Yoga Neck Sculpture Body

▲ The cat press method: (1) The hands, knees and calf are on the ground, and the animal is crawling.

  (2) Inhale, look up, tighten your back muscles, sink your waist, and lift your shoulders.

Hold for 6 seconds.

  (3) Contain the chest, contract the abdominal muscles, arch the back, and hold for 6 seconds.

  Repeatedly, do a total of 4?
8 times.

  [Effect: Activate the entire spine, relax the shoulders and reset, tighten the abdominal muscles, reduce dysmenorrhea, improve irregular menstruation and uterine drooping.

]  ▲眼镜蛇扭动式  做法:  (1)俯卧,双手撑于胸两侧。  (2) Inhale, straighten radially, support your upper body, tilt your head back, and look upward.

  (3) Exhale, slowly turn your head to the right, and keep your eyes on the heels for 6 seconds.

  (4) Inhale and restore.

  (5) Exhale, turn the right side to the top, and fix your eyes on the right heel for 6 seconds.

  Do the above 3 times.

  Alternative: If the waist is stiff or injured, substitute A and B for two actions.

  A: The forearm is supported on the ground, which relieves tension and discomfort in the waist.

  B: Stretch your arms forward as much as possible to relieve the pressure on your waist.

  [Effect: Activate the cervical spine, reduce excess meat, squeeze and massage abdominal viscera, which is particularly beneficial to the intestines.

]  ▲仰卧婴儿式  做法:  (1)仰卧,调整呼吸。  (2) Inhale, bend your right leg, and hold your hands.

  (3) Exhale, press your legs hard with both hands, close to your chest and abdomen.

  (4) Inhale first, then exhale, and raise your head at the same time with your chin against your knees.