then,Liu Duwu brought Liu Wenzhang to the mansion,And he was forced by Arrow to go to Ning Palace to inform,I told my father all the same。
“what?You went to Ning Palace to inform the police?You little beast!silly,So stupid!”Liu Zhengkai heard this,Suddenly furious,Scolded。
Liu Duwu lowered his head,Still unwilling to explain:“father!Liu Wenzhang came to me,what can I do?I can’t let dad fall into a dilemma,I can only solve it myself!”
“fart!You are obviously greedy!Want Ning Palace’s bonus!You stupid!Even if you want to inform,Also tell me first,I’ll tell the Sixth Prince!Our Liu family is under the Sixth Prince,You ran to Prince Ning’s Mansion to inform,This thing itself is so wrong!”
“and also,Liu Wenzhang is loyal to the family,He will risk coming back,There must be great benefits,You just sold him backhand,You are making the family children chill,Who else will convince you in the future?”
“For a woman,you,You disappoint me so much!”
Liu Zhengkai stood up with anger,To fight,But never started。
“Nothing more,Nothing more!at this point,At least get the bonus of Prince Ning’s Mansion,otherwise,You are just playing with a bamboo basket,Not falling at both ends!You go to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion with me now,This matter must be reported to His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince,Let His Highness be the master for us!”Liu Zhengkai glared,True color。
Liu Duwu’s eyes lit up,Blurted out:“father!Then I can still be a general?”
“Stupid!I’ll see your performance in front of the Palace of Six Princes later!If you catch Wu Hao,Let’s ask His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince to ask King Ning for a bonus!”Liu Zhengkai gritted his teeth。
at this point,He can only treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor,After all, the informant is his son,Of course he must do his best to maintain,Now that things have been done,Don’t do it,Ermoxiu,Get the benefits,Is the right answer!
As for the betrayed person,I can only blame him for being unsuccessful,Willing to join the bandit,No wonder the family is cruel!
Chapter One Thousand and Forty Seven bitter