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"LanJingYi what did you say? Say it again if you have seed? " Jiang Junyue’s expression became more and more serious as if he were going to eat people.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became tense. Lan Jingyi was still sitting on his thigh. She felt her body trembling slightly. Is it because he is coming?
No, she can’t beat him, and she will suffer instead of him.
Junjie, who knows the truth, doesn’t want to be Junjie. She wants to protect herself and smiles. Lan Jingyi is not afraid to look back at him. "I don’t have the guts. If I have the guts, I will become a man and turn you into a small one." She is a woman’s place. She won’t repeat the breakup. Even if she wants to say it, she can’t say it at this time. Everything is controlled by him, Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi is really a joke. She is a woman.
But Jiang Junyue instantly changed his face. "Little suffer … little suffer … Lan Jingyi, I want you to become a little suffer …"
Tilting is stimulated by the word "little". Haha.
The night is soft and beautiful, and it is so quiet outside the window.
But the car is playing a taboo drama that Lan Jingyi never thought of.
She stopped moving.
She also stopped talking.
Is quietly lying on his legs, if you can’t still feel her body warm, he wonders if she is in a coma?
No, she’s awake. She’s mad at him.
Moment Jiang Junyue headache up "Iraq, I’m sorry …"
But the little hand was soft and icy, and she was still angry with his arms.
Roadside trees
Land Rover Chejiang LaCrosse held Lan Jingyi so tightly that neither of them spoke nor talked about what Jiang LaCrosse did. Lan Jingyi didn’t respond.
"It hurts, doesn’t it?" He suddenly asked her gently
No response or no response. Lan Jingyi bit her lip intensely, and tears continued to flow down her cheeks.
"I’ll take you to the hot spring, so it won’t hurt." I don’t know how long it will take Jiang Junyue to sigh, and then he put his arm around her and turned the steering wheel to drive slowly to the hot spring villa.
The night is getting darker and darker. If it weren’t for the headlights, Lan Jingyi felt that she couldn’t see her fingers. She still lay quietly in Jiang Junyue’s arms, and the whole person couldn’t think. She didn’t want to move or move because of him.
The car stopped.
The grass is mixed with the smell of earth, and the hot spring villa is located halfway up the mountain. Jiang Junyue is holding Lan Jingyi and the driver is Cheng Qingyang who gave him the villa key.
The woman in her arms is still motionless as if she had been ordered acupuncture points.
Jiang Junyue opened the villa door with a trembling hand, and turned on the lights almost everywhere he passed.
As if the light would give itself light, it would hide a wound in my heart.
I’ll never have that illusion again, but I still have it
For several years, Lan Jingyi is his only woman.
At the beginning of that year, she devoted herself to love for the first time and for the first time in a long time. She loved him and he returned to normal.
But still just hurt the woman in my arms.
There is a small guest room next to the master bedroom. He remembers that there was a time when he was most afraid of feeling oversized. Then leave the small room and put her on the bed. She just lay there as still as a walking corpse.
"Yiyi, I’ll go to the balcony for a while and take you there." He said softly in her ear, knowing that she wouldn’t respond, but he kissed her little face and walked quickly to the balcony of this small bedroom with two long legs.
Sure enough, when you push the door, you will see a balcony. Tang Chi Cheng Qingyang is really a master who will enjoy it. Every room in this villa has this way. Tang Chi is the hot spring water in the mountains.
Turn around and go back to LanJingYi still quietly lying in bed.
He thought he really hurt her.
But at that moment, he was possessed by ghosts, usually just lost his fingers and put her …
He leaned over to undress her, and she didn’t respond. It seemed that he could do whatever he liked, and she would never resist or shout or scream.
Section 74
But he would rather she shouted at him at the moment than punched and kicked him, and he could bear it.
桑拿"Yi Yi ….." Gently called cheek and put it on her cheek.
She still didn’t respond, holding her and stepping into Tang Chi. He just found some soup from the room drawer and didn’t know what it was. Anyway, as soon as he put it in, the water left a touch of fragrance.
Jiang Junyue closed his eyes and didn’t say anything. His jaw was against Lan Jingyi’s forehead and his beard was green. He rubbed against Lan Jingyi’s skin with a slight itch and a slight sting, which made her flustered.
And Jiang Junyue is so easy to rub.
He screwed up all the good things in the first place. Maybe he shouldn’t have provoked her when he first met her.
"Is Yiyi hungry?"
Lan Jingyi still didn’t respond.
"Why don’t you soak me first to get you something to eat and come back soon?"
Lan Jingyi still leans against him and doesn’t respond.
"Want to eat? If you want to eat, blink. If you don’t want to eat, don’t blink. "With Nai, I said that Lan Jingyi’s eyes happened to move. So he put her in the hot spring water and got up and went out of Tang Chi. All the water drops fell. Lan Jingyi was hot and had a taste that belonged to Jiang Junyue alone.
Lan Jingyi still sat there quietly, waiting for Jiang Junyue to come with two fried golden eggs and a ham. Lan Jingyi still had the same posture when he left.
Fragrant fragrance wafted over, and Jiang Junyue took a piece of ham with a fork and handed it to her lips. "Eat before you bake it."
Didn’t move, just as he thought of the result.
Chapter 133 Abnormal condition
"Bang" hand dish aside "LanJingYi what do you want me to do? You say it. "
Lan Jingyi moved.
But still didn’t speak.