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Lan Jingyi’s eyes fell, and the two men almost stuck together. The eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. Just listen to Jiang Junyue’s way, "It’s good that the child is me. You are a guest. Let’s go to dinner."

His voice was faint and he couldn’t hear the waves, but his refusal was so obvious
Lan Jingyi’s heart began to thump. He doesn’t seem to be particularly enthusiastic about Yin Qingrou, on the contrary, he is a little alienated. But why did he come here with Yin Qingrou?
Jiang Junyue picked up the small iron bowl, took the broom and swept up the carpet. Seeing that his clumsy sample had never done such a job, Lan Jingyi couldn’t help laughing. Lan Qing over there had already put down his job. "LaCrosse, you go to eat and I’ll do it."
"I’ll come," but the man was stubborn and insisted on putting everything away. Although clumsy, it was put away. Then he took Lan Qing and handed him a rag to wipe the carpet. The water was almost dry. Only then did he get up and sit in the position to continue eating. Yin Qing was soft and had eaten well. She always ate less. At this time, she sat quietly opposite Jiang Junyue and looked at the faces of the two little guys with admiration.
"Jing Yi Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang are so cute. Can I have a hug?"
"After dinner," Lan Jingyi didn’t speak, but Jiang Junyue spoke before her.
"Yeah, that’s right. Otherwise, the little thing is dirty. Don’t dirty your skirt." It’s a beautiful pink dress. Yin Qingrou seems to like pink things very much, but the bright powder also matches her skin. Men like women with good skin. This is also a highlight of her attraction to Jiang Junyue.
"Okay, just let me hug you when the two of them have finished eating. I love children."
Finally, I ate two little things and knocked on the small desktop of the children’s chair. Their bodies were still wriggling. They didn’t like to sit in the inner cage. They preferred the carpet to crawl around or push the walking cart to learn to walk. It was almost one year old. The original Xiao Qinqin never meant to walk, but she was guided by Xiao Zhuangzhuang to learn to walk like her brother. At every step, the little body was crooked as if it were about to fall, and she always wanted to help her. But you haven’t come to her side yet, and she has stabilized and then giggled at you.
Chapter 2 Cold Rejection
Yin Qing was more than I could bear. When she walked beside Xiaozhuangzhuang, she was going to hug something, but as soon as her hand fell, she started to cry. "Wow," and she twisted her body to one side, just not letting Yin Qing hug Lan Jingyi. Zheng seems to remember that this child has always been familiar with everyone and never looked unfamiliar with anyone, but he just didn’t want to hug Yin Qing softly.
Yin Qing was in a hurry and was at a loss when Jiang Junyue picked up a deformed diamond and threw it to her. "Give this to him and he will know that you are friendly with him and let you hold it."
Yin Qing soft took it and shook the beautiful deformed gold steel in front of her. When she was interested, she reached out and grabbed Yin Qing soft. She teased him for three or four times. Seeing that the little thing was in a hurry to cry again, she gave up and gave it to the little thing. When she got it, the little thing was happy. While the little thing was paying attention to the deformed gold steel, Yin Qing soft picked up the little strong one and stuck it in her arms as she wished. It seemed that she liked to be tight.
Looking at the picture, somehow Lan Jingyi felt particularly twisted, as if Xiao Zhuangzhuang was being held by her stepmother, and made a wink at Lan Qing. "Miss Yin, please give it to me. This child always vomits in the past two days, so he can eat and don’t spit all over you for a while."
Lan Jingyi really wants to give her mother a thumbs up. Well, that’s an absolutely good reason.
"Jingyi, shall I be the godmother of the children?"
"Bad" LanJingYi want to also don’t want to cold refused.
That’s just as cold as that. If someone else were to get up and leave, Lan Jingyi’s meaning is already very obvious. She doesn’t welcome outsiders here.
But partial this person is Yin Qing soft slightly embarrassed smile "JingYi you trust is dopted mother not stepmother"
Jiang Junyue’s coffee fell slightly, and her eyes fell slightly. Yin Qing softened. He knew what this woman was thinking. She waited for his car when he appeared in class. She jumped out of his car and clamored to come with him to see his two children. This is actually a dopted mother, not a stepmother. She is not interested in herself?
No, he doesn’t.
So there’s something in what she said. She’s going to have her own baby, right?
A woman who has never given birth is not a real woman.
Isn’t it enough for him to show her?
Even if he and Lan Jingyi can’t be together, he can’t accept another woman so quickly, and it’s only these two days that Lan Jingyi separated that he realized that his child’s mother had unconsciously entered his heart.
"Fine, just be a dopted mother. Yiyi will get four gifts another day. This ceremony is indispensable."
Lan Jingyi gave him a white look. He promised her that she wouldn’t promise. "I’ve promised to be michel platini, the children of Fei Li. Here comes another dopted mother. Don’t let people suspect that I’m trying to make a pair of Miss Yin and Fei Li."
