“Hehe,TV stations have time requirements,He was pretending,Deliberately play deeply,Actually, who is not in a hurry?When you can’t find the baby, you will be busy。”Xu Wen scratched his head embarrassedly。
“That’s also,That man is tall,The bones are also quite well-proportioned,Wearing a trench coat,Bring a pair of sunglasses,Keep an inch,Very stylish,Women are also pretty,Melon seed face,Shawl hair,That big dimple on the face,Smile sweetly,It’s kind of like that star is called Yang……Hey,Look at my memory,I watched someone’s show a while ago,I forgot the next day。
“But one thing is strange,When we assemble and return,These two young couples have disappeared,I can’t wait anymore,I just called the company,The company gave me a number for me to contact myself,Nima’s,These young people on duty are lazy,Push the work out,no way,I just call that number,People talk about going around,Won’t go back with us,I can rest assured,Don’t get a one-day tour group and lose a big person,I just laughed。”
The guide is laughing and joking,Makes the driver in front very dissatisfied,Knocking on the plexiglass block in the cab, shouting,“Coming soon,Lao Zheng,Work,Coming!”
“OK,know。”Lao Zheng’s excitement was interrupted, very upset,I got up and put on the headset and started to introduce the Daqingshan Scenic Area in Wuchuan with eloquence,Dimolecular Ancient City,Hadamen Plateau Ranch、Safari、Deshenggou etc.,Really good eloquence,allusion、Interesting facts at your fingertips。
The tour group arrived at the destination quickly,Except for the ancient city of two molecules,Xu Wen are not interested in other attractions,Follow the crowd,More sticky guides,Sincerely, cigarettes,The more chatting with the tour guide,The more you talk, the happier。
Shen Yingjie followed behind,Xu Wen whispered in my heart,It’s okay to pretend to be stupid, right?,Still do business?Suddenly the phone vibrates,She took it out and took a look,There are actually several screenshots,It’s all the call records of a strange number the afternoon before yesterday,I immediately understood Xu Wen’s intention,Look up,I just saw this guy sneak a mobile phone into the guide’s trouser pocket,Unconsciously,Shen Yingjie suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry。
In the ancient city of Ermen,Xu Wen quickly left the tour group,A simple analysis of the tour guide’s call records the day before yesterday afternoon,Several key numbers are listed,And then reported the situation to the instructor。Shortly after,‘Homing pigeon’Contact Xu Wen,Gives his own opinions on the simple information of a few numbers,One is from a travel agency,Be excluded first,The attribution of the other two numbers is in Hohhot,And the call time is quite long,Over ten minutes,This should not fit the situation,The call between the tour guide and the man will not exceed two minutes,Not even for a minute,So also excluded。
One number left,It belongs to Yangcheng City in Xishan Province,Limited to the cumbersome procedures,Xu Wen and Shen Yingjie are acting secretly again,Unable to find out the identity of the owner,Have to trouble again‘Homing pigeon’Track and locate this number。
While waiting,The two are no longer watching the flowers like Dingbian,A detailed survey of the ancient city of the second molecule,Speaking of the remains of the ancient city,Actually there is nothing left here,Long rammed earth and building base,Has been very long and vicissitudes of life,The two shot from different angles,Drew a lot of sketches and recorded them one by one,Because this place in Wuchuan has a headache,It should be the most difficult one among the five key areas designated by the instructor。
Wuchuan County is located on the north side of Daqing Mountain,Closest to the golden ratio point in the calculation,Moreover, the new Wuchuan County and the historical Wuchuan Town are not the same place,The site of Wuchuan Town in the Northern Wei Dynasty has always been controversial in the archaeological circle,There are as many as five sites,They are the ancient city of the second molecule,It is closer to Baotou,And the Xianantan site、Tuchengliang Ancient City、Xilamuren Ruins and others,Which one is the real Guwuchuan town?,Inconclusive。
What the insiders are arguing about let the outsiders come,Xu Wen feels his head is as big as a fight,Still the old way,Can only come one by one,Anyway, they are all in Wuchuan County,Just go around in circles。
All sketches under the viewfinder must meet at least two of the three elements,One is close to the golden section,The second is to match the background of the picture on the phone in terms of similarity,Third, there is a river in front of the mountain that flows from northwest to southeast,As for the lake,Xu Wen decisively removed,Can’t make sense,Just by a feeling,Don’t look at subtracting such a condition,Workload is drastically reduced,Even so,After running all the places, I don’t know what it will be like to be tired。
Evening,When I’m going back to live,Xu Wen finally came‘Pigeon’’S phone,“The owner of this number is Zhang Wenda,Xishan Yangcheng people,Senda trading company legal person,Currently in Baiyinchagan Town, Chahar Youhou Banner,I entered over the wall,Not long,Currently only accurate to this position。”