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When the dust slowly fell behind, the audience immediately saw an amazing scene. The whole floor of the venue was covered with blue water light. If you don’t look carefully, the venue is a water surface, and Tianwu also found the problem because the whole floor of the venue was covered by disease [water property field]

Seeing this, I couldn’t help shouting. I didn’t expect the disease to be so clever. Harassment is a fake cloth. If his new skill [Thousand Miles Water Polo] is real, he can give full play to his greatest advantage.
"Dance in heaven, let me show you how powerful I am!" After the disease method finished, he began to sing, and the watery blue light on the ground around the disease method kept spinning around him, and clouds of blue water polo gradually appeared.
Tianwu didn’t know about these new skills until she took part in this challenge. Every new skill is very powerful. It can be said that it is impossible to prevent it. Even if Tianwu thinks he is powerful, he dare not take a small look. So Tianwu immediately rode a toucan and rushed to the disease as quickly as possible.
The third chapter disease method VS day dance (2)
The distance of Tianwu’s disease method is about 30 meters, and the Toucan’t reach it in ten seconds. At this time, Tianwu also made the skill [collision]. The Toucan suddenly increased its speed like eating * * * *. At this speed, it takes seven seconds for Tianwu’s’ God Wish’ to cut the disease method, but it is not nervous to see the disease method, but it is still singing and calling water polo. Now it is almost one second.
Tianwu’s face became more and more ugly because she saw the disease and the ten water polo balls around him. She didn’t know the damage of these water polo balls, so she dared not try the ball.
At this time, with the rapid attack, all the water polo teams attacked Tianwu in two layers, five semi-circular formations, and all the attack routes of Tianwu were blocked. Now Tianwu wanted to retreat because of the force sprint, so it was impossible for Tianwu not to make a moment, so that she could understand the skills [God Barrier] by herself. This is a different skill from [Dark Barrier] and [Light Barrier]. Once this skill is made, it is not only protective, but also more offensive. If the opponent is [God Barrier], the sword will be quickly rotated within one meter. However, this skill also has its shortcomings, that is, it is necessary to have the sword of God’s Blessing before it can be used, and therefore this skill has become a special skill of heavenly dance. At this time, God’s Blessing began to spin around the body of heavenly dance, forming a circular light shield faster and faster. When it contacted God’s Blessing, the water polo was immediately cut into pieces, and two or ten water polo could not afford to be chopped at all, but it was not worrying at all to see the disease.
Seeing the disease method began to sing water polo again, and these ten water polo balls have just been chopped up. The disease method over there has already called out five. If this continues, the dance will definitely be exhausted and defeated that day. But after all, the heavenly dance just chopped up ten water polo balls and immediately put away’ God wishes’ and took out five long javelins from the backpack.
Seeing this javelin throwing, it was a little scary, because he knew what skills Tianwu would make next. Although the distance between Tianwu and Shifu was ten meters, the water polo barrier seemed as far away.
[Spear Throwing Attack] Five javelins broke through and stopped singing immediately. This is also the specialty of sages, but wizards can’t sing until the end unless they are interrupted by the enemy. Therefore, it is also the most vulnerable time for wizards to sing big magic.
As he waved, layers of one-meter Fiona Fang water blocks kept pushing against the javelin, but the water resistance was always limited. After passing through three layers of water blocks, he still hit five javelins, one was shot down by the soul rod of the disease method, two were blocked by the lie notes, but two more were hit by the disease method. Unfortunately, one javelin hit the right hand bowl of the disease method, and the soul rod immediately fell down with the water polo.
Tianwu certainly won’t miss such an opportunity, and immediately took out the "God’s Wish" and jumped at the disease. However, things have changed. I didn’t expect another feature of the water polo to be sticky just now. Although the water polo was chopped up, it was still sticky. I realized that the "God’s Wish" was so heavy that it almost dragged the surrounding water up. Now, "God’s Wish" can’t be said to be more like a sword, and it is more complicated than the whole person. The disease method also changed the soul stick to the left hand water polo and immediately started to move again. Although there were five of them, they all jumped on the dance body. After five days of continuous dancing, they were hit, and the body began to absorb the present’ God’s wish’ characteristics. The disease method cast water [water attribute field] and the dance began to struggle, but the water not only wrapped her body, but also wrapped her head and could not breathe. After the game was upgraded, it was also considered an injury, and it was also stipulated that the face of the disease method died automatically by breathing for one minute.
