The United States has lost the ground in Afghanistan for 20 years, but there is such a small American, but it has become a real "big winner".

who are they? Don’t worry, let’s take a pen account first, see how much the US spent the US war in Afghanistan? According to a report released on September 13, 2001 to 2021, the United States has invested trillion to the Afghan war. Interestingly, according to another statistics from the American Institute of Wishe Tank Security Policy Reform, this big head has flown into a group of people’s pockets, they are the five major army giants of the United States: Lockheed Martin, Ray God Company, General Power Company, Boeing Company and Nosline – Grumman, how big is the amount, trillion. Ok, it’s really earning a lot of money.

In contrast, the US government’s Afghanistan reconstructed statistics show that the US government spent the money in Afghanistan, rebuilding funds and military costs, but only $ 98.2 billion. It can be said that Afghan War Expenditure is a confused account! Of course, the more chances of the account, the more the opportunity to touch the fish. US "Foreign Policy" magazine August An article pointed out that when the United States just occupied Afghanistan, the local police in Afghanistan were long-term training, and the use of the Suba and Russian equipment. After Americans come, they will not care about the Afghan security forces, forcibly training new security teams using American equipment, and introduce some American equipment than Russian weapons. The US aid Afghan police and soldiers equipped with the purchase costs, so that the source is continuously infused into the pockets of thermal. The money is sprinkled out, how is the effect? The reality is that the advanced US equipment, accepts the US training Afghan government army, unrestled in front of the Taliban offensive, the US-launched withdrawal action is also a fluff, "lost" under a large number of weapons and equipment.

No wonder, this account will be here, the US experts, that is not a place. In the person in charge of this think library: "It is enough to spend money, and the task has also suffered fiasco.

"I said this, I want to ask: Only trillion fees are so water drift, the US government, is the military unreasonable? Is it really distressed? In fact, for this point, Wiki secretly founder Julian Assange was a spendling machine in 2011, he said that the United States launched the War of Afghanistan in the United States, "uses Afghanistan, wash the money of the US and European taxpayers and make it back to transnational intelligence department elite." The focus of the scene is endless, not the victory! Yes, for the United States a small interest group, Afghan war this account, no loss.

But behind these white flowers, the cost is a lot of bloody life.

According to statistics from the Associated Press, in the past 20 years, this war caused the Afghan soldiers and police at least 10,000 deaths, more than 10,000 Afghan civilians killed, nearly 10,000 children died or disabled, 11 million people became Refugees … Faced with these shocking numbers, from the US military fireseller and interest group, Dafa, the Afghan war, is your conscience, really will n’t it hurt? .