"Is that Mr. Jane who took Jingyi to the seaside last night?" Suddenly Yin Qing soft suddenly asked
"Well, you know?" Lan Jingyi is confused.
"Ha ha a lot of people know" Yin Qing soft low smile.
"A lot of people know? What do you mean? "
"Evening News, the headline of entertainment is" A childhood friend meets a childhood friend ".I can’t believe that Gao Fushuai was popular when Jingyi’s first boyfriend was so handsome.
"Where is the evening paper?"
"Here it is" Yin Qing soft hand refers to a pile of newspapers and periodicals on the tea table.
Lan Jingyi ran over. She booked an evening paper here to open it. Sure enough, she and Jane were entertained. The photos were enlarged and posted in the newspaper. Obviously, the photos were taken secretly, but the direction and location of capture were particularly perfect. The micro-side orientation was exactly that she and Jane were separated from each other, riding a bicycle picture, and the scenery around the island was lined with two people. It was absolutely beautiful to the extreme.
Lan Jing Yi Wei was embarrassed. She was accidentally drunk. Jane spent the night together but didn’t want to be photographed by Gua Entertainment, so the subtitle of childhood friends changed its taste.
President Jiang’s fiancee cheated on her first lover.
What do you think of the word cheating? Why don’t you say that Jiang Junyue cheated on Yin Qingrou? She and Jane Fei didn’t do anything. "Hehe, is this paparazzi capable of taking me and Fei Li so beautifully? Mom, come and see if you have ever ridden such a bike with your father before?"
LanQing leaned over to "gee, we didn’t have such a bike at that time. Where is this? Huandao Road? " Lan Qing asked Lan Jingyi, but his eyes glanced at Jiang Junyue’s body report. They all said that Lan Jingyi and Jane had no reaction when they left his child’s father. If not, then he and his daughter have another big problem. I really don’t understand why these two children always have problems, just like two older children, which makes her worry.
Jiang Junyue didn’t say anything, but he asked someone to board him. How could he react?
Is unexpectedly Yin Qing soft also know.
No response, no response, but Lan Jingyi’s own reaction is big. "What nonsense newspaper blather is making things up? It is better to just say that Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang are separated from children." She became angry more and more angry than swearing.
Yin Qing’s softness was slightly surprised. When Lan Jingyi roared out the word "shit", her eyes fell on Jiang Junyue’s face. That man didn’t even have any adverse reactions. Can a woman really explode like this? Especially in front of his favorite man, Yin Qingrou feels incredible.
"Enough with the child, is it me? Don’t talk after I know this." Jiang Junyue growled. He wanted her to be separated from Jane, but Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang are his children. This is an unchangeable fact. After that, he got up and left. "I went back."
Lan Jingyi’s wait for a while newspaper reported that she was having an affair with Jane Fei, and he was not angry. She said whether the child was divorced from Jane Fei or figuratively, and he was actually angry. She stared at his back and felt dizzy, and her thinking began to crash again.
"Jingyi, I’ll leave first, so I won’t bother you, your aunt and the children to rest." Yin Qing watched Jiang Junyue go quickly and got up as he said, walking towards the door and chasing Jiang Junyue.
Two people figure soon disappeared in front of the door.
桑拿会所The door is tight.
Hehe, they went next door together?
Section 121
For a moment, Lan Jingyi really wanted to rush to the door to see if the two men really entered the small apartment next door, but she still held back abruptly.
Everything is going well, but she must find a way to find out what caused him to suddenly be cold and indifferent to her. The thought of that male killer who walked out of Jiang LaCrosse’s office yesterday morning looks as cold as if Jiang LaCrosse had changed since that man left.
Did that man send the spam message?
If so, she should start with that person.
I’m still hungry, but I can’t eat half a bite. I gave two little things a delicious bath with Lan Qing, and the four of them slept together.
Breathe evenly, low echo, the little things in the bedroom sleep soundly, and Lan Qing also sleeps heavily because of a tired day. Lan Jingyi can’t sleep by tossing and turning alone.
The more I think about Jiang Junyue’s abnormal behavior, the more I really want to find someone to show myself what he really is.
The more I can’t think of it, the more she wants to think about it.
Good little girl has been with her all the time, barking gently from time to time to keep her from being lonely.
"Goo goo ….." Cried her stomach unwillingly. She remembered that she didn’t eat dinner last night. She was really hungry. It was early in the morning when she took a look. It was normal for her to be hungry. She was hungry all night, but she really wanted something to eat at the moment.
When I got out of bed carefully and stretched out my hand to push open the bedroom door, the room was quiet. Two little things have always slept soundly since they stopped eating milk. They often sleep until dawn. Mom said that she was lucky to have never seen such a good child.
In the dark, she went to the kitchen and touched the light. As soon as the light came on, she pulled out a bag of instant noodles from the locker to eat instant noodles. It was quick and easy. She hadn’t eaten it for a long time.
The small pot was filled with water and seasoning, and then the noodles were put in. Soon the kitchen was full of incense.
"Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woo