And in the stands, several of us shouted, especially when I entered the game, I knew the disease method not long after, but I never thought that the disease method would be so powerful that it would transport the skills of the sages so magically.
When everyone thought that Tianwu would lose, the venue changed again, and the water wrapped in Tianwu turned from blue to red. At first glance, it was not good to shout and ran out immediately, but it was already late. A huge explosion tortured all the audience’s ears once, and the ears kept ringing back, and the venue was dusty again.
When the dust fell behind, the audience became unconscious. Because the picture was so shocking, the whole playing field disappeared, and a huge pothole with a depth of three meters appeared on the ground, and they lay on one side and didn’t know what happened to him.
What about Tianwu? Tianwu disappeared and everyone was looking for Tianwu. At this moment, a girl around us suddenly cried, "Where are you, Tianwu sister?" Don’t scare my sister Tianwu! "
I looked next to it and felt familiar, but I still couldn’t remember it for a moment. Then I looked at the girl next to her, but the person I knew was the hunter Xixi, the vice president of the Wonderland Girls’ Union, and another one was the dancer Ye, who had fought with the disease, and she was also the vice president of the Wonderland Girls’ Union. I didn’t expect us to sit so close.
When the fire was dark, I shouted next to me, "Come on, Brother Chifa!" When the three of them looked at us together, I couldn’t help shouting that it would be difficult to protect a real PK from the sidelines, which would be in trouble
However, at this moment, the venue change immediately attracted everyone’s attention again. In the past, Tianwu appeared next to the deep pit of the venue like magic, but her "God Wish" turned into a sword without sword or knife, and a number of shredded pork stretched out from the handle to tightly wrap the Tianwu hand around Tianwu, and the audience looked at the "God Wish" in their hands blankly. Because the weapon was too red, it was redder than blood, which made people feel a thrill.
It’s hard to imagine that the health value and magic power of the disease method will not recover automatically at this time, and it’s not easy to see how he drinks the white potion. The hero of the disease method will automatically give up to the system without eating the immediate loss, and the person of the disease method doesn’t have to die. After all, it’s important to keep the level, and it’s not easy to practice again.
Chapter IV Team Competition
Things are often the same as the results of disease VS heavenly dance. Although it’s only ten minutes, the audience feels as if it’s been several years. When everyone died, heavenly dance used such a powerful trick to blow up the whole venue, and the accompanying rate of disease in the black market casino in Mengluoke was 31. Those players who were going to buy disease were surprised, but they didn’t expect to lose suddenly. They couldn’t help but cry and say goodbye to the money.
And a few of us look at me. I think you can speak French. Just now, dancing in the sky was so shocking. What is this move that can blow up a 100-square-meter venue so that players can fight? I can’t help but think about whether to go beyond the challenge. After all, I don’t have such a great attack skill.
And the girl next to her kept yelling, "Long live Sister Tianwu! Sister Tianwu is amazing!"
The dark fire was unwilling to say to her, "Well, who said she was the best? When I wait for the boss, I will definitely beat her to pieces."
The girl immediately turned to the dark fire and said, "What did you say? Who has a sister who dances in heaven? "
Dark Fire proudly said, "My boss!"
"Who is your boss?"
When I was trying to stop it, it was too late, and the dark fire blurted out "elegant!"
This statement immediately alerted Xixi and Ye, who are famous for their elegance for a long time, but they have never seen a guy. Now, suddenly, someone says that there is such a good opportunity to know Elegant, so Xixi and Ye immediately surrounded the dark fire with a hostile face and asked, "So where is this brother?"
I knew at a glance that it was not good to clean up the mess, so I crustily skin of head and said, "His boss is me!" "
Xixi and Ye Qiqi turned to look at me in a light armor, a pair of antlers headgear and the prom mask completely blocked my appearance.
"You are elegant? Then why are you wearing a mask? " Evening evening doubt asked.
