“Don’t think too much,Just take me there!”
The Sandia knows Leo’s destination,Begin to move towards the other half of Gaya Island, which was washed up on the sky.。
That is the ancestral land passed down from their time,Generations of people have thrown countless blood and tears and have to regain their hometown。
Because with Ainilu,Leo’s speed is slower,But on the way,Leo gives Ainilu some pointers,Mainly how to mobilize the power of the devil fruit in the body。
Every fruit is different,But the basics are similar。
and,Leo began to popularize Ainilu,For example, the empty island is only a corner of the sea,How many strong people are in the real sea。
Not only Ainilu,Even the Sandia man was a little stunned。
Someone can knock down the entire island with one punch?
There really is such a strong person?
First143chapter Violence control(8/10)
Although I don’t know how strong the strong are,But they obviously felt that Leo’s breath was unusual。