After watching Chen Xia enter the door of the company,Xia Jian drove the car on the road,And then on the high speed。on the car,He realized。What he did yesterday,Hurt Chen Xia。
He is afraid that others will misunderstand him,Isn’t Chen Xia afraid??What’s more, he asked Chen Xia to come out to help him check Zhouli,Only had the trouble behind。
FromZSArrivedGZ,Xia Jian drove for more than an hour。Hear the parking sound outside the gate,Ali and Luo Yi both came out。
“Yo!Come back so early?You come down and ask Ali to park!”Luo Yi saw Xia Jian,Then smiled and said to him。
Xia Jian smiled awkwardly,Jumped out of the car and walked towards the courtyard。Luo Yi followed from behind,The two of them walked to the living room before sitting down。
“What exactly is going on?Or tell me”Luo Yi smiled and said。
Xia Jian sighed,So he told Luo all about the matter of investigating Zhou Li from beginning to end.。Luo Yi,Can’t help laughing:“You are such a strange person,Strange things happen to you all the time。This may not be accidental and coincidence,But a necessity。This is determined by your character”
“Have no idea!Easy to change,Temperament hard to change”Xia Jian said he laughed。
Luo made him a cup of tea together and said:“Yesterday Xiao Xiao talked to me about your engagement this time.。You never put me in your eyes,Anyway,You have to notify me too”When Luo Yi said this,,Look a little unhappy。
“Hi!Don’t mention it。Yesterday the news was broadcast,My girlfriend’s dad called,I’m afraid this is over”Xia Jian smiled,Said bitterly。
Luo Yi was taken aback,After a while:“Shouldn’t!If you really love each other,She should be able to understand this”
“You women have small hearts。In addition, their parents take this matter very seriously,In her father’s words,We are not the same。I thought about it last night,Maybe what her dad said is right”Xia Jian sighed,Said very upset。
Luo smiled and said:“Regardless of man,Still woman。I think everyone has to be mindful,If you even care about such things,Two people don’t get married at all,Otherwise there will be endless fights,Unfinished anger。At least I think so”
“All right!You go to work!I have to sleep well。You’re done let me book a plane ticket,I have to go back and tell her face to face”Xia Jian said,Turned upstairs。
Luo Yi wants to say two more things,But look at Xia Jian like this,So she shut up,I swallowed it when I reached my throat。
“Miss!You have to work hard!Isn’t the opportunity here now??”Ali suddenly emerged from behind Luo Yi,She said with a small smile。
Luo Yibai glanced at her and said:“You talk nonsense,I can’t spare you。Especially in front of Xia Jian, you can’t make such a joke”
“Miss!What are you doing?We have to rush up if we have a chance。Didn’t you go to their house last time??Don’t you have other ideas?”Ali ignored Luo Yi’s eyes,Continue quietly。
Luo Yi didn’t speak anymore,But sitting on the sofa and aroused God。Xia Jian’s suddenly appeared,Make her life more colorful。Why is grandma’s intentional stimulation,Later, she felt that Xia Jian was very manly。Get in touch,She also discovered that Xia Jian is a wizard。Wizards who can do business。