“If I have not guess wrong,Huangquan is definitely one of the witches.。”
Liao Wenjie dares to pack it,Change to other shrines,Witch may have to recruit and workers,But this meaning is different,The price of the gods in the shrine,White Yuxi also has the power of suppressing hell。
Exorcist family alliance is best at selling daughters,Say anything will not let this opportunity。
“Yes,except me,Muslim and god are also。”Yushan Huangquan nodded。
I knew it!
“horrible,Configuration of this shrink,I can completely imagine the picture of Shenming night.。”
Liao Wenjie:“What do you want to do?,Kidnap,Still?”
Yushan Huangquan flips over white,What did I don’t think before?,Look at Liao Wenjie’s face,How do you think that it feels twisted?。
She hesitates,Take the head:“Jiege,No need to cover up,just……Everyone saw your true capacity.。”
“Jiege,Who is that?”
Liao Wenjie facing doubt:“Huangquan,Do you know this person?,Is it handsome??”
Topic is not suitable for participation,I can’t listen.,Turn out directly from the shallow。
“When you fight with the hell king,You left,Broadcasting this battle in the way,Among them, you have a picture of you.。”Lushan Huangquan eyes continue to float,She doesn’t know why they want to say the truth.,Do not say uncomfortable,Say and some regrets,Heart five flavor。
“Do you have this reason?,Both people,That scoring is actually megading me.!”
Liao Wenjie bite teeth,No wonder I feel that smiles,Full little person face,It is not an illusion。
“I feel very good……”
Yushan Huangquan whisperbb,Resentful naked eye。
“alright,Since you all know,Then I will not explain it.,In summary, it’s misunderstanding.,Is the world’s fault。”
Liao Wenjie raises his hand on his face,Disperse,Take the original face,山 黄 黄 泉 Do not 不 不,Direct transfer:“I heard you become a witch,I probably guess what?,The Lanshan Mountain is meaningful……Marriage is invalid?”
Who dares to marry about God?!
Lushan Huangquan grievances are more,I didn’t say anything.。
“It’s so unfortunate.,I am so much attention.。”
Liao Wenjie facing regret,Then the post is pressed on the Yellow Spring shoulder of Lushan:“Since there is no marriage contract,Then we are ordinary friends.,I have said it before I said.,I didn’t agree at the time.,Now everyone’s relationship has changed,I want to say it again.。”
Feel the strength of your shoulders,Lushan Huangquan heart trembles,Blush down,Some words of speaking。
“Can you give me your phone number??”
“Huangquan,say something,Everyone friends,I don’t help this.?”
Zhaoshan Huangquan double-eyed,Pulf the dead fish eyes to open Liao Wenjie’s hands。
She is really stupid,It’s still actually a scum.,不,Holding this gang。
“Right,It’s me Tang.,After all, there is a marriage before everyone.,Looking for you to ask you to make you embarrassing。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Has he considers no circumference:“Since you are not willing,Then I will go to her, I will go to her.,that’s it,I flash first.,Looking for you and the gods in the future。”