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She really doesn’t know what to say to Jiang Junyue. Her heart hurts when she thinks of the red mark on his chest. She doesn’t want to answer Jane Fei’s question. This question is too worrying for her. "Let’s go for a cup of coffee when you’re done with Jane Fei’s study day." Her mind quietly surges. At that time, when she was in a bad mood, she always sat quietly beside her. At that time, she didn’t have to say anything and he needed to gently hold her hand, and her heart would be quiet.

"Okay, about ten minutes. I’m here to get a document."
He’s also asked to pick up a piece of information himself. Isn’t there someone else in his hand?
She didn’t know that Jane didn’t want to meet her in person on purpose, but she didn’t want to be met by him.
This may be a kind of fate. Just watching her float across the zebra crossing with a flower umbrella, Jane suddenly felt that she and he might still be together.
"Okay, I’ll be here in ten minutes, so I’ll see you later." She’s going to the top floor, which is a double floor, not a single floor. Two people have to take different elevators.
"See you later." He waved at her and Lan Jingyi entered the ladder.
The ladder door slowly closed, and the tall and elegant figure outside stood there quietly until Lan Jingyi could no longer be seen. Jane turned and walked into another ladder.
Jane is not away from looking at Lan Jingyi, but Jiang Junyue is sitting in front of her head and looking at the two people’ flirting’. Lan Jingyi actually dares to date Jane from the bottom of his nose. She is itchy.
Parker’s fountain pen in his hand flew around and was thrown to the ground. Now there is only a shirt in his eye.
Red color. She bought this for him?
He has never worn that color.
It’s too bright
Jiang Junyue’s lips twitched. If he wants to wear that color, it’s better to kill him. Does a man wear a red shirt?
The woman walked out of the ladder with a shirt. From Lan Jingyi’s expression, she couldn’t tell whether she was happy or unhappy now.
She came in.
In a crack in the door, she wore high heels, and her footsteps came closer and closer.
品茶"Bang" a rumbling LanJingYi pushed open the door.
"I bought the tilting shirt" as if he had never been angry or seen before. She bowed her head and took out the red shirt from her bag. "Look at this one. The latest goods in the store are unique or I wouldn’t buy it." Of course, it’s unique. The vendor didn’t know where this shirt came from. I wish it was the vendor who picked it up. Jiang Junyue should wear this shirt today.
"Oh, it’s so festive. It seems that one day it’s time to come to the agenda, or some people will be in a hurry." He meant his marriage to her naturally.
At this time, he still dared to tell her this, but it was really too red to look at this shirt again. Lan Jingyi blushed a little. She bought it for him as if urging him to get married. She simply said nothing, tore open the package and shook the red shirt again. It was still a pile of folds. "Wow, it’s really fashionable now. Such a pleated shirt is popular. Tilt your arms and wear it quickly." She opened the shirt and was very considerate and will wear it for him.
Jiang Junyue’s lip angle really twitched, but he still took off his coat to reveal his fine and healthy bust. The bronzed skin was once again exposed in Lan Jingyi’s field of vision, so that he and she began to blush and his heart beat. Well, he didn’t mind at all that she left his body and his eyes obediently stretched out his arm. "Wear it." She just recovered her mind and put the shirt on him.
It’s just the right size, as if it were tailor-made, and those folds fall on him like natural folds, which don’t look ugly at all. God, why does he look so handsome in such a shirt?
Lan Jingyi was in a trance.
"Buckle me, huh?" Seems to be aware of her daydreaming Jiang Junyue slightly bent over a thin head and pressed her ear in a low voice.
Lan Jingyi’s brain suddenly began to realize that it was out of control when he crashed. His small hand was lifted lightly, and he lost one button after another.
Ok, Jiang Junyue raised his arm and looked down at his shirt. "How is your husband handsome?"
It’s really handsome. He actually has a different taste. "It’s ok", but Lan Jingyi gave him such a comment with a pie mouth. If he knew that she bought him this shirt for 22 yuan, well, how would he feel?
"Well, working together tonight allows you to continue sleeping with Zhuang Zhuang tonight."
Lan Jingyi curled her lips. "Is there anything else?"
"I haven’t finished reading those handover documents before coming into my office."
Lan Jingyi blinked and didn’t respond to him. She didn’t say yes orno. She was going out. Jane wanted to leave for a while. Would that calm her heart a lot?
She misses the warmth when he was together.
Watching her step away from her back, Jiang Junyue frowned, and it was hard for him to wear such a stall. What else did she want from him?
I guess when he was seen wearing this shirt for a while, others reacted that he began to hurt before he even met his head.
Forget it. Wear it.
To calm her down.
She bought a shirt too far away, and he didn’t see the color of the shirt she bought, but he saw it when she bargained with others in front of the stall.
It’s time for him to go to work, but he just can’t let that woman go.
Lan Jingyi is out, and he or she will sit at her desk and continue to work.
But without LanJingYi went straight out of the secret office.
Ride ladder
When she went out in the lobby, Jiang LaCrosse saw another person.
Jane is not separated.
It turned out that two people had an appointment.
He quietly watched the two men leave side by side as if they had said something, but they were far away. He couldn’t hear it before picking up Parker’s pen. The pen in the refill was severely broken, and the pen was splashed all over his hand and the table. It was a little black like splashing ink, so that he could no longer read the documents and materials on the table.
I want to drink.
Without thinking, I opened it and went to dial a number, but my hand had not been pressed yet. It suddenly occurred to him that he and Luo Qijiang were separated by a Lomevi and it was really awkward to find Luo Qijiang to drink again.
But Cheng Qingyang doesn’t want him to be like Lan Jingyi at the moment, which is not caused by worshipping Cheng Qingyang. If Cheng Qingyang sent him back last night, he wouldn’t have to lie. At this moment, Lan Jingyi doesn’t have to be awkward with him.
Finally, Jiang Junyue dialed Meng Junfeng and rang a few times before he was picked up lazily. "Isn’t Vietnam a regular class? Why are you hitting me at this time? The sun has risen in the west? Brother Yue, the class crazy also played skipping work? "
"Do you want to drink?"
"Yeah, I was thinking about asking you out for a drink later, but I’m afraid your ya can’t live without your sister-in-law. I’m so embarrassed that you can’t find relief in insatiability."
"Eh, you know it hurts me. Tell me, where did you want to go for a drink?"
"It’s fun to drink anywhere with Brother Yue, even at roadside stalls."
Chapter 151 Wear a top hat for me less
"It’s fun to drink anywhere with Brother Yue, even at roadside stalls."
"Why don’t you put on a top hat and go to the commotion?" Somehow he wants to go to the commotion when he wants to drink now, which is where he and Lan Jingyi first met.