There is only a wry smile on Zheng Ziling’s face,How about a son-in-law who doesn’t respect his father-in-law??I feel a little helpless,But after seeing Xiang Chen’s satisfied eyes,Zheng Ziling is quite happy。
“Why are you still not leaving?We are still waiting for you to buy!Don’t let people be too disappointed!”
Finish housework,Xiang Chen found that Zhou Ziyi had not left,Xiang Chen is still a little surprised。
“The reception is not over yet,Leave now,Inevitably a little rude。Besides, all the way,Also a little hungry!”
Zhou Ziyi’s expression doesn’t change,Slowly sit down in front of Xiang Chen,You are the master here。
Not surprising to Xiang Chen,After all, it’s not difficult to see from Zhu Ziqing’s original appearance,Children who grew up in Beijing,Everywhere is the posture of a world leader。
“It’s not good to stay on one-third of one acre of land honestly?”
Sneered,Xiang Chen didn’t bother with Zhou Ziyi’s leaving or leaving.,After all, I started with Qu Tian now,Everyone is a good soldier,Xiang Chen doesn’t do things that can’t take advantage。
Watching Xiang Chen turn around and walk to the second floor again,The anger in Zhou Ziyi’s eyes is indescribable,I can feel my ass swelling a lot,Plus sitting on the sofa,Added a little morednsah.pain,But if you stand up,Zhou Ziyi is not sure if he will be seen。
Fortunately, Li Meier’s public relations awareness is still very strong,Changed to a new cuisine,Also set off the atmosphere again,But who knows who hurts,Asked if Li Meier was too hot looking at the sweat on his forehead,Zhou Ziyi didn’t want to answer at all……
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Two Rank
Li Meier is curious,Although midsummer hasn’t completely arrived,But the weather has a vague smell of summer heat。But the home away from home, who has always been known for his service, will never be stingy with this electricity bill.,And I feel a bit more carefully,Li Meier doesn’t think there is any hotness at this suitable temperature,Why does Zhou Ziyi sweat on his forehead??