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On the first line, I heard Zhang Xian’s voice, "Are you willing to give up the line?"

When I took off my helmet, Zhang Xian actually wore a beige flowered jumpsuit. The original active and cheerful personality matched with such a youthful dress made her personality dozens of times higher and her charm dozens of times higher. At the sight of her, I couldn’t help but want to hold her in my arms, but her place seemed a little far away to temporarily suppress her nasty thoughts.
"Give up the line? Isn’t this the time line every day? What’s strange? "
"Do you know what time it is? It’s 1 o’clock in the middle of the night and it’s still early! "
"What?" I immediately looked at the clock next to me. It was really 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, but I remember that it was noon when I was online. I was’ handsome’ when I calculated. Then it was impossible to stay for more than three hours during the game, that is, one hour in the real world. How could it pass so quickly?
"Haven’t eat dinner? I’ll get it for you. "
Watching Zhang Xian leave with a big smile almost contrasts with my puzzled mood. What’s going on?
Looking back carefully on what happened today, everything was spent as usual. Only in the Acura Secret Cave can this strange phenomenon occur, so I suddenly had an idea in my heart and I must go again.
I thought that when Zhang Xian came in with a dining car full of food, my stomach immediately failed to live up to expectations. "Gollum" cried and wolfed down more than half of the food in the dining car before * * * * hit a full.
"Look at you eating!" Zhang Xian said, I don’t know where to take out her handkerchief and wipe my mouth. She shocked me a little.
"Xianer, what are you doing?"
"Ah?" Zhang Xian didn’t realize what she was doing until she heard me ask. Suddenly, her face was red and she left with the dining car. When she left the door, she looked back and smiled. My body was tender, even though I was an idiot. I know what Zhang Xian did. God, am I really so charming? Or? Suddenly I thought of another one that might suddenly make my original excitement plummet. Is this really the case? No, that smile shouldn’t be fake, should it? I think so, but I am sure of the possibility of my own idea. After all, we belong to two different positions, and I don’t want to be experimented by others forever.
I can’t sleep around tonight, thinking about what happened in the game and what happened in Zhang Xian, and finally decided to carry out my plan as soon as possible and get out of the tight encirclement as soon as possible.
"Are you sure?"
"The President confirmed Miss Zhang Xian that she had …"
"Alas, women are really troublesome. You’d better go back to being a housekeeper. I’ll take care of it."
Lan Fengyun said in his office, "Xianer, your EQ is really low. What is IQ 1?" So easily influenced by others, it seems that you are not as good as Shuisilei. Well, do you want to discuss with Shuijia to borrow her? Hee hee, that’s a good idea. I’m very interested to know what special ability this No.1 has. Is it specialized in hunting love? Haha, this is not possible! "
It was noon the next day when I woke up. It seems that although the game has tripled, the spirit consumes three times as much energy as the body. No wonder they want to keep 1% spirit as the source.
I woke up and saw a message beside my bed that said,’ Although I really want to tell you, today, someone else will take care of you! Xianer!’
After reading this short message, I suddenly felt as stupid as lightning. What the hell is going on? Why is everything so sudden? I just found out that Zhang Xian wanted to leave here early the next morning … What’s going on? Zhang Xian, what the hell happened? My sister left, Zhang Xian left, and now the housekeeper and I are left in the whole room, and the housekeeper has never said a word for so many years, and even I regard him as a robot.
It’s too bad that I can’t control myself. I’ve never been so unwilling to hold my fist tightly. At this moment, I realize that I must grow up or I will always be treated like a doll. It seems that my plan will be implemented faster.
When I was in a fierce ideological struggle, a person came in outside the door, and her fragrance was already full of fragrance. It was a fresh and fragrant scent of tea and flowers. I smelled it in the’ Kecha’ hotel in the game. If you were an ordinary person, you would definitely see what was going on. I also looked at the door. When I saw the human beings coming in clearly, I almost degummed.
