CThe goods are even more outrageous,Use high temperature and high pressure to enlarge the gap inside the jadeite,Jade dyed with dye。
Populus picked up one,Hand it to Huazi:“Look at this one,It’s true,Poor foundation,Belongs to dry white jadeite,Kind of rough、Water dry、Not moist。The boundary between the grains can be seen with the naked eye,So rough appearance,Low use and viewing value,A few hundred yuan is more than enough。”
A lot of people said they only understood,originalAGoods are defined like this。
“You will see those with higher transparency in the future,Also said yesAgoods,Then only a thousand and a few hundred yuan,Don’t start。”Hu Yang said to everyone。
Finished,He picked three pieces casually。One of them is the pendant of the Chinese zodiac monkey,A drop-shaped pendant,The other one is heart-shaped。
“These three pieces are not at a loss,We will have a lottery,Find three lucky viewers to send it out。”
As soon as this remark,The live broadcast room is boiling again。This anchor is really special,It’s completely posted to spread knowledge!Whether he is a show or not,Everyone thinks such an anchor is pleasing to the eye。
“The value must be more than 500 yuan,Just send it out,Benefit everyone,Anchor really6!”
“Already following,Come on anchor!”
“Such a kind anchor,Almost can’t find it。”
See the audience in the live room,What are the conditions for the lucky draw,Populus euphratica:“Follow it!You can participate in the lucky draw。These three jade pendants,Although the texture is not good,There is no carving,But worth more than a thousand。”