And the ordinary big world is even worse。
As for the small world,Vitality is even worse。
If the vitality of the heaven is ten,The average big world may have five to six,The vitality of the ordinary small world is three or four, which is good。
Like a small world like Lei Yuan,Yingyue fairy taught the Fa,Actually the practice method is much better than the normal small world。
Before Saito’s conquest,Various resources are not too few。
But before Saito came,Ten Yuanshen Taoists were not born in total。
This is already very strong in the small world。
And in the big world of winter travel,In an area equivalent to the size of Lei Yuan’s small world,How could a digital earth and fairy be born。
Take a breath of air full of vitality,Li Ming casts spells quickly,Hide yourself。
At the same time strolling in Saito’s old nest。
Saito’s nest is very large,Over a thousand miles,Cities of different sizes are located,There are also a lot of farmland and countryside in between。
This is also normal,Saito is a very large family after all,Many side branches in the family。In fact, the benefits of the most marginal tribesmen are minimal。
Li Ming stopped that nobody noticed,look up to the sky。
A stream of light across the sky。
“This is Saito’s old nest,What a miasma!”Li Ming’s deity opens the eyes of the sky,Observe from the perspective of spirituality。
The sky across,Is a real person in Vientiane,The body is exuding a thick black smoke of sin。
Saito,The atmosphere is very gloomy and dark。