No one can guess who I met. If it’s a beautiful woman, it’s impossible to surpass the super-beautiful NPC guide. But this person is a beautiful woman, but she hasn’t reached that level yet. But she is a person I know very well, but she doesn’t know me at all. Who can you guess? Back to decomposition!
Chapter 2 providence?
Chapter 2 providence?
"hello! First meeting! My name is Shuisi Lei. "Shuisi Lei bowed to me and said softly.
"hello! My name is Dongfang Yixue. "I also learned enough about her tone and said.
"Zhang Xian, she has something important to leave for a while, and I will take care of you during this time. Please give me more advice!" Water silk bud bowed to me again and said
"Oh, thank you! Please give me more advice. "
"Do you need breakfast?"
I was relieved to see Shuisilei leave the room. How could it be her? Is fate really that simple? How can I see her again in such a big day?
I’m sure you can guess who this is. She’s a tough and delicate girl who gave me the first impression in the game, but I didn’t expect to meet her in reality, so it’s impossible to beat her in the game preparation challenge, because if I tell her my identity in the game, what’s the point? I’m sure the’ dream’ enterprise knew it for the first time, so I plan to go bankrupt.
Shui Si Lei brought in a plate of fragrant Luo Songtang and a few exquisite cakes. This is a western-style breakfast and a Chinese breakfast made by Zhang Xian. There is another difference. Moreover, I never thought that such a tough girl in the game would be so polite and weak in reality, and she would cook such a delicious breakfast. It is still not enough to feel after breakfast in a short time.
"Finished eating? I’ve got something. The housekeeper is in charge of lunch. See you later! "
Smelling the fragrance of tea gradually disappeared, and finally the fragrance disappeared in my room before I came to my senses. Oh, my God, there is such a big gap between reality and the game. In the game, the sky dance is strong, brave and courageous, but in reality, the water is soft and soft. How can it be so different?
With a wry smile, I immediately turned on the microcomputer and found Zhang Xian’s place through the Trojan horse in Zhang Xian’s computer. She returned to the city through the city map. I found out that her place turned out to be a’ dream’. I secretly connected to Zhang Xian’s brain and turned on the brain microphone. I immediately heard Zhang Xian’s microstrip bitterness. "I thought I had fun today, but I didn’t play with love. Now I’m playing with fire to see how you clean up."
"How could I be so stupid but I stole my first kiss for him …"
"The girl named Dong Fang Yi Xue is an abomination."
"Well, I’ll give him my body and mind if I don’t see him again."
"What more don’t want to more easy to remember? Hey! "
I couldn’t listen to it in the middle of it. I immediately closed the microphone in Zhang Xian’s brain, shook my head and patted my head. Alas, I didn’t expect Zhang Xian to have such deep feelings for me. Is this because I kissed her? Honestly, in the real world, I really have a good friend besides my sister. Although I have different positions, I still like to bicker with her. I like to eat her breakfast. I like to see her serious typing every time after the game line. Do I … But it seems that all this has passed. I can’t fully control myself. I don’t think these things may come true.
I changed a web page, this is my mailbox, and this is still my mailbox. I rented a private website for 10 thousand yuan, and then changed the password and format, which means that even if others break in, they can see the garbled code because I changed it.
Log in to your mailbox, and now the mailbox is full of video, audio and word images, but I can’t let others know what I am like. I sent the latest software, and soon I received a reply from the other party asking me to add a set of guardian software this month. Guardian software is similar to the doorman, but there is a difference. Guardian software is a kind of advanced door guardian software, which means I agreed without saying anything, and this time I look at them as if I were in a hurry. I started at 300 million yuan! When I typed this number and sent it, I immediately realized that it might be too high. Who knew that the other party would immediately answer a’ good’ word, which scared me by 300 million? What’s the number? Oh, my God. Say yes so soon? I immediately realized that there was something wrong with my software.
Stop replying to him. I can’t check my website. My first set of security software is already 200 million, but I only sold 50 thousand. I’m so sweaty. Look at the second set of 400 million. Oh, my God, I almost fainted! What is this concept? A set of 400 million 1 sets of 400 million 1 sets of 400 million 1 sets … I can hardly imagine that at this time I realized that my software was so popular.
