“do not worry,There will be no strange things,”Chen Geng knows that these strange biological medicinal materials in the eyes of Westerners really make them fearful,Explain to her patiently:“To see you tonight,The best group of doctors in this country,Are truly top medical experts,They will give you food tonic、Treatment with medicine as a supplement,Don’t worry。”
Listen to Chen Geng,Although I still don’t feel at ease,But Karen was relieved after all:I hope it’s true as Mr. Fernandez said。
She was really tossed enough by her anorexia nervosa。
First187chapter Chasing the capital
Chen Geng knows that the doctors of the Central Health Bureau are definitely the best group of doctors in China.,But what is the level of these doctors,Chen Geng did not have an intuitive feeling before,But he soon understood why these doctors were elected to the Central Health Bureau:At breakfast,Karen·Carpenter actually drank half a bowl of special preserved egg and lean meat porridge more than usual。
Chen Geng didn’t know Karen·What is Carpenter’s daily appetite,I don’t think so,But watching Richard who ate a half bowl of fragrant preserved egg and lean meat porridge·Carpenter,My eyes are staring out:The amount of what my sister just ate,It turned out to be a quarter more than usual。
“A quarter more?”Chen Geng was surprised:Fucking!The doctors of the Central Health Bureau are so amazing?
Mirren was even more surprised。
As Chen Geng’s personal assistant,She naturally knew Karen·How troublesome is Carpenter’s problem,But it’s just a night’s work,Karen·Miss Carpenter actually ate a quarter more breakfast than usual,This is amazing too?Is it true that Chinese medicine is like what the rumors say,There is a mysterious power。
But among all,The most surprised is Karen·Carpenter himself。
“Ok,Really ate almost a quarter more than usual,”Feel the unprecedented fullness in the stomach,Karen·Carpenter nodded in surprise:“And I don’t have the feeling of nausea after eating.……Mr. Fernandez,Thank you。”
“you are welcome,”The plan Dr. Liu gave worked so quickly,Chen Geng as the recommender is of course very happy:“Last night, Dr. Liu said that you need to stay in China for half a month and take care of it slowly、Consolidate,Since it works,Then you can stay here without worry。”
Karen·Carpenter and Richard·Carpenter nodded at the same time。
After seeing the effect with my own eyes,Unless it’s Huaxia who expelled them from the country,Otherwise, they won’t go back early anyway。
finish breakfast,Chen Genggang walked out of the restaurant of Friendship Hotel,A waiter walked over,Tell Chen Geng politely,Two comrades from the Modu Automobile Factory wanted to visit him,Ask him if he sees。
“The people from Modu Automobile Factory are all chasing here?”
After so many days of hard study,Mirren’s Chinese is very good now,I heard the waiter say that everyone from the Modu Automobile Factory has chased you to the Friendship Hotel,A little surprised looking at my boss:“boss,Do you want to see them?”