NBA regular season live Mavericks vs. Warriors online viewing address
At 11:30 in the morning on November 10th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season warriors took home the Mavericks.Nature of the game: NBA Live vs. Warriors vs. Mavericks Live Time: Thursday, November 11, 2016 11:30 NBA Regular Season Live Mavericks vs. Warriors Online Live Address: QQ Live (without plugin) QQ Live 2 (without plugin) QQ Live 3(No plug-in) Interactive graphic live score live broadcast Expected starting Mavericks: Barea, Matthews, Barnes, Smith, Bogut Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, PachuriaAnalysis of the Dallas Mavericks game is the second consecutive back-to-back game, whether the veteran Nowitzki played back-to-back games is unknown.The Mavericks had a rather sluggish start this season. They suffered a five-game losing streak in the beginning of the season. The main scene of the game against the Bucks finally ushered in the season’s first win. Harrison Barnes, who was signed by the team with a high summer salary, showed a strong performance and slashed 34Points, to achieve a new career high, Barnes has become the core of the Mavericks’ new drama this season, Barnes has performed well so far, has been 30+, more than the total of the Warriors last season.  The Warriors’ main scene against the Pelicans in the last game was not much suspense. The team MVP Stephen Curry ushered in a big explosion, scoring 46 points in the game, 13 of 17 three-pointers, breaking the NBAThe record of three-pointers made in a single game, and the three-pointers made 13 of 17 shots is really terrifying, staring at the Lakers Curry to end the downturn of the 157 consecutive three-pointers record, the Warriors are also able to recordThe unstoppable super show here defeated the Pelicans to avoid a losing streak.Extended reading: November 8th NBA Warriors vselicelic full game video playback Curry 13 record 3 points to break the record NBA Warriors win Pelicans Curry soared 13 three-pointers to break the historical record highlights videoPrevious page12Next page