Chen Geng smiled,no answer。
Of course, Huaxia executives want to take advantage of this opportunity,But just let them understand,Some things are in a hurry、After haste,They soon realized what a serious mistake they almost made。
Know where I am wrong,It is natural to revise the agreement with myself。
Seeing that my boss is reluctant to say,Jack·Welch didn’t care:My boss has more mysterious places,Not bad at this point。He slapped the stack of documents heavily,Excited to Chen Gengdao:“With this,I have more confidence in the next European strategy……boss,You wait and see,Within half a year,I will let you know how worth the salary you paid me!”
Jack·How Welch Open up the European Market,Chen Geng doesn’t care,Ann Jack·Welch’s Heart、Make him convinced that even though he is charging ahead、I will fully support him afterwards,Chen Geng returned to China again——Can achieve such a seemingly rightAMCA unilateral and absolutely advantageous cooperation agreement for automobiles,Of course it’s not that simple,It is impossible for Chen Geng to rely on his face to make China pay such a big sacrifice.,The reason why Huaxia’s senior leaders are willing to make such a big concession,Because of a promise made by Chen Geng……
See Chen Geng,Wang Zhi was surprised and happy,Walked over with a smile on his face:“Mr. Chen,You are coming。”
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded:“How are your preliminary preparations??”
“Okay,I’m almost ready to prepare,”Speaking of this question,Wang Zhi suddenly smiled uncontrollably,He took Chen Geng’s luggage and put it in the car,And said to Chen Geng:“As you mean,We directly bought a piece of land to build a factory in Zhongguantun,In addition, we pass through the capital city@Government relations,Temporarily rented a small building from the city government as a research and development base……Mr. Chen,Thank you,If not for your great help,We are not sure what the situation is right now?”
Speaking of here,Wang Zhi’s face is full of happy smiles。
Yes,This is the cooperation agreement reached between Chen Geng and Huaxia:China Strong SupportAMCEuropean strategy,Chen Geng,The right to support the development of China’s semiconductor and computer industries without exposing itself。
When asked how China’s computer industry and semiconductor industry should develop,Chen Geng’s advice is:First develop China’s microcomputer industry,Drive the development of the entire industry and the semiconductor industry through the development of the microcomputer industry。
then,Great Wall Computer was quietly established more than a year in advance。
In the original historical time and space,To next year,Wang Zhi, deputy director of the State Administration of Computer Industry, under the instructions of superiors,Brought a dozen young people in a few rented houses near the Madian overpass in the capital,Set up a microcomputer development team,Even in this facility is extremely crude、In extremely tight space,These have made an earth-shattering cause for the history of China’s computer industry:After months of fighting day and night,Wang Zhi and others are finally here1985year4Successfully developed the Republic’s first microcomputer prototype——Great Wall0520CH。
Great Wall0520CHPerformance exceedsIBM 5150withNEC 980,Considered to be the most historic and important milestone in the history of China’s computer industry,Once the product was released at the National Computer Application Exhibition in June, it immediately made a national sensation,government、Colleges、Energy transportation、Research institutions and other industry units have placed orders for Great Wall Computer,In the next few years,“Great Wall Computer”Almost synonymous with domestic microcomputer。
but now,The situation is different。
The first is that the working conditions have changed dramatically,“Great Wall Computer”The founding team no longer has to squeeze in dripping water into ice、Doing research in a broken house without heating,With Chen Geng, a wealthy shareholder,The scientific research conditions of the start-up Great Wall Computer Company are simply not too good!