"What do you care about this? Believe it or not, let’s go! "
Say that finish immediately make [send array] I first pulled the dark fire into the send aperture and Chris and blood repellent couple followed.
Xixi and Ye looked at each other and wondered whether to follow the past. Although the elegant events have passed, at that time, they made a fuss about letting go like this in front of real people. What do you think is unwilling? But if you rush to follow the past, who knows where [seeing off the array] is? If you go out and get besieged, it will be worthless. Besides, the dance has just been beaten, and they have to celebrate and put it away.
The unified broadcast announced the results of this world. When the male players heard the first place in the LV7 level, Qin Yong, the God official, showed excellent colors. Because almost everyone knew the name of Qin Yong and she was beautiful and beautiful, but she knew more about her two guardians and two LV9 players. They were willing to guard Qin Yong without upgrading and reincarnation. This is already a much-told story.
When they heard the name of the first player in LV-LV9, almost all the players were sensational. This mysterious player finally appeared since the death list, the unified punishment list, and the imperial edict. The fairyland girls’ league was blocked until the recent auction of four wings by elegant players, which made players very interested in elegant players, and it was strange that he did this, so many people began to look at the essence of the game, but it was strange that there were videos of the games of the players, that is, elegant players did not video every game, which puzzled many people, so more rumors began to say that elegance and collusion, elegance was a computer hacker and so on, but all of these things disappeared in a hurry.
But the LV9-LV99 level sky dance won the first place, but no one had any opinions. After all, after seeing the last game, the players believed very much. Anyone who didn’t believe anything would go and blow up the 100-square-meter venue.
This world of individual competition is very strange, and no one has challenged it, so the individual competition is over after dancing and fighting the disease.
At the end of the personal war, I won the prize. Although it was not good, it was just a bracelet’ wisdom bracelet’ to increase wisdom by five points. I did not hesitate to give the disease method, but I did not hesitate to accept it.
The next competition will enter a new stage of team competition, and most of the participating teams in this industry are elite teams carefully selected by guilds. After all, Wonderland is not a single-player game, and it pays attention to cooperation and rules. Therefore, if you win the first place in the team competition, you will prove your strength, so the top ten guilds in the front have sent representatives to participate, and the names of the top ten guilds are as follows.
First,’ those who are facing the soldiers are all in front of the array’
The president is in front of the soldiers, and those who fight are in front of them.
Second,’ Tianthief’
Chairman thief head
Third,’ stabbing the sky’
President’s lore
Four,’ fallen immortal’
President’s death
Five,’ hegemony dynasty’
President Tian
Six,’ Oriental Qianxiu’
President shura hell
Seven,’ Wonderland Girl League’
President Tian Wu
,’ Little People’s Union’
The president is really a villain
Nine,’ intelligence first’
President’s information
Ten,’ Hong Shang Tian’
President iron man
In addition to the top ten guilds, some powerful guilds have sent representatives to participate, so the team game is more lively than the individual game. Almost all gamers participate in the event, but today is definitely not enough. Therefore, when the game starts all day, it is limited to half an hour and a random draw will be held until the first place is decided.
A few of us can also have a rest and come to Kecha. I didn’t expect that guy in jathyapple to drink the Ice Queen again. It seems that she is addicted to drinking, but who here is not addicted to drinking this? Ha ha!
"What the hell was that explosion?" I asked for the first time
"Oh, it really scared me to death. You didn’t see it. It’s a good thing I saw it at close range." The disease method began to recall the situation at that time
喝茶约茶It was really cool to watch the struggling heavenly dance with a triumphant smile, but then I was surprised to see that the "God Wish" actually began to glow red and the expression of heavenly dance changed from normal to ferocious, and I trembled unconsciously. Then the "God Wish" handle began to stretch out thin shredded pork and went straight into the heavenly dance body. The horror made the scalp numb. What weapon is this so powerful? It will actually enter the player’s body, but then it will make the disease feel trembling. The heavenly dance actually moved in the water, just like the water wrapped around her.’ God wishes’ moved. The red light began to spread into the water with the waving of the heavenly dance, making the water turn red and some red light seeped into the ground. Seeing this, of course, it was not alert and ran away immediately, but it was late, and then everything was like everyone saw.