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I’m a little defensive.

I know more or less about her character. She is not a person who makes herself wronged crazy, and no one can stop her.
However, Mrs. Li directly looked at her eyes and forced her to "apologize to Miss Ding" again.
Li Yuyan bit her mouth and glared at me, but she just wouldn’t do it.
I am afraid that she will go crazy and quickly said, "Never mind …"
Mrs. Li showed an apologetic smile. "She is not sensible. I hope you don’t care about her."
Perhaps it was stimulated by her mother’s attitude that Li Yuyan finally cried and shouted, "Mom, why are you doing this to me? You know I hate this bitch. I know I don’t want to apologize to her. Why drag me over … "
品茶"Shut up!" Mrs. Li interrupted her
Li Yuyan continued to cry regardless, "I’ve had enough! You let me put up with it at home and you let me put up with it outside! Am I your daughter or not? Is it miss Li’s family? Why should I put up with it, especially this bitch? She’s taken away from me … "
Chapter 26 Gu Changyu WeChat
Listen, Li Yu’s smoke is similar to venting, crying and yelling. I’m a little confused.
Mrs. Li actually let her endure it?
But I know Li Yuyan, who can pull out a gun in a cafe and threaten me to shoot me on the road.
She is so arrogant that she can kill people without a word. I don’t see where she stands.
But I don’t understand Mrs. Li’s attitude. She forced Li Yuyan to apologize to me. What is this about?
Is it a bitter plan?
But what’s to play?
I can’t speak rashly until I know her intentions.
Mrs. Li narrowed her eyes and saw the noisy eyes. Li Yuyan directly said, "Drag her away."
Li Yuyan froze and then became more excited and screamed, "Mom, how can you treat me like this …"
But she quickly covered her mouth and was carried out by Mrs. Li’s hand.
I was dumbfounded.
I didn’t expect Mrs. Li to hate her heart so much.
The two of us are left in the room. It’s a bit quiet.
I frowned.
She didn’t leave with me, presumably because she wanted to talk to me.
Sure enough, Mrs. Li looked at me and said, "I’m sorry I didn’t educate her well … She did a lot of wrong things before and she felt sorry for you … I apologize for her and hope you can forgive her."
Such humility makes me more vigilant.
But I was not moved by her good words.
It’s not that difficult for me before Li Yu smoked. From the first meeting, he threatened me to leave Ye Xiangyuan, shoot me in the back and torture me in the police station. If I hadn’t been saved every time, I would have died.
Besides, Mrs. Li is also very interesting. If she is really sorry, Li Yuyan should have stopped it when she started bothering me, instead of apologizing with Li Yuyan and saying a few words of comfort when Li Yuyan and I have deteriorated to this point.
When Ye Xiangyuan and I were married, she didn’t come out to stop Li Yuyan and Ye Xiangyuan from getting engaged.
I think she still wants Li Yuyan to marry Ye Xiangyuan.
I looked at Mrs. Li in silence. I knew she was definitely not as simple as apologizing.
Mrs. Li suddenly let out a sigh gently.
She went to my bedside and looked at me for a while. "Can’t you really forgive her?"? Although her hard words offend you, she is really a soft-hearted person. "
I didn’t speak
Li Yuyan is more than words that offend her. She is almost crazy and wants to kill me.
I really didn’t see it because of her soft heart. I think she is ruthless.
I really can’t forgive her.
Mrs. Li looked at me and said, "I don’t know that she has done too many things that disgust you. I really sincerely apologize to you today, but I can’t let you change your opinion of her at once." She paused and said, "I hope that if something happens to Yuyan one day, you can help her."
I looked at her strangely.
This is more unreasonable than her inexplicably apologizing to Li Yuyan and asking me to forgive Li Yuyan.
Why should I help Li Yuyan in an accident?
Although I never wanted to take the initiative to harm her, if she dies, I will feel that she deserves it and I will not feel sorry at all.
Mrs. Li is about to see my judo. "After all, you are related by blood. I believe you won’t be so cruel …"
I interrupted her with a sneer. "Even if she is related, even if she is my half-sister, I won’t help her."
Mrs Li face a change.
I said, "At the beginning, she shot me directly in the heart. If Sister-in-law didn’t push me away, I would have died … It’s good for such an enemy that I don’t fall into a trap. Do you expect me to help her?"
Mrs. Li’s expression is very ugly
I laughed coldly. "Besides, whether she is my father’s daughter has not been decided yet. Who knows if you lied to me? There are many people in this world."
Mrs. Li frowned. "How could I joke about such a thing?"
I squinted at her. "My dad just saw that you and Miss Li didn’t respond at all … or I’ll call my dad in and confront him face to face. This is a hospital and dna can be tested."
Mrs. Li’s eyes turned cold, but she deliberately restrained her dissatisfaction. "Your mother is here. Aren’t you afraid that your mother will get into trouble with your father when she knows?"
It seems that she is afraid to test dna.
I am more convinced that she is lying to me.
Mrs. Li looked at me gently. "Do you think your parents just looked like you don’t think they recognized me?"
I’m a little hesitant. Although my father didn’t respond, my mother seems to be a little abnormal.
I’m a little uncertain at the moment.
Mrs. Li probably saw that I was hesitant and continued to be emotional with me. "I don’t need this kind of thing to cheat you. If you have the opportunity, you can also give Yuyan a pro-appraisal … I am asking you to help her from a mother’s point of view today."
I watched her.
What makes her so sure that something will happen to Li Yuyan?
I thought Mrs. Li added, "She didn’t know your identity before and hurt you. I will educate her well."
I can’t help but frown at the thought that Li Yuyan hates my guts. "Do you dare to tell her the truth? She has always been a young lady in the Li family, and it is definitely unacceptable for her to become an illegitimate daughter of an ordinary family. "
Mrs Li didn’t speak.
She didn’t intend to tell Li Yuyan the truth as soon as I came here for nothing.
So she let Li Yuyan continue to enjoy the treatment of Miss Li’s family and let me protect Li Yuyan.