Now, instead of sitting on the ground, I replied,’ Did your company make a lot of money from the first two sets of software? I cann’t believe it’s still 300 million to buy my software I want your company to sell my software with a 5% bonus, or I’ll find a second company.
Wei Hai, a distant network software company, sat in front of his head and looked at this 5% figure. It was really depressing. Why did this super software designer suddenly become so clever? But on second thought, it was hard to know whether his software was so popular now. Moreover, almost 99% of the industry of’ Huaguang’ now depends on his software. Even if he said he wanted 9% of Wei Hai, he would promise not to promise, but it was so simple not to close down. Cyber hackers and large brain companies around the world would not let go of the first two sets of software so easily. This has forced many small companies that do similar software to close down, while big companies now wish they could die early, causing Wei Haitian to take 50 bodyguards every day, but compared with Wei Hai’s current home, it is twice as high. Think about the two sets of software, which are enough to buy the former’ Huaguang’. Qian Weihai himself is ready to fight and spread all his money in his secret account through money laundering, even if he has a family to rely on in case he has one.
After thinking about it, Wei Hai made a contract. In the past, the main thing was to hold 5% shares each, while the World Bank worked as a middleman to calculate the automatic distribution of their respective income, so it was not harmful or sloppy.
When I saw this contract, I knew I was still short, but as the saying goes, don’t be greedy. 5% is already a huge number. Think about it just now. I can’t imagine how much this third software can sell now, but I think I should take some time to do it.
So I’m going to play early afternoon today, so I’ll concentrate on making this software, because it’s hard to guarantee the evening dance. Oh, it should be Shuisilei who may come.
Chapter III Beginning of the Standing Committee
Chapter III Beginning of the Standing Committee
I put on my helmet and entered the game. The first message was that Chris sent me that she had something to do. She might not be able to accompany me so soon. She told me to take good care of myself. I should be careful of monsters. Don’t attack too strong monsters. Remember to think of her name once for half an hour and report her peace every hour … There are thousands of words of information, etc. Although it is a little hard to read, that little bit of heart makes me feel warm. Who said that NPC loves me? I know so many NPCs in the game. There are really many feelings.
The second message is that he has bought gorgeous metal, but it takes one person to form a guild in fairyland, but now there are also six people and Chris, not counting a player.
Then came the messages from the disease and the dark fire, saying that they could not come this afternoon. What day is it today? Think about it. It seems to be Monday. The university should be busy at this time.
I sent a private chat to Fenxue to discuss the establishment of a guild at Kecha. Soon Fenxue and I both arrived at Kecha. He gave me this gorgeous metal as crystal clear as a crystal flower made of gold. I wanted to ask how much it was, but I just wanted to ask Fenxue what I wanted to say and immediately said, "If we are brothers, we will accept it first. Isn’t it a guild after us?" These are small problems, right? "
"Yes, brother!"
夜生活Holding our right hands tightly together has become a way for us to express our feelings, and I also like this brotherhood that makes my blood boil.
The next ice fox pouted and said, "You are brothers, so what am I?"
"Ha ha, I forgot my brothers and sisters! Don’t be angry, Sister Bing! "
This ice elder sister is called the ice fox. Hehe, Lian Xiao seems to like me as a younger brother, too. This time, after it was the turn of three hands to fold together, we began to discuss such as forming a guild. First of all, we rejected blood and expressed his opinions.
"At present, we are mainly few people, and the most attractive thing is that there are three kinds of strengths: strength, fame and friendship. We can be single, but there is still a gap between the overall strength and the worst guild. If you talk about your elegant things, you will definitely be famous, but I don’t know if the third friendship is good or bad. But what about you?"
As soon as you hear the question, how can we get people together? This is a serious problem. I don’t know how many people can be recruited by disease and dark fire, but it is always impossible to get together these 100 people. It seems that we must find another way.