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"Car" Just as Lan Jingyi was about to take the bus, Jiang Junyue’s cool black BMW just drove up and shook the man’s deep eyes in the window and squinted at her.

Lan Jingyi doesn’t like the color of this car at all, and she doesn’t like the license plate. As soon as she sees this car, she reminds her of Liu Wentao’s "surname Jiang, please invite me to another car". Then she crossed the BMW and went straight to the hospital gate.
"Tick-tock …" The black BMW was not discouraged at all, and followed her closely. She was fast, she was fast, she was slow, and she was slow.
Section 22
Chapter 49 Where are you going?
"Tick-tock …" The black BMW was not discouraged at all, and followed her closely. She was fast, she was fast, she was slow, and she was slow.
Soon there was a string of car horns behind Lan Jingyi.
Traffic jam
Can the slow speed of that black BMW stop the traffic jam? A long queue has been blocked at the hospital gate.
Soon shouting was accompanied by a horn ringing through Lan Jingyi’s ear.
"Car" next to Jiang Junyue, if someone drives the car into a turtle speed, it seems that those cars behind them, those speakers and those curses are just like him and Lan Jingyi.
Lan Jingyi glanced back at the long queue of cars that had already formed and gave Jiang Junyue a hard white look. This just jumped him. She had already opened the car door and sat quietly "I went back to the dormitory."
The car drove to her dormitory at a constant speed, but Jiang Junyue was honest and didn’t talk about driving, so she didn’t talk about driving.
It’s almost there, and I can see it far away. Li Xuefeng is waiting for the roadside. Before the car arrives, she can’t stop waving in her direction. Lan Jingyi blinked. Did Li Xuefeng see her through the car glass?
Holding the steering wheel, Jiang Junyue’s hands are sweaty. If that silly girl is a goof, he won’t pay her 100 yuan an hour anymore, will he?
Fortunately, Lan Jingyi was so intent on making money. Before the car stopped, he pushed open the door and asked Jiang Junyue for the side of the car body. "Where are you going?"
In response, he is not Lan Jingyi, but Li Xuefeng’s "going to be fascinated, hey hey, winning money". To be exact, making money to win money doesn’t belong to her. She has 100 yuan an hour, but Lan Jingyi will win it. I haven’t gone yet and I already know the result.
"Fantian?" Jiang Junyue smiled thoughtfully, "I’ll go with the car."
"Jiang Junyue, are you going to gamble?" Gambling is not a good thing. Gambling will kill people and ruin them. She wouldn’t gamble unless she needed money to treat her mother.
"Anyway, I have nothing to do in the company today, so I will accompany you to play whatever you play."
Jiang Junyue downplayed a word, and Lan Jingyi suddenly spoke. She just went to gamble, so why should she care about him?
"Yi Yi’s car is also on the way anyway. We need the gas money whether we take it or not." As soon as Li Xuefeng pulls Lan Jingyi, she jumps out of the car. Is there a private car to take them to the back seat or a smart BMW? She doesn’t want to be stupid to squeeze the bus.
Lan Jingyi was awkward, but Li Xuefeng held hands tightly. If she objected again, she would be melodramatic. Would it be bad to sit in Jiang Junyue’s car one more time?
Three people went into the fan day and continued to play yesterday. Today, Stud’s playmate was replaced by Jiang Junyue. After playing a few games, Jiang Junyue threw a card in his hand and said angrily, "I don’t play anymore. You find someone else to play. This has lost several hands." I glanced at the small pile of gold chips in front of Lan Jingyi and gnashed my teeth. "You are a casino expert." Say that finish, your lips were sent to her ear. "Are you a cheat? How come you always win? "
"Hey, hey, I’m lucky. I’ll continue to play with you. Let’s go, or I’ll play with you again. Jiang’s property has been defeated by you."
