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Maybe Ye Xiangyuan wants to be his own bait again …

He kissed my face and said, "Baby, go to sleep and don’t think about it."
I closed my eyes and he slowly fell asleep while patting.
Ye Wen came out of the basement the next afternoon and showed Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun Li Mulin’s mouth.
At that time, we were sitting in the living room drinking tea and Lu Xun seemed to be waiting for Ye Wen’s news. After breakfast, we left the villa and didn’t go out.
Ye Xiangyuan’s arm was injured and it was not convenient to read the file, but Ye Wen handed it to him.
I quickly took it for him and opened it for him.
Ye Wen hesitated, "Two little things happened to Li Shao …"
He didn’t finish, but Ye Xiangyuan had read the words and his face suddenly changed.
It’s the first time I’ve seen him so out of control. His chest fluctuates violently and there seems to be frost condensation in his eyes.
He clenched his fingers into fists and tried to control his emotions.
I’m amazed. I don’t know what happened to Li Mulin to make him so rude.
Ye Wenlow said to me and Lu Xun, "With Er Shao’s mother."
I thought about it and glanced over the testimony with my head down.
No wonder Ye Xiangyuan reacted so much.
In those days, Ye Mama was in a trance because of the stimulation of Ye Dad’s sacrifice.
But she finally went crazy because Ye Sanye pretended to be Ye Xiangyuan Teng Jun and planned to create a fake kidnapping case, and they deliberately killed Ye Xiangyuan in front of Ye Mama.
Mother Ye was in a coma on the spot and then she was unconscious after waking up.
When this happened, Ye Dage was busy with Ye Dad’s funeral. Ye Xiangyuan was young and Ye Li deliberately helped Teng Jun, and neither of them found Teng Jun’s calculation.
Section 331
Mother Houye was forced into the thorns. If Grandpa Chu hadn’t been tough, it would have been ruined by Teng Jun.
I took a deep breath to spit out the foul air in my heart.
Teng Jun also just killed Ye Dabo and Ye Dad, and it is normal to be hostile to Ye Mama.
But what about Ye Li?
He knew that Teng Jun’s plan not only didn’t stop it, but also covered for her.
Having a mistress made the eldest son and the second son live and die in a foreign land, so that the eldest son did not even leave the descendants, and the second son’s family was ruined.
He’s still not human?
What is even sadder is that Ye Xiangyuan was reluctant to kill him and left him a life.
桑拿按摩  title=I held Ye Xiangyuan’s hand tightly and tried to appease him, but my anger almost drowned myself and I couldn’t say anything comforting.
Ye Xiangyuan slowly held me back so hard that he almost crushed my bones.
I was in great pain, but I gritted my teeth
When Ye Xiangyuan and I were in ups and downs, Lu Xun also finished the testimony.
He looked at Ye Wen and said, "What else did Li Mulin say?"
Ye Wen said, "He said that he overheard it."
At that time, Li Mulin was still young and was arranged to be around Ye Xiangyuan. He had a good time with Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun. He didn’t know that he was asked to be a traitor at home and regarded Ye Xiangyuan as their good friends.
Once he was playing outside the house and overheard his father talking to someone. When he got to Ye Xiangyuan, he hid behind the door and listened to Cheng.
He heard that Ye Xiangyuan’s mother was crazy, but he was young and didn’t understand anything, so he didn’t rest assured.
Later, as I grew up, I had a showdown with him at home and let him lurk around Ye Xiangyuan. It was only when he remembered this that he suddenly realized what was going on.
I suddenly thought of something and secretly frowned.
Li Qingqing died of spontaneous combustion in front of me, perhaps because she knew that Ye Xiangyuan would find out sooner or later that she was afraid that Ye Xiangyuan would not let her son go before she exchanged her life for her life.
At that time, her son was younger than Ye Xiangyuan, and she certainly didn’t understand. It was just Teng Junli.
Ye Xiangyuan won’t kill her son even if he makes trouble. What makes her think that Ye Xiangyuan won’t let her go?
It’s a pity that Li Qingqing is dead and can’t ask why.
I think Lu Xun confessed Ye Wen to let him watch Li Mulin.
The villa is full of bodyguards, and Li Mulin is also afraid that he will run away because there is an exit in the basement.
Just wondering, I heard Lu Xun lightly say, "His testimony is not important. What matters is that he can’t run away, but others can kill him."