The remaining dozen or twenty people,I’m watching TV,Drinking,Unhappy。
“It seems that this is a place for these people to have fun。”Qin Feng feels that these people are doing well here。Living in this house is a bit simpler,otherwise,This is really not picky。
of course,Also count,No danger。
Qin Feng walked through the door lightly,Did not attract anyone’s attention。
“There are four or five people on it,Want not to disturb these people,It seems……”Qin Feng smiled and shook his head,The corner of the mouth shows a strange arc:“Don’t blame me。”
The 99th generation descendant of Liuli City,Except for one, there can be poison,This medicine doesn’t divide family,And Qin Feng’s poison technique,No worse than medical skills,I want to knock these people down without knowing it,Really don’t be too simple。
of course,If you don’t make any noise,This is really difficult,This is first a question of dosage,Again is a time control。
When these people fell,Qin Feng will go up and support,otherwise,The human body makes a noise when it falls。
but,For Qin Feng,Naturally a trivial matter。
Refer to the layout of the second floor,As long as it makes no noise,The people inside can’t find it,Because this is still blocked by a half-hidden wall,So as long as it makes no noise,The possibility of discovery is almost zero。