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"But now do you have a better way? Mo Xiao has raised so many people around him, plus himself and Huang Fuyu. Do you think it’s a desperate thing and I can’t see it?" Shui Yunxi also rightfully raised.

"That’s no good. You should dispel your thoughts at once, otherwise," Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunxi sternly. He knew that Shuiyunxi was ready to say these words, and she could definitely find out what she wanted, but he would never promise.
"Otherwise, how can you still tie me up?" Shuiyun Park raised her eyebrows and looked at him.
"If you dare to entertain foolish ideas again, I will listen to you. You see where you are going.
"suspection.i da bite a tooth said a sentence.
Shuiyunjin also knows that Huangfuda will recognize the truth. She can say "You really have something" for a while.
Huangfuda raised his eyebrows. He said he would do what he said, and he had already experienced a painful experience. He would never torture himself again.
Not long after, I saw Yesen coming in a hurry. "Your report just lost some babies outside the city and they were all baby girls."
Huangfuda suddenly frowned. Why do you want to keep telling some newborn children that their hands are all baby girls?
"It’s a beast. What does he really want to do?" Shuiyunjin said angrily.
"Longevity, nourishing and beauty, you also know medical skills, don’t you understand the reason?" Sister Luo said so bluntly that three people would not listen to Bai Mo Xiao, who had lived for more than a few years and killed a newborn child so cruelly. It was worse than an animal.
Shuiyunjin is angry and thinks of some pictures at the same time. Her stomach keeps rolling. She reaches for her handkerchief and covers her mouth for fear of losing control.
Huangfuda looked at her and immediately stretched out his hand and hugged her to leave.
In the evening, Huangfu Kun returned to Beijing. First, he came to Lan Wangfu Huangfu Da and others to discuss the defense of Beijing for a long time.
When Huangfuda walked out of the room, it was already dark, and his black eyes were as dark as the night at the moment, making people unable to see what was inside.
夜网论坛Lanterns were hung in the courtyard, and the moonlight was faint and the breeze was blowing gently, making it quiet outside.
Huangfuda slowly went back to the Yunge Waterfront, and a little light spilled from the window of the Waterfront. He just looked at it and seemed to have seen the beautiful and refined people inside. At this moment, she should wait for him to go back by the bed, holding it in her hand. He couldn’t help but feel a lot faster, and it seemed that he didn’t want her to wait for a moment.
But for a moment, Huangfuda walked out of the room as he thought. His mouth could not help but evoke a charming smile.
"What are you laughing at? It’s really a Uber." Shuiyun Park looked at him and felt that the smile was too dazzling. It was as magnificent as a snow lotus blooming in front of her eyes, which made her heart give birth to a deep joy.
"If I were really a Uber, it would be better if I didn’t hook Ms. Park’s soul every day." Huangfuda walked to the front of the bed with a joke.
"Then I’ll eat you alive and let you charm me." Shuiyunjin didn’t good the spirit tunnel.
"I’ll charm you now. I’ll swallow me now." Huangfuda retired her shoes and hugged Shuiyunjin directly on the bed.
Shuiyunjin pushed Huangfudan "Don’t send the door" with some disgust.
"You’ve occupied me for so long that I can make do with it." Huangfuda’s picturesque eyebrows are slightly raised, and there are some grievances in the sound.
"Don’t" ShuiYunXi flat and agile tunnel
Huangfuda laughed in a low voice. "Are you kidding me, little woman?"
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and truthfully said "fun"
Huangfuda’s mouth was raised, and he suddenly pulled out Shuiyunjin, holding his bust in his hand, and pressed Shuiyunjin to the bed with a thick kiss, so that Shuiyunjin’s mind turned white that he couldn’t say a word.
After a long time, the curtain fell from the inside and Huangfuda gasped for charm. "It’s been three months since the baby was born."
I didn’t hear the sound of Shuiyunjin because she was going to speak Huangfuda would certainly take the opportunity to find a reason.
"Hibiscus don’t talk?" Huangfuda doesn’t worry. Shuiyunsuke whispered in her ear with her thin lips. His temperature was mixed with Du Ruo aroma and his hoarse voice was the biggest test for Shuiyunsuke.
"You remember it clearly." For a long time, there was a soft waxy sound of water clouds and hibiscus.
"I naturally remember more than that. I remember everything clearly in my heart." Huangfuda croaked and stuck it to Yunfu’s ear.
Shuiyunjin’s face is twinkling like a cloud, but she still pretends to be calm. "Yes, just count my hair."
"After this good discussion, if you want to lose a hair, you owe me one." There was a surprise from Huangfuda.
ShuiYunJin suddenly annoyed "Huangfuda, I think you want to be crazy"
"How did Ms. Park know?" Huangfuda surprised tunnel
"Get out of here, I don’t know you." Shuiyun Park really wants to kick the man far away.
"Don’t roll if you don’t roll wenxiang nephrite, and you won’t roll if you die." Huangfuda is determined to carry Lai through to the end.