"Are you distressed?" His breath spit her thick and full earlobe, and the evil spirit asked sadly
Lan Jingyi gave him a cold white look. "I don’t know how to roll." Then I gave a hard push to the stalwart man’s body and never looked at him again.
"Ha ha ….." With a chuckle, Jiang Junyue lit a cigarette, and then walked slowly to the door behind Fan Tianda. Li Xuefeng poked Lan Jingyi’s hand and whispered excitedly, "Lan Jingyi really listened to you. Haha, hurry up and confess whether you two have a rape?"
LanJingYi face a red that moment heart skip a beat.
After playing for two hours and winning money, Lan Jingyi managed to leave again. Her backpack was full of money, and she won a lot more. She was surprisingly lucky these two days, even if she caught a bad hand, which made her feel suspicious.
But I’m always happy when I win money, so I can cope with my mother’s medicine for a few days.
It’s good to have a mother and a patient in the hospital ward.
I had dinner with my mother, and then I cut my fingernails for my mother. After talking for a while, I went to sleep after five years of separate experiences.
Lan Jingyi couldn’t sleep. She was lying in bed staring at the ceiling in a daze. There was Jiang Junyue last night, but he didn’t come tonight. She felt like she was breathing with Lan Qing in this ward.
An indescribable sense of los swept over that whole atrium.
The money was enough for the time being, so Lan Jingyi went to the supermarket every night to accompany her mother to take care of her. It was very dutiful, and the money was not much, plus Lan Qingyi could take care of herself. Lan Jingyi was also at ease.
She is very pleased that she can win money every time when she goes to gambling in a few days.
In a blink of an eye, more than a week passed. That night, Lan Jingyi went to the hospital to work in the supermarket after work, but she asked the supermarket owner for leave to work an hour before every night to look after her mother.
When I got to the ladder, I walked to my mother’s ward. I just heard the nurse and two nurses talking in a low voice. "The female patient named blue occupies a whole ward. If she has money, why not go directly to the vip ward?" Do you have to occupy three beds? You see, my aunt’s relatives have to stay in the hospital and live in the corridor. What is the reason why our hospital nurses can’t say anything to their own families? "
"When you were younger, the patient paid a high price for the three beds as soon as he moved in. I heard that it was not only a high price but also shocked the dean. You are just a little nurse in a hospital. Can you go higher than the dean? Just say a few words. "
"It’s irritating to sleep for one night. Two people actually occupy three beds."
Another nurse just looked up and caught a glimpse of Lan Jingyi, who was complaining that the nurse signaled her to stop. But the nurse didn’t see Lan Jingyi’s opposing continued, "Why are you stabbing me? My aunt and relatives, I also want to call my grandmother, who is in her sixties, and still lives in the corridor. Do you think my heart can be sour?"
Lan Jingyi walked slowly over and whispered, "My mother asked for a bed. Who wants the other two?"
As soon as the nurse turned her head and saw it was her, she knew that she had heard it, and she didn’t hide it. "That Jiang, who took your mother to the hospital, asked for three beds because he was rich and powerful. Why didn’t he just send your mother to the vip ward?"
品茶  title=Lan Jingyi blushed deeply. She really didn’t know anything recently. She was too busy except taking care of her mother at work and gambling in a crazy day. She was a little embarrassed and pulled over the complaining nurse’s hand and said, "Push your grandmother to my mother’s ward. I’m idle every day. I haven’t had a patient yet. It turned out to be …"
"You agree?" The nurse’s face was pleased. Some people didn’t expect Lan Jingyi to open like this.
"Well, go ahead."
There’s another patient in the ward, but she doesn’t feel crowded. That’s why Lan Qing slept. Lan Jingyi took it to the public balcony in the corner of the corridor for ten days. Jiang Junyue hasn’t been to the hospital again, but she really can’t do this after she has to explain to him about this ward. It’s a life-saving bed. She didn’t know how many people are waiting in line until today. She and her mother have been living for so long.
"Miss me?" As soon as I got through to the man, I asked him gently.