Zhu Qiuhong hesitated and stopped,She is a sensible person,Naturally I know that I called to sell news at this time,Mostly liar!
These crooks are hateful,To cheat money while Zhou’s family is in such a disaster,It’s really bad。
But she can’t stop Xiaodi Zhou on the spot,Sister killed,Zhou’s family is angry,Even a little bit of untouched news,Will be like a treasure,This mood is absolutely understandable。
Chen Jiannan frowned slightly,About to speak,But was pulled by Lu Menglin。
“I have money,How to give?Why don’t I walk with you?。”Lu Menglin said solemnly。
This time,Instead of reasoning with my younger brother,It’s better to convince him with seeing is believing。
Little brother Zhou suddenly looked stunned,He didn’t look good to these two men just now,But they are so generous,Without frowning, he agreed to spend a million to buy news。
“you,You really willing to pay?”Brother Zhou asked again in disbelief。
“Ok,Do you want cash or check?For cash, I’ll call someone to deliver it。”Lu Menglin said calmly。
“Do not,Do not!useless,This can’t be done!”Dad Zhou is back,Hurriedly waved his hand and refused。
In fact, they father and son don’t know,So-called finding someone to buy news,In fact, it was just a sudden illness,Where can I actually buy any useful news。
It’s just that they are not reconciled to Zhou Min’s unexpected death,I just want to do something for her。
But this million message fee,Wei Shi has exceeded their psychological tolerance,After thinking it through
,Naturally refused,Dare not accept it。
“dad,What if it’s true?”Brother Zhou still refuses to give up。
Zhou’s father suddenly became entangled,A little hesitated。
At this moment,Chen Jiannan stepped forward,Said:“Go see it。Don’t worry about money,I am Chen Jiannan, Legendary Pictures,This is Mr. Lu from our group headquarters,We still have some connections on Hong Kong Island,If the information you bought is not true,Forgive them for not taking this money。”