at Lan Jingyi, it is not a long-term solution to know that she lives here.
Xiao Qin Qin brought all the things she wanted in a short time, and they were all the most expensive in the small supermarket. However, Lan Jingyi didn’t look carefully, thinking about getting some rice paste for the little thing to eat and coaxing the little thing to sleep. "Remember how much it is and I’ll give it to you when I have money."
"Don’t worry about you, though." Anyway, it’s natural that Jiang Junyue spent flowers on his daughter. It’s just that Jiang Junyue said he wouldn’t let her tell Lan Jingyi. Well, then she won’t tell me. I don’t know what the couple quarreled about. It’s really awkward to put her in the middle. Lan Jingyi won’t let her tell Jiang Junyue. Jiang Junyue won’t let her tell Lan Jingyi that the supermarket is his business.
But if Lan Jingyi knows, it’s certain that this small supermarket won’t live.
Li Xuefeng pushed to go to the office to build a simple bed to sleep in the end or leave the one-meter-five bed in the room to Lan Jingyi. It’s a little small to squeeze three people.
The main reason is that Xiao Qin Qin takes up a place that she dare not touch. Li Xuefeng is determined to go to the office, which makes Lan Jingyi really embarrassed, but there is no other way.
When the light was turned off, it was quiet around. Xiaoqinqin slept soundly. She listened to the little thing and really admired her. She also wanted to sleep, but she couldn’t sleep.
Quietly opened it, except Lan Qing, who didn’t answer the phone. There was no more it. The man didn’t call a word. It seems that he didn’t want her or even his daughter.
Tossing and turning, I can’t sleep.
It’s still raining outside, and it’s raining very little. God seems to know that she is in a bad mood and has been crying.
What else can she do with Qinqin? Nothing can she do.
But let her take the initiative to call LanQing she also don’t want to.
Lan Qing was brainwashed by Jiang Junyue.
But it’s not the way to live here like this.
spa会所"Do you need help in Xuefeng Supermarket?"
"Do you think I can do it?"
"What about Qinqin?"
A question LanJingYi stuttered "or I carry QinQin class? It won’t affect the quality of the class. I will tie the child. "
"LanJingYi are you a child mother? Can you tie it for a day without it for a while? "
Lan Jingyi thinks about it, too. She really can’t tie her daughter for a day.
It seems that the small supermarket class has to be done
However, without a source of income, her heart is in a panic, and she has nothing for the most basic needs of human life.
One day passed, and Lan Jingyi borrowed some money from Li Xuefeng and took a taxi. Before she went there, she often went there to do wholesale and sell night markets. The rain had stopped, and everyone walked with Qin Qin for more than an hour. Finally, she decided that she wanted to do Taobao, which can also work with children.
Just sell children’s clothes so that you can wear them for Qin Qin.
Jiang Junyue, don’t leave him. She is nothing.
No, she can take care of herself and her daughter
I really want to, really want to.
But at the moment, she just doesn’t want to see Jiang Junyue. If she wants to see him, she has to get his approval, but she just doesn’t see him.
"Snow Phoenix, lend me two thousand dollars." Borrow a little less money, spread out the goods bit by bit, and go to the night to temporarily replenish the goods. She has no money to take her time like this.
"I want to buy some clothes for my child and add something to it." She deliberately said this. She still doesn’t believe Li Xuefeng. After all, if Li Xuefeng has a criminal record with Jiang Junyue, if she really has contacts with Jiang Junyue now, Jiang Junyue will not let Li Xuefeng lend her money if she knows that she wants to do Taobao.
He wished she had no financial resources and everything depended on him.
But she just doesn’t want to lean on him.
If he doesn’t come to her, she will never come to him. It’s really bitter to see who consumes energy in the end.