CBA’s grand vision boosts Chinese basketball morale, but we should be patient
The new season of the CBA League will be held in Beijing Antiques.Picture / Visual China in the autumn wind, CBA2.The era of 0 officially kicked off.The defeat of the national team in the World Cup has poured cold water on the Chinese basketball team, which has also made the CBA a little more worried for the new season.At this moment, CBA2.The grand vision of the 0 era has greatly boosted the morale of Chinese basketball.On October 23, the CBA League new season conference was held in Beijing Antiques.At the press conference, the CBA Alliance announced the upgrades in event operations, fan services, business development and brand promotion.This officially marks CBA2.The curtain of the 0 era opens.Back in May, CBA2.The 0 brand upgrade plan was officially released, including Beijing Enterprises, and the nine clubs in Shenzhen released a new team logo.Before the Basketball World Cup, the CBA League also released CBA2.0 business plan.CBA’s third season after Yao Ming is at the helm, is ushering in a reborn image.The specific upgrade plan is as follows: First, in terms of event operation, the schedule, kick-off time, referee management system, draft system and honor system have been upgraded to varying degrees.Among them, the referee program named “Xiezhi” will sign 5 full-time referees.Second, there are 9 new cooperative agencies in commercial development. The official suspension of the competition can bring more exposure opportunities for sponsors.Third, the new ticketing platform and interactive community will upgrade the fans’ viewing experience.Fourth, the brand upgrade adheres to the lines of national trend, youth, and public welfare.The reform of CBA has entered the deep water area, which has injected new vitality into this 25-year-old alliance.The influence, brand value, and reputation of CBA are increasing day by day, and people who are reform dividends are relaxed and happy.However, there are still flaws that need to be repaired on this gorgeous brocade.With CBA2.Compared with the opening of the era of 0 era, what is more interesting is that the CBA will implement the New Deal from next season.On October 17, the CBA Alliance participated in the seventh meeting of the club ‘s investor meeting and shareholder meeting, which involved important policy adjustments such as foreign aid policies, domestic player salary caps, and youth training access.Starting from the 2020-2021 season, CBA foreign aid will implement 4 quarters of 4 people, but the number of foreign aids that each club can register is expanded to 4; the domestic player salary cap benchmark variable is 3600 thousandths, buffering 12 million (this means the initial salaryThe upper limit of the cap is 48 million yuan, and the lower limit is 24 million yuan).This series of new policies not only changed the image and temperament of the CBA league, but also affected its internal bone structure.By comparison, CBA2.Level 1 upgrades in the 0 era are more like subdivisions in details.The adjustment of the foreign aid policy will directly affect the appreciation of the CBA, and the boots will affect its attendance, commercial value of ratings and social influence.Under the New Deal, there can only be one foreign aid on the court at any time (regardless of the situation outside Asia).Needless to say, the CBA is an alliance that depends on foreign aid.When only one foreign aid is present, the playing time of Chinese players increases, but the game is easily reduced to rookies.The club will become conservative in the use of foreign aid, there is no need to refuse to hoard a large number of big-name foreign aid.Marbury, McGrady, JR Smith, Beasley and other NBA big players joining the CBA are difficult to reproduce, these top stars will make CBA traffic drop.In the long run, the salary cap will become the standard of a standardized alliance.However, under the current financial opacity of various clubs and the transfer policy, the salary cap can easily be reduced to a decoration, and can not limit the salary of top stars.Small clubs add extra burden.Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the introduction of this series of policies is closely related to the defeat of the Chinese men’s basketball team in the World Cup.CBA is not completely independent of sports leagues outside the China Basketball Association, shouldering the important task of training talents for the Chinese men’s basketball team.This situation determines that when the CBA alliance focuses more on “supporting the country”, it will inevitably hurt the professional nature of CBA.CBA2.The reforms and reforms of the 0th era made the CBA alliance more professional; and the policy of restricting foreign aid may undermine the professionalization process of CBA.This forms a force and a reaction force.The foundation of the league is the game itself, and the brand and commercial upgrades are more like smearing, and can only play a beautifying role.If the league itself is a beauty embryo, a little application of Fan Dai can become a national fragrance.Conversely, no matter how well-dressed it is, it is difficult to turn the sparrow into a phoenix.When the viewability of the league itself declines, all efforts in the operation of the tournament, fan services, business development and brand promotion will become useless.Such a simple truth, Yao Ming can not understand.In fact, the professional development of CBA and the development of Chinese men’s basketball are not mutually exclusive.Restricting the number of CBA foreign aid players, the improvement of the level of domestic players may not be able to reverse the immediate effect.The playing time of domestic players has increased, but the level of the league has dropped, and the value of exercise has been discounted.The increase in the degree of CBA professionalism will definitely feed back the development of Chinese basketball.It’s just that it takes time.We should also be more patient.□ Zhang Bin (media person) editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Wu Xingfa