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The old lady Lu was flat and pouted "no"

"Ha ha" Korean old lady smiled, covering her mouth. "Don’t be stingy. You won’t donate money, you know? I secretly told the Bodhisattva that if Xiaoxiao was pregnant with a second child, I would give her a golden body … "
"Still … still like this?" The old lady Lu was surprised to look at her and finally stared at Master Lu and scolded, "The dead old man asked you to stop me from donating money. You stopped my grandson’s wife from having children! Don’t stop me later! "
"…" Master Lu smoked two corners of his mouth. Because there are too many younger generations at the scene, he can’t "hum" with laonianmen as if they don’t have elders. After two times, he stopped talking.
Korea’s old lady looked at Xiao Qian regardless of her friend’s kindness and said, "Grandma Xiao Qian, can I introduce you to a good friend? Xiaobai, come here. "
When Isometric Xiaobai arrived, she solemnly introduced and said, "This is my great-grandson, Han Mobai. He is five years old this year. Xiao Qian is four years old. Then you are a younger brother. Call Brother Xiaobai."
Xiao Qian left his mouth a little unhappy. "But my father is older than Uncle Han!"
Korea’s old lady one leng "…"
"That’s no good. Your father isn’t here." Han Shan smiled lightly and touched Xiao Qian’s head with a big hand. "Be good and call Xiao Bai’s brother quickly."
Now children are precocious, and Xiao Qian looks smart at first glance. When he hears Han Shu’s words, he squints and asks, "Is it good for me to call my brother?"
Section 39
All "…"
What good is it to call "brother"?
"Of course there is." Gao Xiaobai spoke at this moment.
"What benefits?" Xiao Qian was naturally aroused curiosity.
"The advantage is that …" Gao Xiaobai bent his mouth and smiled. It was an innocent and evil. "You have an extra brother."
Xiao Qian "…"
Turning over the small white eyes, he held the old lady Lu’s thigh in a coquettish way and said, "Grandma, hurry up and urge my little aunt to have a little brother for me. I don’t have a younger brother yet, so I’m going to call someone else’s brother too bad."
The little fellow was so excited that the old lady in the mainland was almost shaken, and she was able to hold herself steady and smile and say, "It’s good to have more brothers, so I can take you to play together."
Xiao Qian glanced at Gao Xiaobai and didn’t know whether he was shy or how he suddenly buried his face back and stopped talking.
"Ha ha, it’s getting late. Let’s go in first," Master Lu said at this moment.
"Well, let’s go." Mrs. Han made Gao Xiaobai hold her hand and walked to the temple.
Han Shao held Gao Xiaoxiao’s hand in one hand and then slowly followed the back with his arm in the other.
Although the road is not far, it’s all cement and stone, and there are steps. If it weren’t for the old lady Han’s repeated application that "playing kissy-poo is not allowed in Buddhism", he really wanted to go with Gao Xiaoxiao …
First, Mrs. Han took Gao Xiaoxiao to see Guanyin off, wishing that Mrs. Lu would also go in. Others will wait outside if they have nothing to worry about.
Xiao Qian kicked Xiaoshi for a while, and Doby passed by the young monk for a while to see if there was nothing to do. Seeing Gao Xiaobai was still very calm and sitting there playing with a small mobile phone, I couldn’t help but gather together and look at the screen of the mobile phone and ask, "What game are you playing?"
"Didn’t play games" Gao Xiaobai didn’t even hide. I thought he was only four years old and probably didn’t know a few words.
Sure enough, Xiao Qian looked at the mobile phone screen for a long time and then asked, "What are you looking at?"
"Chatting with my girlfriend" Gao Xiaobai said in a serious way.
"…" Xiao Qian felt his little heart was hit "girlfriend? You have a girlfriend? "
It’s just that I’m one year older than myself. How can I have a girlfriend?
Gao gigolo suddenly showed a mysterious smile. "Every man must have a girlfriend."
"Yes," Xiao Qian nodded. "But I don’t like my father’s girlfriends. I think they are so ugly. They are not as good-looking as my mother."
"…" Gao Xiaobai was surprised this time. "Does your father have a girlfriend?"
"Yes, my mother has a boyfriend, too." Xiao Qian said with some pride.
"…" Gao Xiaobai couldn’t help sobbing and sighed. "Your family is really unhealthy!"
Xiao Qian "…"
So Contour Shinohara Xiaoxiao helped the Korean old lady out of the guanyin temple and found that the two little guys had been playing very well, whispering together and occasionally laughing together.
Master Lu and the old lady Lu are also very pleased that their great-grandson has been the only child in the family since birth. It didn’t take long for Lu Nancheng to divorce Rantong, and there are no other children at home. To tell the truth, there are really no friends.
This is also the reason why the old lady Lu decided to bring Xiao Qian here after receiving the words last night, as they wished.
When I went to worship several buddhas, it was nearly noon. Because Gao Xiaoxiao was pregnant for three months, I was afraid that I was too tired. The old lady Han declined the idea that the old lady Lu would treat me and returned to Ruiyuan with a large army.
When we parted, Xiao Qian was a little embarrassed and said, "Brother Xiaobai, can you tell me your mobile phone number?"
Gao Xiaobai looked at him and said, "Good!"
After telling him his mobile phone number, Xiao Qian turned a little red and twisted his body and said, "Since you told me all your mobile phone numbers, I’ll give you a call tonight."
约茶  title=Gao Xiaobai "…"
How do you say it? It’s as if he begged for the number.
But look at him, his face is red, and his head is high, white and cold. "Okay, I’ll just talk to you for a minute."
"Can’t it be 2 minutes?" Xiao Qian frowned a little.
"No, because I have to chat with your sister-in-law." Gao Xiaobai said naturally.
"Oh, well, let’s talk for 1 minute." Xiao Qian smiled and agreed.
Gao Xiaoxiao was dying to hear two little guys talking like adults recently.
But I’m also very happy because Xiaobai has another good friend.
Xiao Qian’s wish came true. He put his mobile phone in his pocket and followed Master Lu and the old lady Lu to the car.
Waiting for the bus to drive away, you can still see the little guy smiling and waving at the window.
Mrs. Han asked for a few signs in the ancestral temple, and she was in a good mood.
Although Gao Xiaoxiao doesn’t believe in these things very much, I have to say that seeing those signing hearts has also relaxed a lot.
On the way home, she called Yu Jinchuan to reassure him.
"Xiao Xiao’s surgery is at three o’clock in the afternoon. Just ask Ah Shu to bring you here then. Don’t worry too much. Everything is all right." Yu Jinchuan comforted her in turn.
Gao Xiaoxiao "well" and said a few words to him before hanging up.
Han Shu took her mobile phone and put it in her bag, then threw it in the far corner.
Since Gao Xiaoxiao became pregnant, he has been unable to carry things like mobile phones with him.
After doing these things, he put Gao Xiaoxiao’s shoulder on one hand and her lower abdomen on the other, without scruple. The family sitting around and opposite him, "Is there anything wrong with the wife’s stomach?"
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face turned red and he bowed his head and reached for his big hand. "I’m all right."
"Well," Han Shu nodded and put his hand back. "You must tell me if you feel uncomfortable, okay?"
"Know know" Gao Xiaoxiao say that finish simply pulled his wrist.
Han Dong "…"
The old Korean lady around her pretended to sleep with crutches in her hands.
On the other side, Han Zhengming and Zhong Yuhong are both eyes dodging and their faces are slightly hot. I don’t know where to look …
The most calm is probably Gao Xiaobai, because … He fell asleep in Han Zhengming’s arms.