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"You must be careful to escape. You can’t send information back when you go there. Everything is unknown. I’m worried …"
"Don’t worry, I’ve explained everything, and there’s nothing I can’t let go of in reality. Don’t worry!"
I turned my head with all my heart, and I took out a small wooden boat and took it by myself at the Knight City pier. I didn’t call Chifa and they came to see me off, but Chris came to see me off alone.
"I’ll wait for you. I’ll …"
Chris sound is getting farther and farther away, and Knight City is getting smaller and smaller. Finally, it disappears in the fairyland on the sea level. The Caspian Sea is very strange. There is no water and running water, and it will not move from side to side. However, the water diffusion still has ups and downs. This small wooden boat almost fell into the sea several times, and it is hard to say whether it will be sent back to the capital in the dead sea.
The sky remains the same, and the sea remains the same. It will always be blue sky and white clouds, with blue waves and Wan Li, but this will suffocate me. I don’t know the southeast, northwest and I don’t know exactly where the king said that place. He said, "You will arrive soon by boat!"
The more I recall, the more I want to beat him up. I can’t believe I said such irresponsible things if I didn’t see him give me some good things. But now it’s really a chat. Although there is no hunger in the game, there is also mental fatigue. I dare not sleep at the root of the boat or I will sink to the bottom of the sea and die. I don’t know what is going on.
Moreover, after drifting in the sea for three days, I found that I quit the game here, which means that my spirit has completely entered the game, which makes me more cautious.
On the seventh day, the sea suddenly changed, and the sea was no longer clear and there was nothing. At this time, life appeared in the sea. This was a very normal thing, but the discovery that there was no life in Luen-Midgart Kingdom Haigen immediately made me realize that my destination might be nearby.
I carefully observe the fish-like creature in the sea and see that it has six fins and a triangular tail like a witch broom. The whole thing looks like a kind of’ soaring rocket’ in the fireworks in the New Year.
What’s even funnier is that there’s a yellow creature floating on the sea like feces. At first, I really had people shit everywhere, but after observing it for a long time, I realized that it was a creature. First, it’s nothing, but when you see that the sea is almost like this creature, you can imagine your heart.
Lan Fengyun’s face changed and he was nervous and asked, "Really? I haven’t woken up for two days? "
The housekeeper Tian Qian said, "It’s the president. I have invited many corporate secret doctors to come over, but they have no conclusion, and the most serious problem is that he has no physical problems like sleeping, but he just can’t wake up."
"No.1, No.1, you don’t want problems at this critical moment!" Lan Fengyun immediately said to him in secret, "Get the car ready and we will go to Juntian Road."
"It’s the president!"
"Butler, you said that No.1 was in a coma for two days and didn’t wake up?" Shuisilei finally regained her spirits and came to see it, but the first news was so amazing.
"It’s Miss Shui. We’ve moved a lot of experts and doctors to see it, but we have no idea."
"Let me see, then. I’m a doctor of Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences in the world. I should be able to help."
Water silk bud carefully looked at No.1 face and then looked at the surrounding instrument data, and found that everything was normal, and even a trace of abnormality could not be found. Look at No.1, that calm microstrip smiling face was really in a coma for two days? Water silk bud is not so confused in my heart.
"President, you are here!" The housekeeper hurried to Room No.1 with Lan Fengyun, and Lan Fengyun didn’t say hello to Shuisilei. He went to the bed two or three times and carefully checked the bed man. He knew him better than others. He watched him grow up for seven years and said that he was in a coma. Reagan never appeared in the first seven years, and his body was always very healthy.
夜生活"What was the result?" Lan Fengyun asked the housekeeper
"Everything is normal. The reason for the coma is not!"
Lan Fengyun kicked down the equipment worth millions of dollars around him, and even the doctors and nurses in the room were bruised by the equipment. Shuisi Lei obviously had never seen Lan Fengyun so angry that she didn’t dare to interrupt at this moment. She was still invited by Lan Fengyun.
