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"You’ll never guess how this plan is arranged." Jiang Qiuwu was very satisfied with his plan

"I really didn’t expect that" Shuiyunjin’s eyes were dark.
"That’s good. This isn’t Xishan Yard. I won’t let you fish in troubled waters in the past. Huangfuhang won’t care about you any more. He misses you in his heart." Jiang Qiuwu suddenly said a sentence meaningfully.
Shui Yunjin’s eyebrows slightly twisted. It seems that Jiang Qiuwu still has something to say. She just wants to think about it. I don’t know when it’s time to come. "Princess County, are you okay?"
Shuiyunjin shook her head and slowly got up. She unconsciously smoked and lost consciousness for a moment. She knew that this was because of the poisonous gas. "I’m fine. I’ll hold the piano and return it to Ling Tai for me."
Hold Jean in her arms before she nods.
Shuiyunjin didn’t take a look at Jiang Qiuwu again. She got off the stage very lightly and very slowly. As soon as she got to Huangfuda’s side, Huangfuda got up and looked at her body. Her eyes were faint and deep. "What did she say to you?"
"I have a good don’t worry, she either hates me and says some malicious words, so don’t worry." Shuiyun Park smiled.
"Don’t deceive me." Huangfuda’s face was not warmer because of Shuiyunjin’s smile, but more dignified.
"What can you do for me when you look at her face, except to get some cheap money from her mouth?" Shuiyunjin soothed Huangfuda’s worries.
"Hibiscus, you and I are more important than thousands in my heart than my life." Huangfuda suddenly sighed in a low voice and was dumb.
Shuiyunjin reached out and held his fingers as white as jade. "I know you are not the heaviest person to me." Shuiyunjin smiled at the bottom of my heart, and the bitter spread was only a moment. She laughed again. "Do you like it when I play for you?"
Huangfuda nodded and his face warmed up. He sat with Shuiyunjin. "I never knew you could compose music."
"After everything I do, you will know that Feng Qiuhuang, like this sachet, is the only one in this life." Shuiyunjin held Huangfuda’s waist sachet and looked up and smiled at Huangfuda. The eyes of the two touched each other, and they could not stop talking about this life.
Huangfuda’s eyebrows and eyes suddenly float in the sky, and the deep and gentle love from the bottom of my heart strikes him, making him feel like crossing a colorful layer of light. He leans over to Shuiyunjin.
"Don’t behave in such a way. You want to look at us with thousands of eyes. I really don’t care." Shuiyunjin leaned back slightly. Where did she fail to see Huangfuda’s intentions?
Huangfuda’s eyes are deep and deep, and she looks at them deeply. Shuiyunjin just holds her and sits down, but her arms are getting tighter and tighter.
Everyone’s eyes are fixed, and the two people are interested in Shuiyunjin. But at this moment, it seems that the moment when they are entangled in two people to form an aperture, it is a strong emotional sublimation.
People unconsciously lost the aperture, which seemed to see two of a kind’s determination and Sauvignon Blanc’s defense, and it seemed that the old couple were in love forever.
It’s a beautiful and amazing painting, and it’s beyond everything.
Ling Xiaoyao took one look and closed his eyes. It was clearer than snow.
Chu Chengxuan’s face showed longing for him. He turned to Gu Chenxi only to find that Gu Chenxi also looked at him.
Jiang Yu Qi Tianhong Huangfuyun and others seem to have forgotten to speak.
Jiang Qiuwu coldly looked at this scene with contempt in her eyes, and let you reunite for a while. When Shuiyun Hibiscus body poison sends her strength, she’d like to know that these two people are still like love for a moment. She looked at Huangfuheng with gloomy eyes and nodded without trace.
Huangfuheng’s pupil shrinks as if he understood Jiang Qiuwu’s meaning.
"Yunjin has worked hard, let’s get something to eat first." Huang Lang spoke.
Shuiyun Park raised an eyebrow and looked away. When she smiled and nodded her eyes, she was entangled in a deep and dignified line of sight. She looked up at Lingxiaoyao’s eyes, which were as bottomless as obsidian. She really knew that Lingxiaoyao’s eyes had been lingering on him, but she couldn’t see the bottom of her eyes at the moment. She suddenly felt that Lingxiaoyao knew something.
桑拿网  title=The palace banquet is as usual, and everyone is still laughing and pushing the cup for a change, which is another bustling scene.
The setting sun on the horizon is like blood, and the sunset glow all over the sky renders the whole sky, reflecting the sparkling blue lake, the lotus lamp in the middle of the lake is more exquisite and dazzling, and the whole imperial garden is dyed with a faint light.
The emperor’s departure made everyone more free. Boys and girls gathered in twos and threes, saying something, and some people were alone enjoying the beautiful scenery of the imperial garden.
Su Ningxiang was still sitting in the position until everyone around her went away. She got up and went to Liu Zhaoxue. They bowed their heads and said something and left in different directions.
At the same time, after Burrezi covered herself in a palace, she was surrounded by two older mammy, who nodded at Burrezi’s command.
Huangfuyun seems to have drunk too much, and his face is red and his eyes are blurred. In a daze, he was helped by an imperial secretary and left the imperial garden.
Leave a position and you will be left with Shuiyun, Huangfu, Ling Xiaoyao, Chu Chengxuan, Jiang Yuqi and others.
"Today is really busy, and the king doesn’t want to go." Jiang Yu Qi suddenly laughed in silence.
Shuiyunjin saw his eyes pale, "It’s good to pray for the king to take care of it. It’s best not to take care of it."
Jiang Yu qi smiled and didn’t say anything. He didn’t think it would be like this today. Shuiyun Park already knew what he said. It seems that he just cares about watching the fun.
Shuiyunjin glanced at the setting sun in the sky, and for a moment she pulled Huangfudi to get up.
Before they returned to the Piandian, they saw Yesen appear. "Everything is as expected by the princess of the county, and they have already started."
"Watch out and don’t disturb them," Shuiyunjin commanded.