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Sure enough, Real Madrid tied Zaragoza at half-time, and there was no sign of leading the goal after half-time.

No way, Mourinho can change Lu Wenbin in the 64th minute.
After Lu Wenbin’s game, Real Madrid really changed a lot in terms of attack and defense.
Defending with Lu Wenbin’s full-value defense and position selection attributes can give Real Madrid high protection in the middle and backcourt, and Lu Wenbin’s deterrence can also reduce the number of counter-attacks and decisiveness of opponents.
Attacking Lu Wenbin is the core of Real Madrid’s breakthrough, long-range shooting, header, Italian ball, grab point, ball assist and so on.
After more than ten minutes, in the 77th minute, Lu Wenbin really hit the wall with a horse in the frontcourt and broke into the forbidden area with a low shot.
Real Madrid finally got a 21-game lead away from home.
Zaragoza failed to score in spite of his efforts to fight back in the game.
Real Madrid won an away game with a goal from Lu Wenbin’s substitute and continued to lead the standings.
Then he entered the European War.
On April 3rd, Real Madrid played Galatasaray at home in the 14th final of the 212213 Champions League.
This is a Turkish Istanbul team, and its own home court is very crazy, overturning many European giants.
However, the gap between Galatasaray’s strength and mentality away from home makes it difficult for them to beat those European giants.
Galatasaray was led by Lu Wenbin in the first leg of the 14th Champions League final in the Bernabeu, and Real Madrid scored a clean goal. He swallowed five eggs without scoring a goal.
This score base means that the second round has lost its suspense.
Returning to Istanbul in the second round, it is impossible to reverse the 5-behind situation on how crazy Galatasaray played.
Real Madrid played a league game before the second leg.
On April 6, Real Madrid played against levante in the third round of La Liga.
Nine minutes later, the score on the big screen was 4, and Real Madrid beat their opponents by four goals.
However, although the score was high, Real Madrid didn’t have many main players in this game, and Lu Wenbin was replaced at halftime.
Although everyone didn’t think Galatasaray could make a comeback in the second leg of the Champions League, Mourinho didn’t want to lose too badly away.
What’s more, in case Real Madrid is too careless, such a small chance event will become a stain on his generation.
Therefore, Mourinho made some preparations cautiously.
Sure enough, Galatasaray did not take the initiative to give up the game, but gave up the national league and put his main energy into this game to fight to the death.
Although everyone knows that they are 99% dead, the Turks will not take the initiative to admit defeat, even if they know that they will lose vigorously.
Besides, they really scored first.
In the 11th minute, Galatasaray hit Ramos’ toe with a long-range shot from their striker’s forbidden zone line to form a lucky refraction ball to avoid Adan’s save and drop the goal.
Galatasaray took a home lead of 1.
However, in the 31st minute, Real Madrid equalised with a header from a corner kick headed by defender Ramos with a knife.
Then 45 minutes before the half-time, Lu Wenbinli scored Real Madrid’s second goal with a counterattack opportunity.
Real Madrid completed the reversal of 21 points and led Galatasaray away from home, with a total score of 71 leading by six bases, which can announce Galatasaray’s hope of turning over.
So Lu Wenbin was replaced at halftime.
As a result, Galatasaray didn’t give up the total score, and Real Madrid desperately continued to attack at half-time.
Finally, Real Madrid scored another goal at half time, but Galatasaray scored three at home.
The final score was 43. After a game of twists and turns before the home team and after the visiting team, Real Madrid lost the second leg of the Champions League 14 final away.
However, in the end, Real Madrid advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2122013 with a score of 4.
Chapter 645 Meet the final
In addition to Lu Wenbin, the other three teams that advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League were Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Dortmund.
There are only two seats left in La Liga and Bundesliga in the Champions League semi-finals, and it is possible to play two derbies in their respective countries in the semi-finals.
But this didn’t happen in the final draw.
On April 12th, Barcelona drew Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Dortmund, their opponents in the group stage.
It shouldn’t be surprising that Real Madrid beat Dortmund in the semi-final in the group stage.
桑拿论坛  title=There are Barcelona and Bayern Munich, which look evenly matched, and there is a point in enter the dragon.
After the draw, on April 14th and April 2nd, Real Madrid played the 31st and 32nd rounds of La Liga, and the Real Madrid department won and continued to lead La Liga.
On April 24th, Real Madrid went to Germany to challenge Dortmund in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final.
Although the home fans at Dortmund’s Westfalun Stadium scored four goals in a state of great explosion, they failed to win the game in the end.
With a hat trick by Lu Wenbin and a goal by Luo, Dortmund drew 44 at Real Madrid’s Westfalen Stadium.
Bayern Munich also scored four goals at home in the other semi-final.
The difference is that Barcelona didn’t score a goal and was slaughtered by Bayern Munich 4. The second round was already run out.
After returning to the League of Nations because he didn’t win in the Champions League semi-final, Mourinho played a game in the 33rd round of La Liga in Madrid on April 27th.
Section reading 33
Fixed rotation
Even so, Real Madrid continued to lead the standings by beating Atletico Madrid 21 away with two goals from Lu Wenbin.
It is gratifying that Barcelona finally suffered a sniper in this round and was tied by Athletic Bilbao, falling behind Real Madrid.
Then Real Madrid ushered in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final
The score of 44 in the first leg is not without a chance for Dortmund.
Although the Bernabeu Stadium is difficult to play, if Dortmund can beat Real Madrid by one goal, they will advance to the final and have the chance to compete for the Champions League title this season.
For Real Madrid, a draw away from home and four away goals are the biggest advantage.
Even if you don’t score and keep the score to the end, Real Madrid will advance to the final with the advantage of away goal.