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Boredom will cover your face and you will be embarrassed to think about those pictures again.

She tried to shake away those embarrassing pictures and kept hypnotizing herself to sleep! Sleep! Sleep!
However, the brain is out of control and wants to think about Mu Lingtian’s own body making a stream, and the wet tip of his tongue is pounding in his heart.
That feeling is really wonderful! As if the breath and temperature still remained on his chest.
But also made her whole body hot and restless.
Cover your burning face with your hands, and she takes a breath around her …
God, she … she … she …
Why did she start that thing?
God, isn’t this her?
Wouldn’t that man die in an ostentatious manner if he knew that he was thinking about what they had just done?
She rushed into the bathroom depressed. She needed a cold bath.
桑拿会所It’s so tangled. Isn’t it all men who need cold water to reduce the fire when they are dissatisfied? She has to take a cold bath tonight … She’s dead!
Xi Han tossed and turned all night, but she couldn’t sleep. Her mind was just thinking about some very discordant pictures. How many times has her face turned red? Until it is really tired.
She just fell asleep. She had a dream this night.
Dreamed of two babies, and she dreamed of … he …
Sunshine, the three of them are playing in the grass, and the picture is very warm and happy.
Night Xihan is a beautiful dream. When she woke up, her mouth was still tilted and she stretched. She was in a very good mood when she remembered the beautiful dream last night! She squinted out of the window and felt the warm light in the morning. I wonder if that dream will come true one day?
Heart is expectation! But I don’t know … Can it come true?
Remembering the past, she suddenly lost confidence!
After washing and cleaning the room, she hurried downstairs to prepare breakfast for him. It seems that in just a few days, this has become an indispensable job in her life, and she is also very happy when he cooks.
I saw him sitting by the window, looking at the financial newspaper. The morning sun shone through the glass window and projected his tall figure, which made him look like he was covered with a golden halo by the warm sun, and people could not help but want to keep their eyes on him.
Today, he is wearing pajamas at home, and his loose clothes still exude dazzling temperament. His side face is charming, and he is elegant and careless when reading newspapers.
It’s hard for men to keep women from moving!
Night Xihan see some absence.
She quickly withdrew her sight and touched her hot face.
Have some words for yourself? Did she have sex with him early in the morning?
Ye Xihan, you are so lost!
Want to see him again and leave quietly.
As a result, he just raised his head at this moment …
The line of sight collided instantly, and Xi Han was embarrassed and embarrassed! I feel caught doing something bad … What a shame!
Looking at the evil smile mark on his mouth, Ye Xihan really wants to find a piece of tofu to hit hard.
It’s embarrassing for her to come. Mu Lingtian floated over again.
"After that, I can see that I don’t sneak around!"
Night Xihan stared at him with a guilty face. "Who peeked at you!" She won’t admit that she is looking at him and fascinated.
"Then what are you doing there?" Muling put the newspaper in the sky and looked at her with his hands around his shoulders.