Lan Fengyun’s face was gloomy and he didn’t say a word at the bedside, and his hands were even more afraid to speak. The people in the department have been like this all the time, which is really miserable for the housekeepers, especially when Lan Fengyun is in a very bad mood.
There was once a time when Lan Fengyun was furious and killed all three underworld gangs who had offended him, including their families and mouths. There were 43 people in all, and his immediate staff knew this, so whenever Lan Fengyun was angry, they were very clever and silent.
It seems that for a long time, it seems that Lan Fengyun finally spoke. "The housekeeper carried No.1 to the Nishi branch, and the medical equipment is much better than this. You have to ensure that No.1 has no physical problems, or all your doctors will commit suicide, okay?"
"It’s … it’s … the president!"
The doctor and housekeeper both retired, and Lan Fengyun said to Shui Silei, "My niece has troubled you. It seems that we’d better take over the No.1 nurse after that. It’s really troublesome for you!"
"Uncle Lan, don’t say that. I haven’t been here for a few days. Nothing. If nothing happens, I’ll go back!"
"Well, do you want me to send you?"
Chapter 11 Jiemen
It began to appear in various colors, which I have never seen in a fairyland. It is very beautiful. Usually, I have seen rainbows in my house. This time, it feels really good to see rainbows in such a wild place, but it is best not to have those fecal creatures on the sea surface, which would be perfect.
Today is the first day of drifting. It’s a miracle that my small wooden boat didn’t leak water. It can also be said that the quality has passed ISO92 certification. But I’m beginning to worry that it should have been more than two days in reality. I hope it won’t be too scary to take care of my group of people, and I’m beginning to wonder why I agreed to come here so soon. It’s like Chris said that I agreed. At that time, I thought I couldn’t let Chris disappear, but I didn’t really think about my own problems. What would happen to my sister if I couldn’t go back? What will happen to Zhang Xian? And the law of disease. What about these fraternity brothers?
But when I think back, everything that happened in the game seems to be closely related to me, which makes me decide to risk my life to see the secrets in this game.
※※※※※※※※※※※ Birds began to appear in the sky, which is also a kind of bird that I have never seen before. A pair of silvery white wings like steel are like round hammers, and they keep shaking their heads in flight, forming a very strange flying action. According to the World Animal and Plant, I can be sure that this is not an animal that should appear in our own world, and it has never been seen in fairyland.
On the first day, the sea began to have an angry tide, and it rained from time to time. I was very worried about the situation. If there was any romance in the sea, my little wooden boat was waiting to sink and I could die young.
The rainbow in the sky has become extremely active, flying and streamer. The seven colors of the rainbow have been separated. This strange phenomenon of running around in the sky is really beautiful, but I have no mood to watch it. I am already exhausted by holding the rocking wooden boat.
Gradually, a luminous point appeared on the sea surface in the distance. This light is different from the time in the sky. This light is very strange. How should I put it? This light is like a creature. I can see many curved light tentacles protruding from the light point at a distance. The closer I get, the more clearly I see it. Because I am wearing a telescope (the hunter’s necessary tool, I blackmail the iron man), this is a luminous gate. There are many light tentacles protruding from the door, and the direction of water flow is the door.
I can clearly see the disappearance of the water flow after passing through the door, because it should not be said that there is a gate behind the door, but the facade and the left and right sides are blurred. A piece of seawater has also been cut along a line of the door. This line is the seawater line, but that side is blurred. What is the concept? It’s not that there’s nothing on the other side of the door, but that you can’t see it all at all, as if it were cut off
I know I’ve arrived at my destination. It’s this gate. Behind this door is the place where the king said the Teana host was going. I don’t know what the Teana host was like. Don’t mention me. Even Chris, they don’t know. Because the Teana fairyland is in the form of a god, how can it be seen by mortals?
As the gate approached, I gradually saw the gate clearly, but I couldn’t see it clearly either, because the whole gate was like a calm water, and there was nothing behind the water, but I couldn’t decide not to go in. The current kept bringing me into this strange gate.
When I entered the door, I finally saw the name clearly. The door was * * * and I vaguely saw three words’ Jiemen’.
After entering the gate, my consciousness disappeared!