“I don’t want to waste time,So not interested in accepting your challenge。and,You are too weak!”Lu Menglin put away his smile,Said seriously。
“What did you say?”Gong Hu was so angry that he couldn’t even speak clearly,Grinned。
“Not just you!What i want to say is,Everyone present,You are all too weak!Relying on your level,Also want to win the secret medicine warrior?It’s a joke!”
Only when Lu Menglin said this,All the people present were blown up。
All combat team members,Including ordinary soldiers,All staring at him with hostile eyes。
Because of what this guy said,Has successfully challenged everyone’s bottom line,He is shaking the original intention and essence of the establishment of the Iron Lion troops,If you can’t deal with the secret medicine warrior,So what is the significance of this force??
“Lu Menglin!You are too much!”Even Zhang Qingtan, who hasn’t said a word, can’t help it anymore,Scolded。
Lu Menglin hit the waist,Sneered:“Since the first goal of the Iron Lion troops is to fight the secret medicine warriors,Then use this to test each other!”
“From now on,Please treat me as a secret medicine warrior,Attack in the way you usually do best,Don’t worry about anything,The test time is five minutes,Ready to start。”
After Lu Menglin finished speaking,Tap on toe,People have fallen to the center of the school。
This posture is chic and beautiful,And it’s fast,Few people in the room can see his movement。
Zhang Qingtan and Gong Hu both changed their faces at the same time,Because it’s just a simple one,They have seen many things。
Lu is so fast!I’m afraid this speed is no longer lost to the secret medicine warrior。