On November 15, November 15, Russia conducted a counteractive test and produced a large amount of space fragments, resulting in the current seven astronauts residing in the International Space Station to hide into the spacecraft.

In this regard, the United States accuses Russia’s missile test is "dangerous and not responsible."

Russia responded that these debriss have left the international space station track. According to the BBC (BBC) November 16, the US State Department spokesperson Ples said on the 15th that Russia destroyed the Russian own satellite with a foundation missile, and produced thousands of pieces.

Plesce revealed that the US has confirmed more than 1,500 trackable fragments, as well as thousands of unable to track small fragments, which have spread to Earth tracks.

  The Russian Federal Space Administration responded to this. "At present, the staff of the International Space Station is in routine operation in accordance with the original flight plan. Space fragments caused by the astronauts into the spacecraft in accordance with the standard procedures, and the fragmentation has left the international space station track, the space station is in a safe area. According to Tasshief, Russian Federal Space Administration Secretary Luo Gejin will meet with representatives of NASA on the 16th local time, and both sides will discuss the problem of space garbage close to the international space station.

(Reporter Nanbo 1).