“Haha!Hu Ge,Identify the razor!”
“GodTMIdentification of,Isn’t this embarrassing Brother Hu??”
“Hehe!I also find it very interesting,I’m very curious about how Brother Hu will identify。”
See the speech in the live room,Populus can’t laugh or cry,Wave your hand:“Sorry!I’m so talented,What is the original price of that brand of razor??
More than eight hundred??
OK!According to the rules of second-hand price,I think it’s one or two hundred yuan!Blunt me,This thing has no collection value and meaning。”
The audience in the live room,And Hua Zai and others have finished listening,Almost laughed。
“Hu Ge,Be careful!You will be sprayed if you talk like this。”
“spray?Who spray?”
“Who else?Someone’s fan!They’re all brainy fans,Crazy。Although Brother Hu is telling the truth,But life is alive,I just can’t tell the truth!”
Hu Yang smiled:“Just spray!I don’t care。Of course,Even if this is a hype,But two million is a real deal。People can come up with two million charity hype,I think it’s not bad。This hype,I hope it can be more。and so,I hope the black artist can show some mercy in the future。”
He didn’t praise anyone,Speak to the heart。As long as those in difficulty benefit,How about making them hype?This hype,At least in the eyes of Hu Yang, it is meaningful。
Get!Hear this,Everyone stopped laughing suddenly。